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  1. When I found it last month, it was chained. It lasted a really long time considering it was out in the open and large.
  2. Let's take a short break from Mission 9 talk... A fellow cacher and I have found a place that we could potentially hide a nice large. We want to do something special with the camo beside just painting the things and we were thinking of maybe doing some sort of netting with vines weaved into it? We want to do SOME sort of fabric or cloth camo with less "edges" to hide it, but we're not knowledgeable in this area. Anyone have experience with this sort of stuff? Any photos, tips or tricks? What sort of "fake plants" hold up outdoors? What kind of nets/fabrics should I be looking for? There is also some debate over the container. I'm a bit partial to the idea of building a locked wooden chest containing two ammo cans of a larger variety since we are both somewhat handy. He worries it lacks a "wow" factor. My friend is a little more interested in getting a large military container. I worry that it might be a pain to carry out there and/or hard to replace! Any opinions on what you'd rather find?
  3. For me, it represents far more than just another cache. Between the location, the history, (part of the Trifecta), and the icon, this one was special, to me. While I understand Groundspeak's stance, it still stings a bit. I can even applaud Moun10Bike for doing what is fair. But it still stings. I won't be gnashing my terrible teeth or roaring my terrible roar, but I will miss it. Adieu, Mission 9! (sigh...) (Psst... Anybody know a cheap way to get to Brazil?) This is the question we should all be asking
  4. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1318514/faq#.2.1.7 It is completely unrelated to the 2001 remake, but I supposed Groundspeak could attempt to work something out if they wanted to. I don't see why it would matter if they were related or not, the 2001 film was complete junk. I imagine that the important thing is that they are both 20th Century Fox films and the timing would be right/convenient. Groundspeak was approached about the original APE cache promotion. I assume this time they will have to be the ones doing the approaching, but I think it might be a great time to do it. However, I imagine something less bold would be more likely. We should just look toward the future.
  5. While I'm glad we found it before it vanished, but it wasn't the most impressive find ever without the tunnel. Sad I never got to do the tunnell but I can still go back and get Iron Horse and visit the location. Meanwhile, the one in Brazil looks like a big bad mama jama of a find. Anyway, they are about to put out a new APE movie. Might not be out of question to do another 10 hides? I call dibs on the TX one! I have a good location I've been eyeing. I was planning on doing a large Night Cache with a friend there but... why not?
  6. There is also a pretty darn good cache still there anyway right? Also the missile cache nearby is great too... Not to mention it isn't that far from "Geocache" and Snoqualmie Falls" is along the way if you drive from Seattle.
  7. There is also a pretty darn good cache still there anyway right? Also the missile cache nearby is great too... Not to mention it isn't that far from "Geocache" and Snoqualmie Falls" is along the way if you drive from Seattle
  8. Yeah, e-mail the CO and politely explain the situation and the hide. Ask him if he'd be willing to move the nano a bit over and offer to help choose a spot and coordinates. If he won't play ball, different strokes. Sounds like both your caches take people to the same basic location, so I doubt the community will suffer too much.
  9. One of my caches isn't far from a homeless camp. I still liked the location a lot, but I decided to use a more readily replaceable container. Hasn't been muggled yet. I have a friend who had a homeless man tell him he had taken the cache he was looking for to keep his food dry. The homeless man offered to return it. My friend felt bad and didn't take it. Told the CO and the CO archived it.
  10. Probably Bouldin Mosaic because it took me down the street from my house and showed me something I never noticed was there. A simple boring container that marks an interesting little known local landmark. Pretty humble bu awesome cache. A few thers stand out, but that is the cache I hold up as the perfect example.
  11. That seems like it would be a very lonely job. One could almost liken the ice cream critic to the guys in these forums who use thousands of words of text to convey their theory that their view of caching is the only acceptable one, and those who disagree should "quit whining". I much prefer the current format, where those who like catfish & bourbon ice cream can eat it to their heart's content, while those who think it's icky can express their dissenting view. Yeah, that would be great, wouldn't it? Of course, if that same ice cream critic joined, let's say, interneticecream.com and called every person eating that ice cream lazy and uncreative, and then had a bunch of people chime in along with him saying that interneticecream.com should never have those flavors and those flavors should have their own site so as not to clutter the "real" ice cream and the "true spirit" of ice cream, than people who liked that ice cream would probably have a point in telling the folks complaining to stop bitching about it and ignore it because they didn't appreciate the continuous insults from people who don't appreciate their flavors. Then someone would invariably quote the whole thing out of context and insult them, then accuse them of quashing dissent because they got tired of being insulted and belittled and dared to speak. That is how the internet works, isn't it? I'd be happy with a world in which we could all eat the ice cream of our choice. And if someone didn't like my ice cream they could feel free to discuss why they don't like my ice cream instead of calling me a tasteless, half-wit too lazy and uncreative to buy and eat the ice cream they like. pretty much...
