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  1. 1.-Do you trade?



    2.-Do you trade more than you buy?

    Unfortunately NO but I'm working on that. I keep telling myself don't buy you can trade for it

    later. Most of the time that doesn't work but more often than three months ago..


    3.-Will you trade trackable for non-trackable or are you trading for the icon?

    YES - I trade for the coin that appeals to me. I'm not concerned about trackable/not trackable/icon.



  2. Looking for:


    SWAGS Margarita

    Belken Geocaching around Australia 2006 gold

    Fire Elemental Silver

    HFGcC #1 - Film Canister

    HFGcC #1 - Breath Mint Tin


    PI Math Red

    Psychochicken LE Black Nickel


    Shop99er The Shirt


    Some of the HTF coins I have to trade:


    2007 Age of Steam Gold XLE - 2 coin set

    Blue Cub Scout Knife - silver & copper LE

    Castle Man Star Black Nickel XLE

    Colombia gold

    Crop Circle v1

    GME Geocaching Multi Event

    Great Basin Rally Winter

    King Boreas 1000th Hide Gold LE

    Minnesota Loon - gold and antique gold

    Minnesota Walleye

    Quigley 2007 Tallship Antique copper XLE

    Quigley 2007 Tallship Satin Gold LE

    Pi Math Blue


    I have many other coins I'm looking for and other for trade. Trading link below..

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