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  1. My mailman was pretty good to me today - 5 padded envelopes. The last envelope I opened I found a cute little Christmas stocking. Thank you Santa's Caching Clauses! Merry Christmas fellow cachers and geocoin enthusiasts (sounds better than addicts)!
  2. Coins arrived today too. I really like the design! Great job!!
  3. Kuntry Kashin coins arrived today! The coin is bigger than I thought it would be - printing on the back smaller - had to get out the little readers. Sigh!! Also received a cute little Christmas hat coin. Thank you Hogwild!!
  4. How awful! Our thoughts and prayers are with them.
  5. A very nice coin day: Landsharkz Snow Globes - beautiful! Hobo Event - Soups On Crop Circle LE Gold! Anthus Firefighter Lord of the Caches - AG Chargeman & Nordjas Endless Knot Tibetan - Gun & Nickel Holly Christmas Ornaments
  6. Here's a cointest I'll be good at!!
  7. 1. Participating - email sent 11/18 2. Received Name - 11/24 3. Mission Complete - mailed 11/30 4. Santa Arrived - YES 12/11 Thank you so much Secret Santa - I'm pretty sure I know who you are... This was my first secret mission and definitely not my last. What fun to open the packages!! I'll post pictures soon. I didn't think I'd ever see an antique gold Not Another Micro Cammo coin. What a surprise!! And I love the Aerohound coin and Team Thorny coin too. The Geodogs really love their toys and treats too. Although Sammie has already chewed a hole and destroyed the squeaker from the Naughty toy. Thank you so much Secret Santa and Happy Holidays to all!
  8. Ooooo! I'll definitely buy a couple of these..
  9. Great looking coin - order one of each metal...
  10. I think what happens a lot is you first buy what you like, then you buy everything regardless of whether you like it or not. Or you love a certain coin and it comes in 30 different metals, you can't decide which ones to buy so you buy them all Finally, you get into trouble and put on a budget. Sigh! So, if you can pick out certain categories of coins that you like and stick with it, you'll be better off than most. I buy a bit of everything these days but really try to only buy what means something to me.....and then I try not to buy up every metal of that coin. I think it's fun to go through all the coins on cointracking.com or geocoincollection.com or ebay and just see what jumps out at you. Some of the really rare coins, you have to ask yourself, do I really like it or do I want it just because everyone wants it. I like to attend events and see the coins other people bring. I've purchased a few older coins and when I get them, I'm disappointed. Same with not buying coins, and when I see them in person, decide they're really nice. We attend a monthly breakfast event. Each month, more and more people bring coins for discovery, trade, or just to show others. We love to bring coins just so others can see and enjoy them.
  11. 1. Participating - email sent 11/18 2. Received Name - 11/24 3. Mission Complete - mailed 11/30 4. Santa Arrived
  12. How much are you asking for to mail to the US?
  13. Sent an email about 10 minutes ago. Thanks for the opportunity!!
  14. Go to http://www.coincodes.com/ The name of the coin is Snow Wolf.
  15. 1. Participating - email sent 11/18 2. Received Name - 11/24 3. Mission Complete - researching 4. Santa Arrived
  16. If you're looking for the March of The Penguins geocoin, you can purchase them here: http://shop.geoswag.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/pre34.html
  17. Bought one of each for now. When will the pins be available?
  18. Good coin day: Lehigh Mafia ducky GeoPirat Caching through the Snow III USA 2007 Groundspeak Lackey 2007 (big surprise!!!)
  19. 1) Tom 2) 13 3) a geocoin on ebay
  20. 1. Participating - email sent 11/18 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Santa Arrived
  21. Good coin day - Gone Caching LE AS Grumpy Grammy 2007 Spring Fling Attended 6 pathtags
  22. I'd love one of each metal at least! ...and the little pin too!
  23. Seeking: Geoboo 2006 Red Attended Lord of the Cache - antique gold or antique silver Templar - antique gold or antique copper See my trading lists for available coins!!
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