  12. We are considering making Iceland our next big vacation stop.
  13. We probably agree on more than you realize! Thats almost always the case:)
  14. I agree some what, I have been to HQ several times and have personally touched a ( SPARE ) Ape Cache container with posters for trade just like the one used in WA, and being the owner and care taker of the Ape Cache in Brazil , I believe it should be replaced with the spare. The area has been a destination for many to go to HQ, location of the first cache placed and the Ape cache in WA. Why do you think a GeoWoostock was there for Groundspeak ten anniversary, was to bring more cachers to the area. Now after taking a very deep breath ( not that I want to but will ) If it turns out to be an Ape original box is the key, Then I will gracefully give up my Ape Cacahe in Brazil to either to Jon or Groundspeak if it can be done, its a very big peace of history for our sport. This will bring more pleasure to folks in the sport if there has to be a last one it should be in WA but what do I know we just go lucky Joe // JoGPS That is really valiant of you, but it might be a shame. I suspect the replacement would disappear shortly. Still, I like your style. Oooooh, I like this idea (you can't steal something that is virtual) but I suppose the traditionalists will cry foul. Now I'm wishin' we'd run up and found it while we could rather than waiting for the tunnel to open. *sigh* I'm sure it stinks, but you did the right thing. Finding it without the tunnel was somewhat uneventful.
  15. I don't believe I said anything of the sort, although you are coming off a bit condescending in saying that. I'm not sure what to tell you. I quoted you saying that people are "hyperventilating" and that they should get over "the bad man saying mean things" This is both condescending and pretending that the people you are addressing are more upset than they seem to be. Unless you talk to other grown, reasonable adults with language typically reserved for children (bad man said a mean thing) I think my interpretation is fair. How is it condescending to read and interpret words the way they read on the page? I wouldn't tell anyone who I had an ounce of respect, "So what the bad man said something mean?" I'd never talk to my dad that way. Not my boss. Not a police officer. Not a co-worker. Not a bagger at a grocery store. Its loaded language, typically reserved for spoiled children. Especially if they don't give any evidence of being terribly upset. As opposed to what? The other 5 or 6 gripes this forum sees once a week? I'm not sure why you think a certain threshold of offense must have been reached for the OP to make a thread. It taks vey little effort. I suspect its just another excuse to talk about geocaching. I'm not sure I'd call the OP strange for asking a question with such varied and nuanced responses... Again, I feel like people are overstating how upset any of us are who dislike the practice, and THAT IS a little upsetting I'm in the same boat. I get a little confused when people get frustrated by micro caches and caches with bad swag, but I suppose some people cache with children... I never take anything. I do always leave a little kaleidoscope though. For me it's maybe 95% about locations. We agree on something!
