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  1. You did right, the CO did wrong.


    At minimum, the CO should have disabled the cache until the work in the area is complete (or at least the cache is accessible again).


    Part of cache maintenance is controlling when the cache is accessible, and if its not, then proper maintenance is to disable until it is accessible again.

  2. Shoot him a letter (or visit him in jail) and tell him what you want to do and ask for his password.


    Probably best to wait until he actually gets convicted, though. Vultures circling image comes to mind.


    That is my attitude totally, and I agree. I would never presume to jump the gun. I just have a nasty feeling that, knowing what has been reported on the news, conviction is likely.

    I was thinking more of an offer to take care of his stuff while he takes care of business.

  3. Signing the log is considered by most people the number one requirement for counting it as a find.


    You signed the log.


    You obviously found at least parts of the cache.


    There's a good chance someone just swiped (stole) the container.


    I'd count it as a find, since its so easily obvious you found contents of the cache.


    Now if you'd only found a tupperware lid, or some tupperware bowl, I wouldn't be so quick to say its a find.

  4. You should ask around. This is a topic that quite often the entire parks department isn't familiar with. You may have caught the one clueless person, while the parks board and directors are full on board with it.


    No isn't always no... Its often just the wrong person giving the no.

  5. Most maps are not that accurate in many areas.


    Also, road widths are typically represented too skinny on the maps.


    That being said, the first set of pics looks dead on equal to me. Its the center of the diamond, which if you look closely on the first set, is "off road" in both cases.

  6. If I'm not mistaken, there is a distance limit doing it that way. Do the "missing" caches appear on the map?


    To answer your question, Garmin says the e10 will hold 2000 geocaches and 500 GPX files. I suspect those limits are optimistic and the real limit is something less but it sounds like you are a long way from those limits. Perhaps.

    Thats not what I meant. Most searches and lists from the etrex will only go out so many miles. Caches should still appear on the map. I never thought he was at the cache limit for his unit.

  7. Well apparently they've taken another step to completely hide archived caches.


    Try this:




    Replacing it with the actual GC code.


    For some reason, GS doesn't want people to know when an area has a bad history of caches, I guess so people keep going back out and hiding troublesome caches. Sometimes you just have a park or neighborhood that isn't cache compatible. This issue has come up many times.

  8. First, I don't see why you feel the need to hide your geocaching activities from anyone. You're not doing anything wrong (are you?), and you are logging after the fact. I don't understand how it puts you at any risk to say you had a good, healthy time outdoors. Maybe you are just feeling vulnerable during this temporary transitional situation in your life.

    Possibly an abusive or jealous ex-husband, perhaps? Could be other reasons as well, including children that are at risk. No way of knowing. Not our place to ask, really.

    So how does hiding your profile help any of these situations? Anything you log is hours to days after you've been there. Whats a stalker gona do with that? Visit caches after you're long gone? Unless you're pasting your address or other personal info on your page, there is simply no point to hiding it, and if you're doing that, you need to learn appropriate online behavior anyway, not expect everyone else to cover your carelessness.

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