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  1. If the geocacher reads the goal accomplished, should be re-let in the cache, ...however I hope so. Still no communication, and the coin still appears to be in the cache (or someone grabbed it and didn't log it out). Details are a bit unclear on what actions will be taken once the mission is completed. I'm pretty sure the coin needs to be grabbed by Team Kizb, who is maintaining the cache; then I'm supposed to "trade" my mission-completed coin for a Mr. Gray coin. Let's hope I hear something from someone soon, before the coin goes somewhere else.
  2. Hmmm...I haven't received any communication from Mister Gray about completing my mission. Should I be concerned? The coin is still in the Mr. Gray EU cache, but for how long? I''m worried that someone will move it out of the cache.
  3. WOW Congratulations now you stand a chance of being abducted I guess I better start preparing myself then..lol
  4. Not sure what happens now; does Team Kizb have to retrieve the coin in order to do a trade for the Mr. Gray coin? I'm just worried that someone will retrieve the coin and move it before that happens. *keeping fingers crossed*
  5. Thank you! I was quite shocked when I got the email saying it was placed in this cache. I couldn't believe my eyes! Now I will send all my luck and best wishes to those still in the game. It seems like an impossible task; like threading a needle hidden in a haystack, but I guess it really can be done! I really have to thank the great geocachers of Germany, who took good care of my coin and got it to it's destination so quickly. In fact, all my coins located in Germany are still circulating...none have gone missing. German geocachers rock!
  6. OMG OMG OMG... :ph34r: My coin made it to Mr. Gray EU cache today!!! Soooo excited! http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=TB4G9XX Mission Complete!
  7. I went through the guaranteed pre-order process, and at the end when I got order confirmation, it stated payment by check or money order only. Is this correct?
  8. They're both gorgeous! Love the colors! Great job Steph!
  9. Got mine today also - beautiful! Nice inserts on the coin flips, too. Thanks so much!
  10. I hope I have something worthy of trade for such a wonderful piece! I teared up a bit when I read your story; I, too, look forward to the day I will reunite with the family, friends, and companions who have passed before me. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your story! This beautiful piece of art certainly touches the hearts of those of us here in the geocoin community.
  11. Reservation sent! Thank you so much for doing reservations!
  12. I'm also glad to see there's finally some movement on the coin front again. Here's hoping everyone gets their packages soon...
  13. Whoops! I totally forgot that the Neon copper was the special ed. coin from the first 25 sets. I gave it away, too. Oh well...easy come, easy go.
  14. I got mine in today's mail - love it! Thanks so much! The postcard with the little chicks was a nice touch also.
  15. Congratulations Mark! What an awesome new mystery coin! Thanks for sharing with us.
  16. Nice haul drneal! Those Mystic Pegasus coins are gorgeous! I totally missed the sale on them.
  17. Craig - I purchased an extra one if you'd like to trade.
  18. I second the 'beautiful' remark!
  19. I'd like the Massachusetts 2006 Antique Silver coin if it's still available.
  20. Thanks for fixing the order page! I ordered a set. Nice design!
  21. I love all four versions, but since I'm partial to greens..I'd have to say my favorite of the four is the Green/Antique Bronze.
  22. Great news! Can't wait to see all the colors. I like the idea of a glow version!
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