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  1. I always just thought you were flashing people or showing them your piercings
  2. Sorry I left out the "s" guys I tried a bunch and couldn't remember which one worked. I was too busy trying to navigate this stupid work computer! If anyone sent me PM's or emails I can't check it till I get home in about 3 hours, so I am not ignoring you lol
  3. Good now we just need to list it as a puzzle cache so we can log that too! I claim FTF!
  4. Ok, remove 3 letters from the middle It will still spell out something correctly
  5. Hey Bob, Check your voicemail or give me a call on my cell
  6. I ordered 1 but had to REMOVE something from the issued code And in the new code there is no spelling mistakes so don't worry about trying that. I will not post the code and please don't once you figure it out
  7. I just noticed that the tracking prefix is the same as the "Screw Geocoin" and I don't have any problems reading the tracking code on the code. Maybe I got lucky
  8. Got our's in today and they look great! I was also surprised how light they were, and was glad to help out a noble cause.
  9. TBA that guy is always calling girls guys, and guys girls Oh wait your a girl too right? Now I need to Apologize
  10. Check out the new icon Or at least I have it, and I am not special Many people will tell you that too!
  11. Cool Coin, and I am glad I got that APE a few months back too
  12. How many caches do you have sitting around inside your house and do we have permission to come inside to get the coins? And yes I know what you meant
  13. Got a bunch in from trades! EU 2005 GCC FEB 2006 Yellow Jeep Illinois Pennsylvania
  14. Sounds like a great idea to stick a bunch in some caches but I would need to find someone to split them with I don't need 10. Plus we have alot of micro's popping up all around here.
  15. Picked up 2 (1 for a friend) and thought I was quick on the draw but I took 35 secs. I am gonna have to get my speed up
  16. Cool Sounds like a new fresh idea! Can't wait to see what it looks like
  17. Very true, but it seems to be a tight shipping schedule. And I was thinking the same thing
  18. I spoke too soon, but it seems that the LE's are all sold out I will snag a regular to help with my recovery process
  19. Would like 1 of each so hopefully we are still on that mailing list, cause I can't find a link to buy them to save my life
  20. Got our Dorkfish in the mail today! and it looks Great!
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