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  1. Liane - they need never find out. I dont think any of the rest of the gang have discovered this forum yet . The only possible loophole I can think of is if my Son logs into the Chat Room, and you happen to be online. You wouldnt be so cruel......would you?
  2. Not to my knowledge - but if she does I could be in the doghouse later (note to self - better buy some flowers on the way home)
  3. Oh yes indeed - and if you look around very carefully in the trees you can see those strange cartoon birds, in that sort of jerky, flashing cartoon style that Rhoobarb was done in (I hope that made sense?).
  4. Sssshhhhh......You aint seen me, right!....after weeks of inactivity on the caching front due to viruses and horrible work commitments, I managed to sneak out at lunchtime and do a local cache. A lovely walk on a lovely day. Suddenly everything seems alright again in the world......but don't tell my wife I went geocaching without her, hee, hee
  5. Welcome to the Asylum!! This hobby is full of crazy people doing crazy things and having a brilliant time doing it. Enjoy.
  6. Having been forced to give up playing football (injury) I knew that I needed to keep fit and keep my weight down, so I started walking and cycling more and more. This was fine, apart from the nagging feeling that I should be spending a little more time with my wife and children. So I needed to develop my hobby to include them (most parents will know that it can be difficult to get kids out walking unless they can percieve a reason for it). One internet session later I had found Geocaching, and ordered my GPS the next day. We havent looked back since.
  7. As usual, nothing happening in my part of Hampshire, but thats nothing unusual. It can snow literally all over the entire country and still miss Hampshire. It's such a shame - I love playing in the snow. My kids are now 9 and 5 and have yet to see a really decent covering of snow. I am even thinking of going on holiday next winter to somewhere like Norway or Finland, just so that I can pretty much guarantee snow and let them see what its like!
  8. Hey, come on guys and girls, you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Its in rear'ly bad taste, and this kind of behaviour should be left behind in the gutter where it belongs.
  9. So I am not the only one out there unable to go caching. Life should be something that you can fit in around geocaching, but the reality is that life just kinda takes over and caching sometimes just has to go out of the window for a few days. I have pencilled in my next day off (Thursday) to get some caches in the bag - well maybe 1 anyway.
  10. Thanks Guys and Girls - if nothing else its certainly nice and warm here in the office! But I have got to do it all again tomorrow - 7 til 7 - aaaggghhhh!! But anyway, even if I cant go out to play, at least I can talk to other cachers on this forum. Cheers.
  11. I can't believe it. It is a gorgeous day, the sun is out, the sky is blue (with just the merest hint of a cloud here and there), the whole family is finally well (so many bugs and viruses at the moment) - a perfect day for caching. But where am I? Stuck at work, and wishing I was anywhere else but here. Nothing else really to say, but a problem shared is a problem halved (apparently?). Hope everyone else has had a really good day.
  12. I personally would be uncomfortable trying to locate a cache in a Church Yard, and nor does it feel quite right looking for clues on grave stones or in churches. Having said that I have very recently done some caches where the cache was literally just outside the church boundary. The cachers who placed these did state very clearly that the caches were OUTSIDE the boundaries, so there was absolutely no reason to go rooting around the Church Yard. There is an awful lot to be said for the churches in this country, and getting people to see some of them is a good idea. Such an approach as I have said can offend nobody.
  13. Aldershot, Hampshire 441 within 25 miles, of which we have done not very many. Must try harder!
  14. Lucky me - found one yesterday in Bracknell, UK Didnt realise that they were so new, or desirable, until I had a look around on the forum. I will treasure it for a couple of days and then we place it in a nother cache for others to enjoy.
  15. I set my limits low - to average 1 find per week - and still failed to achieve it (only managed 40 ). End of year report - "Must try harder!!". But I did have great fun finding those 40 and am so pleased to have discovered Geocaching. My New Years Geocaching resolution is to achieve 100 finds by the end of 2006.
  16. Thanks for the (very) speedy reply. I will hold on to this for a few days and see what happens.
  17. I have just picked up a Travel Bug from a cache. It was only placed yesterday, by a visitor from Holland. He has not yet logged this, and I presume if he is just visiting the country, may not be able to do so for a few days. How do I go about logging my find? Thanks
  18. I am hoping somebody can help me out. I had collected 2 travel bugs, and have just dropped one off. However, when logging the find, I inadvertently managed to put the wrong travel bug details in, so now the cache shows as having the wrong travel bug in it. How do I correct this? Thankyou.
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