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  1. I'm a huge Mozilla Firefox fan. I use Firefox on my Win2000 desktop and on my WinXP laptop. I've had no problems using it on Geocaching.com


    The only time I break out Internet Explorer (IE) is on web sites that are coded to work with IE only.


    I've setup one of my older desktops to run RedHat Linux and it almost works as a Windows replacement for me. But I hate to change, so I feel stuck with Windows, but I refuse to buy another WinXP machine because of my anti-MS feelings.


    In the past couple years I've started using Macs for video production and my next computer will probably be a Mac Powerbook.


    The bottom line is what software do you really need and what Operating System (OS) is it available on?

  2. You cannot control what cachers write in the log book, so ignore it and move on.


    You can't have free speech if it is a one way street.


    You can't ask someone to "stop injecting his personal religious beliefs or political slogans into the game." by the act of "pasting stickers in the log books stating 'Geocaching - Family Values for a Stronger America'" and then turn around and "left a Kerry for President button --Baron Max..." (a political statement, in a cache)


    In order to exercise our free speech, perhaps we should get some Oregonians to write to Baron Max and ask him to quit signing log books with phrases like "found it" or "took nothing" which "are very offensive" ;) to some Oregonians?


    Life is way too short. Ignore it and move on.


    P.S. As an Oregonian, I am thankful that the gay community will be using this slogan: "Anti-Family Values for a Weaker America" as their political slogan from now on in Oregon. And thank God they have freedom of speech in America to say that. :o


    edit for spelling

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  3. As a newbie, I had narrowed my choice to the Yellow Etrex or Geko 201 also. I wasn't sure if I was going to like geocaching and didn't want to spend too much money (but I love it). And mainly because everyone says eventually you'll want to buy a cable to connect it to your computer to download the waypoints, which ruled out the Geko 101. So far I've only gone caching a few times and I've been inputing the coordinates by hand. But I will definitely buy a cable in the future, because it's a lot of button pushing to input by hand.


    I went with the yellow Etrex because it was cheaper. I haven't regretted it. However I was very tempted to get the Geko 201 because it had the GPS games that I thought the kids and I would enjoy. And also it has WAAS that I thought would help me out. So far we've looked for 5 and found 5 (level 1 and 2 difficulty) with no problems. The kids and I are having fun. Someday I hope to pass my yellow Etrex to one of the kids and buy a newer, more powerful Garmin model like the 60C.

  4. Making the text into an image would be a quick, bandaid solution but it would be a step backwards as far as web standards are concerned.


    As an image, users wouldn't be able to scale the text (in the image) to a larger size for readability.


    Since it works for more than 95% of the site users at this point, if I were one of the web developers of Geocaching.com, I would recommend that you change your font size temporarily to read the page. Then I would put the problem on the "to be updated" list of things to improve on the web site.


    In Firefox you can quickly change the font size by hitting Ctrl + "-" (Control-Minus) a couple of times to shrink the font sizes displayed on the page. Then hit Ctrl + "0" (Control-Zero) to reset the font back to your "normal size" (normal = whatever you have set in the options).


    Ctrl + "+" (Control-Plus) to enlarge text - see View | Text Size in the Firefox menu.

  5. I'm using FireFox 1.0 (and FireFox 0.9.1 on my laptop) and haven't had the problems you mention. Check your version under Help - About Mozill Firefox... I know your post says 1.0, but is it the PreRelease? perhaps you need to upgrade it to 1.0 final release?

  6. oh there was a third page of this thread I didn't read. :ph34r:


    I like the Favorites idea where you can see other peoples list of fav's.


    I would suggest adding a comment section to each favorite choice (unless you can go back and edit your log of the find on your old favorite cache).


    This comment section would allow the cachers to list their reasons why they consider each of their choices to be their favorites. It could even be a Review of the cache, like Amazon's book reviews written by readers. That you'd see at the bottom of the cache page.


    If I'm going to consider other peoples opinions about their favorites, I want to know why. (because I'm just that curious) :laughing:

  7. In summary, the type of cache I'm looking for is highly dependent on the type of trip I'm taking, whether I'm on my own or with my daughter or another adult, and the type of cache that *I* enjoy the most personally.  A cache rating system would be of some value, but only limited value, to assist in these subjective determinations.

    I agree that the rating system would of a limited value based on what I'm looking for.


    But I guess what most of the people of this thread are saying is that they truly want other peoples opinions (averaged together) so they can find the best caches quickly.


    So perhaps a kind of poll system could be developed (probably overkill but...).


    Rate your experience finding this cache (5=best):

    Scenic Location? 1-2-3-4-5

    Challenging? 1-2-3-4-5

    Theme? 1-2-3-4-5

    Current Swag? 1-2-3-4-5

    or whatever...


    At least this way cachers could look at aspects of the cache and base their decision on more specific "reasons". And an overall rating could be made by averaging all specific ratings together.


    But again it's just going to be skewed by each raters viewpoint. A beautiful mountain top cache might get a rating of "1" because someone doesn't like snow. Of course most people would probably appreciate the view and it would average out to a 4 out of 5 for scenery.

  8. As a newbie to the geocaching forums. I originally came here for answers that I couldn't find on the web site. And I probably posted a couple of questions that have been answered many times before, but only because I just figured out the default search is for the past 30 days only! -- :( (Effective today I'm searching out the older threads I never knew existed - :( )


    And in the past couple months I have been frustrated in trying to get answers because of the points that 5¢ mentions. (but kept trying...)