  16. Lack of sarcasm detector much? Seriously, though... Some people find corporatism more offensive than religion, which is why the people hyperventilating over this are ridiculous. Just move on. Sign the log and enjoy the rest of your day. So what the religious kook said you're gonna burn in hell? So what the bad man said something mean? So frigging what? I tend to believe strongly in "ignore the nutjobs and they go away," or at the very least, if you ignore them they won't ruin your day. Exactly who here is "hyperventilating" again? The OP said they found it "mildly offensive." It might be useful to take a moment and consider that not everyone who disagrees with you is a wounded flower begging for condescension. You seem to agree that it's lousy swag and you even seem to feel that the people who place them are insane for some reason. Why does it bother you that some are displeasured by it? It's an involuntary reaction. You may as well explain to me why I should quite being a whiner and start enjoying boiled cabbage. I understand that it's convenient and kinda' fun to discredit people who don't agree with you by characterizing them as sissies or whatever, but the reality might be slightly different. I've seen people in this forum get pretty indignant about P&Gs, LPCs, golf balls and business cards. It doesn't seem any more/less unreasonable for people to be annoyed by someone else passing judgement on them or whatever. You certainly find it interesting enough to post in the thread more than the OP and so do I. Perhaps it's better for discussion to actually talk about it instead of putting words and emotions in other people's mouths. Clearly few in this thread are able to "walk away and ignore it"
  17. In my experience (which is all we can objectively comment from) the problem is that the two variables do tend to correlate. I had a meeting in the state capitol today, and stopped for a quick one (I'm maintaining a +50 day caching streak) at the back of a big box. Don't look, I haven't logged it yet... The hide was described as "Typical, but with a twist." The only twist was that the Hide-a-Key was covered in silver duct tape to blend with the guardrail better. I do have to say I appreciated the cache name, "Forbidden Park." (Oops... well, that gives it away...) It was hidden next to a hydrant, where you can't park. Having read the description, I spent extra time there, overlooking the obvious and trying to find a clever container. Maybe that's the twist? And this is less creative than most caches you find on a trail? Almost every single ammo can I have found was under a pile of rocks. I'm just saying it's the locations people should gripe about instead of the proximity to convenient parking or the lack of a whacky container. I mean, most of the clever camo I've seen was done to hide a cache from muggles in an urban setting. I see no correlation at all between parking and cache creativity. Its just a simple, clean and convenient criticism to make in general. As is "Almost every single ammo can I have found was under a pile of rocks" Ever try looking for one of those thing under heavy tree cover with a Garmin unit Manufactured in 2005? Maybe that's just me. No it isn't. It's just a fact. There is nothing subjective or critical about what I said about ammo cans under rock piles or in tree stumps. Again, I don't mind finding an ammo can under rocks. I actually quite like it. I'm just no pretending it's the creativity of those hides I enjoy. It's the location. I think most people in this thread actually agree, but some insist on using shorthand and others are articulating a more defined gripe.
  18. FYI: This thread has inspired me to start taking more pictures of TBs I move along
  19. How about All-around cacher - Likes to be taken to interesting locations, whether it be an urban structure you can park next to, or a beautiful view of nature after a 3 mile hike. This cacher does not discriminate, they will hunt any cache near them, but prefers to find creative ones or ones at good locations. This is my wife and I. we just want to be taken somewhere. If you take me somewhere lame, that's when I expect something beyond a container and a log. If I get neither... well, it happens rarley because I research before I hunt.
  20. Hey, I have one of those too! (but you can only find it after hunting down 10 stages across town... ) I don't mean to imply there is anything wrong with it! I love finding an ammo can under some rocks! I love any cache that takes me somehwere new. (My favorite find of all time is pretty modest: http://coord.info/GC1DX4T) I don't necessarily need or want a gimmicky hide every time. I just like to find new trails and stuff, but I understand others don't feel the same. I have a "worse" container (long story as to why) under some rocks myself. I'm just saying, we don't complain because we don't mind walking in the woods. The cry that they "lack creativity" seems intellectually dishonest is all. I think people should feel free to dislike P&Gs or whatever they want, but lets not pretend it's something as cut and dry (and mean spirited) as laziness on the CO's part out of canvenience. These boards aren't written on paper. We have the space to give a more honest, fair and nuanced opinion. People should just hide the caches they like to find, and avoid the ones they don't.
  21. Yeah, it seems like a pretty lousy habit. This won't fix bad behavior, but I'm curious... I know you can ask the reviewer to hole the pulishing of a cache till a certina date. Can you request it be published between certain hours? Is that asking too much?
  22. I went to our local one. It was my first event. (although HQ certainly "felt" like an event) I only went because the "theme" was raising money for a local cacher who was crushed by a boulder whilie caching alone. No health insurance, and someone stole his Vespa too! My wife and I came, gave my $20, got akward glances from a lot of old people who all seemed to already know eachother, met two friendly cachers whose user names were familiar, discovered some bugs and left. Definitely wouldn't have gone if we'd have needed to wear a costume and we probably would have hated being there too much longer :/ I think events are nice for some, but the two times we've been around other cachers they were all much older than us (which is fine) and I always get the vibe they don't want us there. Not sure what the deal is. We just standd there and smile. I ask a few people what their caching names are or whatever and they just answer quickly and move on. Don't even ask us the same. I can't imagine taking more than 15 minutes of that. Hopefully next time will be better, that said, we met a few cool people whose names a I recognized, so it was worth it. The souveneier is neat I suppose. Its hard to say in the short term if they will mean anything to me when I look back on them. EDIt: Sorry for the spelling massacre!
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