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  1. Ignored caches are no longer showing up in PQ's, this started some time in the past week or so.


    I don't know if its a factor, but most of my ignored caches are mystery caches that are likely marked as challenge caches.


    The missing caches are all in PQ's that have been running weekly for a while with no recent changes, and have always showed up in the past, 

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    On 4/2/2021 at 4:22 AM, mustakorppi said:

    Yeah, and some people are creeped out by the prospect of someone casing them like this, possibly because a similar thing has lead to unwanted interactions in the past. I don’t really see why anything further needs to be said on the topic.

    But why? Its not likely someone will re-visit a cache, logging is done after the fact, how could this possibly lead to stalking or casing someone? Outside of "will attend" logs, there is simply no way to find or stalk someone through the gc site.

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  3. To take this a step further, I've removed and re-added the email, AND RECEIVED THE VALIDATION, proving that none of the above is the issue. Something is going on with the hand-off between gc and t-mobile, and until gc coughs up some error messages or something, there's nothing that anyone else can do.

  4. 5 hours ago, palmetto said:

    Have you seen the Help Center article on this? LINKY

    Since this did work up until very recently, its not up to me to track down gc's email issues. Best guess is that they've apparently po'd t-mobile, and they need to provide errors or work with t-mobile to fix it. Silence isn't really a good response on something like this, as they have an immediate and exact issue by simply looking at their logs. My hands are tied until gc takes action.

  5. I have a couple notifications, but one of them seems to have stopped working for no obvious reason. Last one I received was Feb 8th. I can only assume its an email issue between gc and t-mobile.


    The specific email address on the notification is {my10digit}@tmomail.net

    • Yes, the email address is "validated"
    • Yes, it worked previously
    • No I haven't made any changes
  6. Fixed, horrible solution, but seems to prove GC issue.


    Cleared all *.geocaching.com cookies.


    Now I do get logs, as before, however, page seems to load with similar speed as before, however, logs take FOREVER to show up.


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  7. Is this still an issue, or is something new broken? I tried visiting the page the last couple days, if I go to the base page, all I get is what looks like a domain resellers page. Now that I'm finding links, all the other pages work, just not the main page. Also my "stat bar" does seem to be updating.

  8. Did you sign the log?


    If you did, kindly remind them, then ignore anything further. If the log gets deleted, email Groundspeak and they will restore it and lock it to prevent the CO from deleting again.


    If you didn't, REGARDLESS OF THE REASON, they are right to delete the log.

  9. Yellow Etrex...


    Seriously though, depends on what you do. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped, knocked, dunked, whatever my GPS, and it got wet, dirty, and everything else. Every time I was glad I bought an outdoor trail gps. Garmin and others all carry a full line of them starting in the $100 range and going up significantly, depending on features, screen size, etc.

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