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  1. Man, thats awful. I would probably just change the attribute if I was the CO. As a non-CO I would probably just gripe in the forums and hope they read it and realize they are being insane. that said, I don't think their newness is the issue here.
  2. I think noob cachers are a scapegoat for a larger problem of lousy readers/researchers and different tastes being treated as gospel.
  3. So, I have these little notepads to put in caches, but a ziplock seems too... flimsy? In the future I might put logs in a smaller container like a pill bottle or whatever, but there has to be something better for the standard cheap notepad right? This question occured to me after watching this video: What is that thing they are putting the log in? I want one well, any ideas? P.S. I put this in getting started because for all I know his is common cacher knowledge.
  4. My wife and I are from a really small country town that suprisingly has one cache. We talked about hiding one there when we visit (we go there yearly) Here is the deal: we were going to hide it at my mother's work, because she is hip to the whole thing. Also I have a ffirend who is the manager and my wife's unlce own the place. Between that stuff and all the family my wife has living there we assumed we could keep it maintained better than most caches... I doubt we'd actually do this, but it seems shameful that some poor sap hid a cache in town and has none to find himself! Plus it would just be neat for my mom who is super curious and excited buy geocaching but not so much in GPSs or leaving town. I'm curious if this would be frowned on?
  5. If no one is muggling it the camo is fine right? Am I supposed to camo a bison tube in a field? I'm only asking for future reference.
  6. I agree this person is nuts, but people really should keep their dogs on leashes unless otherwise posted. Your dog isn't a wild animal, its an invasive species But seriously, its just called being respectful to other dog owners and park goers while keeping Rover safe. That said, if the park allows off leash pets than whatever. Point is, we have to be aware that we share these areas with eachother. Responsible geocaching is no more harmful than responsible hiking. In a nature park, I would be really hesitant to hide a chache more than 10' off trail personally. Especially around here with the erosion concerns and such
  7. I would have wondered this too... before I read the guidelines.
  8. Being new as well, I have to say that urban caches have been really good for me to get in the groove. The reason is, its less of a time investment if I DNF. I didn't hike 6 miles to find it and I can quickly move between several caches instead of getting frustrated. I've also found virtual caches to be pretty rewarding and they give you a clear idea about how your GPS works considering the landmark itself is usually pretty obvious andknown. I also use a car GPS (garmin nuvi 255) and its been fine for this and has been more accurate than my friend's iPhone pretty consistently. I do want a hiking GPS, but you can get started with a car gps if you play to it's strengths. I'm not familiar with YOUR gps, but mine goes a little nutty in parks and away from roads. Luckily, Nymph satire taught me a little trick with my particular model to see my current coordinates and I can simply navigate myself using that. Maybe your tom tom somewhere has a screen that shows your "current coordinates" and you can use this instead of routing options that want you to be on sidewalks or streets?
  9. I've been wondering about this since I started and a lot of these replies seem to purposely skirting the question! I have been having some trouble getting in touch with the right people to get permission and its been hard for me to find a lot of info on how to go about it. I would have assumed that there were just as many articles about how to find out who owns a peice of land or whatever as there are articles about "cool containers" Luckily, Austin's park reps seem fairly aware of geocaching and are open to it, but its been crazy trying to get on the phone with the right person! Still, there is a weird hidden little "park" in my area and I don't have the first clue who owns the thing and I'm sure there is a method to finding this info that I'm unaware of. As I go through all this, I too find it hard to imagine some of the lazy caches I've seen had any sort of permission and honestly I've only found one LPC (and I enjoyed finding it!) but its hard to imagine many people spoke to the owners of the shopping complexes they are all hidden in.
  10. One of our early finds was layin on the ground out in the open. The cache's name suggested that it was suppposed to be in the adjacent tree. I hung it in a semi-obvious spot on said tree and e-mailed the CO. They said thanks and said it was defintely in the wrong place when I found it, but I sometimes wonder if I could have handled it better... Maybe we should have hidden it ourselves to avoid muggles? We were afraid that the CO would get a headache trying to find the cache if we hid it too well
  11. saw a deer while caching a few days ago but was slow with the camera. In the same area, I found a cache in which a scorpion was hanging out. I was too busy trying not to wet myself to get pics of him. Not being from texas, I'd never seen a scorpion in the wild... let alone falling out of a lidless cache. P.S. Scorpion must have been a purist because it didn't log the find...
  12. I wouldn't find it offensive, but I'm curious how many cemetary caches actually have permission to be placed in said cemetaries. I would imagine most land managers and owners of said places would say, "What? No." if asked. As for placing them on actual graves, this would be clearly offensive IMO and even more difficult to obtain permission. MAYBE a historical cemetary might allow permission, but I can't see an active one wanting to touch that with a 100' pole. Am I overestimating the sensitivity of these folks?