    I don't like the negative tones that some parts of the forum seem to have. But I'm no stranger to the Internet and realize that's the way some areas are. No problem for me. I ignore it and move on.


    Team GPSax.

    I remember way back when the term "Markwell" developed. ... It effectively killed plenty of new threads, and likely turned many newbies from the forums


    I hope that the regular members of the forums don't get jaded to the questions asked by not-so-regular members. It would help to have the answers posted (or Markwell-ed) even if it is for the 15th time in history.


    Or better yet: Why not update the web site's FAQ on topics that come up more than a couple of times? Instead of instucting users to SEARCH the forums for the answers first. If I'd found all my answers in the two Geocaching books I bought and in the FAQ's on the web site, I might not have ever made it to the forums, but I'm glad I did.


    If the regular users would first respond with a very helpful answer, assuming that the original poster might be a newbie. Then others can add their 'me too's' and other 'smart aleky' responses. (I like the humorous responses too, it makes me feel like you people are human) :(


    I like the discussions, I really do. Often the best ideas come from a kind of brain-storming sessions, like in a web forum.


    Keep it light-hearted. People might get the wrong impression of geocachers in general, if forum users stray too often into the negative realm. Lurkers are watching cachers in the forums just like muggles are in the field.

  9. The owner can edit the bug to change the name along with the goal.


    Changing owners would require Groundspeak assistance and I think they might tend to frown on spending time changing owners unless there was a technical problem to correct.

    Thanks BlueDeuce, that answers all the questions.


    Since the owner will always remain the owner of the TB, it will be interesting to see how it pans out a few years from now - when kidnapped TB's start appearing in garage sales and buyers discover geocaching for the first time. Perhaps the missing TB's will start their journeys again.

  10. But here we have two tbs that would be great to send out again, but maybe with new owners and definiately with different names. Is this possible? Can you change owners? And much more importantly, if you change the name and goal of a tb, are you going to mess up a bug and it's logs for all the people who have it on thier watch list and have been watching it's story unfold?

    I just got my new TB tags yesterday and I'm anxious to launch my first bug! Has anyone found out yet? Sounds like you can change the goals. Of course you would leave all the old logs, but...


    Can you change the names of TB's?


    Can you change owners of TB's?

  11. Did ya ever think that some people might see the question a respond to it without paging down to see if there are already responses?

    AND there could be several people all responding to the original post at the same time, but each "hit the POST button" at different times - making it look like everyone was just trying to reword the last answer a little better/different.


    Just pointing out the not so obvious. :huh:

  12. I heard about it through NewMedia.com (magazine/e-zine) in October 2000. I was instantly interested, but couldn't afford a GPSr at the time. I had just started my own business and was working all the time. And kinda forgot about it.


    I receintly put my business on the back burner and started living life again. One of the things that I had been wanting to try was geocaching. So shopped around and bought a GPSr and started hunting with my wife and kids. My daughter really enjoys it and I'm totally hooked!

  13. Swag is the collection of Trade Items cachers carry.


    But if it was an acronym in the geocaching world, perhaps it would be:

    Something We Always Give (no wait, that would be like a Signature Item)


    Stuff We Always Get

  14. So can you go paperless without paying for Premium Membership?


    Just wondering because I'm dusting off my old Palm unit and wanting to try it. But it sounds like without the .gpx file you just have a bunch of data that's no better/different than you could download into your GPSr.

  15. I would tell you what i think, but I can't read the document.


    Same here. I suggest that the OP makes it a PDF instead of using a secret format (I can open it in OpenOffice.org, but the text is a bit jumbled).

    I can't read it all either. I am able to open the .doc in OpenOffice too. Here's what the top of the document looks like:



    I personally don't own Microsoft Word (and don't intend to) along with a large number of people -- so I recommend that people sharing documents on the web use HTML format that any web browser can read. (P.S. thanks for the .pdf version. I don't care for .pdf's either, but at least I can view them.)


    Getting back on topic... the text is good.


    My critique would be to focus on what you need to know when you find the cache by adding a paragraph of "What should be in a cache?" before the "What shouldn't be in a cache?" paragraph and eliminate the "Are there any other names for Geocaching?" paragraph if necessary.


    That way someone stumbling upon the cache would immediately know what to place in the cache. Which is more educational than the word origin: "...hiding place for concealing and preserving provisions." which might confuse a newbie after you already said "Food items are ALWAYS A BAD IDEA". Besides those kinds of details can be researched online after the find.


    I like it and I'm looking forward to placing my first cache and I'm looking for ideas like yours. Thanks.

  16. Would be good to be able to purchase micro-cache compatible versions regularly in the future.

    I agree. I'm creating two miniature racing TB's and trying to figure out how to make tags that are small enough for micros and are durable.


    Of course then you'd have two sizes to deal with; Regular and Micro. With twice the inventory and manufacturing and ordering issues, etc.


    But I still want it... ;):lol:


    Okay, I'll just make my own. ;)

  17. I'd nominate Magneto Travel Bug


    De_Cache_Man has placed a magnet on the TB tag and encourages people to find it and move it to a new cache, but just log it in the cache and then attach it to a metalic object within 1/2 mile of the cache and post the location on the TB page.


    It give the cacher something extra to hunt for. I think it's such a cool idea. I would love to hunt for travel bugs outside of the cache. It would be lots of fun in an urban environment. I can't wait to try it myself. Thanks for such a great idea.

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