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  1. Thanks for the update! i am sure it will all work out eventually
  2. I don't think any of these companies mint the coins, they send them out to china and such places to have them minted. Is that what you were asking?
  3. I like the new USA coin icon The Personal icon is the same old geocoin icon that they have always had. or at least it looks like it.
  4. In the shipping thread that is "Pinned" inside the Newcomer's Coin thread thingy, there was a post saying that these were being shipped out next week. MiGO 2006 coins - Mon-Wed next week 2/27-3/1 *Edit for exact dates
  5. Paypal'd Thanks for the last minute purchase
  6. Fraher Family Geocoin Not Another Micro! LE *Trade
  7. Ha, Of course not. If she is willing to trade for them then she doesn't want to know where they are
  8. Even though I don't see them up there right now, I am not gonna look like an idiot again and post that they are gone for now or anything like that
  9. I spoke too soon! Looks like 4 left, someone didn't pay
  10. Gone for now, but we know how that is
  11. Email sent last night If they are still available
  12. Make sure you send it "Postage Due"
  13. I got it -> Man Smart, Woman Smarter Ok so for the real guess -> 03-29-95 The Omni, Atlanta, Ga.
  14. I am of no help there, but it does sound like a great idea!
  15. Happy President's Day Our present = "Empty Mailboxes all around America"
  16. How rare are we talking? Enough to pay for a plane ride back home?
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