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  1. What Android geocaching apps have you tried? I believe all of them (CacheMate, GeGeo, GeoBeagle, Geocacher, Geodroid) can do live searches based on your location. Of course, these are all web-based searches. Groudspeak will eventually release an Android app with direct database access. There are other apps in the works as well. CacheMate has by far the most functionality of any existing smartphone geocaching app. I've used CacheMate on WM devices since almost forever. I haven't tried any of the Android apps yet as I'm still waiting for the new device to arrive. However, I'm not sure you get my point. For any of the apps you mentioned to work properly, I still have to create and download a pq based on my current location. What GCz II does for me is allow me to simply tell it to get me nearby caches and it does. No planning, no filling out pq forms, no importing gpx files from emails, etc. It allows me to post logs directly from the app as well. I'm not sure if there's anything that easy to use for the Droid OS... ---edit--- My understanding is that the author of GCz II is looking at the possibility of porting to the Android. I'll certainly post here if that happens.
  2. I'm in the process of switching from WM to an Android-based phone, and so far I have seen nothing that matches the functionality of GCz II. You have to love real-time access to GC.com and downloading the nearest caches based on your current location. I'm someone who caches on the spur-of-the-moment and really don't plan ahead by creating and downloading pq's. Sure wish we could get a port of GCz II to Android. The other way to go would be a port of the iPhone app. Anyone with the skills out there who can do this? (with appropriate permissions, of course!!!)
  3. Y'know, I REALLY wish I had seen this forum topic BEFORE I pre-ordered the entire set of 5 Spiral Dragon coins in each of 3 finishes from these people. This was back in Jan of this year. I've emailed several times and was always told that the coins should be shipped any time now. I've since requested a refund through paypal, but they aren't even answering those. Can I file a dispute with Paypal within 45 days of requesting a refund payment?
  4. An image I uploaded to use as a "signature" on all of my hidden cache pages has disappeared. Is there an expiry time for uploaded images?? I've got others uploaded there that I use as graphics in some of my cache listings - I'd hate to see them vanish as well. Thanks! Got it!
  5. Is there a way to add a picture (logo) to a listing without having it online to link to? Can I upload it to my account somehow and reference that? Thanks.
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