  13. I had this dillema recently appear. The cache had no cache note, was not really hidden and had food in it. I even tried to CITO the area but it was just too dirty to get in one trip. I simply mentioned in my log, "I decided not to hide the TB, because the cache is a bit exposed and I'm afraid it will be muggled." and the rest was positive. That said, I DO currently like urban micros in public places unlike many. I still get a kick out of a placement that people walk past everyday. This may fade with experience but for now I like a lot of caches many hate. especially since my gpsr hates parks
  14. A comparison: Ask people who the best president of the U.S. was. I googled and found this wiki article A 1948 Schlesinger poll had the top three as Lincoln, Washington and FDR. A 1982 Chicago Tribune poll had the top three as Lincoln, FDR, Washington. A 2000 Wall-Street Journal poll had the top three as Washington, Lincoln, FDR. A 2002 Siena poll had the top three as FDR, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt (Washington was 4). These polls were from different sources and different time periods. And yet those polled came up with three presidents that are well-respected in history, and marked as some of the best presidents in many sources. Individual people may think that Woodrow Wilson or Thomas Jefferson should have been in the top list, but most people would at least agree that FDR, Lincoln and Washington were pretty good presidents. If I only had time to read about 3 presidents' histories, I'd most likely choose FDR, Lincoln and Washington. Thats VERY interesting and I agree over time we'd at least have a good list. Its not a competition really right? OT: FDR, Teddy, Licoln over here
  15. Just have to say that I recently found a hide by another new guy and it was the wirst hid I've seen yet. -In plain sight -No cache note -Links to their youtube chanell -There was food in there (not sure if it was them or one of the two other finders) -bad coordinates (mentioned in the cache listing) on the plus it was a solid container and the area was nice, but it was a bad PART of the ares to hide a cache. Especially with no caches nearby. Definitely made me think of this thread. I can see where you guys are coming from. I tried to give some help in my log without being snotty.
  16. We found a few caches with my friend before we signed up. He even wrote our initials on the log. We never officially logged the finds when we later got a screen name. I think I would have deleted this dude also. At the very least he could have wrote a message explaining his situation and copy and pasted it into each log. He should only be mad at himself and missing out on some caches isn't a reason to quit. I think you handled it well.
  17. This is true. I know we have found that whoever is holding the GPS is rarely the one who finds the cache and I totally hear you on the "breaking the tree" thing There have been some caches I have missed due to supposing I wouldn't have to trample someone's greenery or because I assumed a spider would bite me if I dug around in a hole. We've started bringing a glove which has helped us a little, but some caches seem to push the guidlines and seem worth missing IMO.
  18. Sounds good to me. Sometimes I take a picture of cache contents, to post with the log. If something's missing (no Travelers when some are listed), I often note that. I also sometimes photograph the contents for my log, but I agree with the others that creating a list would be tedious. First you'd have to write everything down at the cache site and some caches have a LOT of stuff. But to answer the OP's question, no it doesn't violate any sort of taboo. If you want to do it, go for it. cool, sounds good. So far I haven't had to write anything down. I cache with my wife whose memory is uncanny. I don't think I'll bother with it on days where I snag a bunch in a single day. Just when it makes sense. Plus I type pretty quick I guess so its not a huge deal to log it. Its probably somethng I'll stop doing once I have some of my own caches
  19. Its hard not to take offense when you clearly didn't read my OP very closely. This isn't a terribly friendly forum. GC286Q2 (The worst cache I have ever seen btw) This doesn't really read any more tedious than any other log to me. If people stopped reading my logs because of some clearly labeled encrypted info at the bottom, I would assume they were a pretty busy! Either way, like I said in the OP its only there for people who are curious if their stuff got traded or whatever. I don't really do the trading thing, but I do like to check up on certain cache would be curious about if anyone took that stupid granola bar. I'm sure someone else in Austin would be curious too. I just was seeing if people were overly"spoiler sensitive" about this sort of thing or whatever. Obviously not! Thanks see you guys in another life.
  20. Listened to a couple of episodes of geocachingpodcast I like it. It gets down and dirty with details on how to do things which is nice for me bing new. The sound quality leaves a little to be desired, but I kind of enjoy the feel of the hosts. It doesn't sound overly professional or rehearsed. I know most people would mark this as a bad thing, but I never like it when podcasts go too hard in trying to come off as radio. I like a little meandering
  21. I suppose it might stay fairly current if you kept it very simple. For example, you have your "5 faves" but they aren't listed in any order you need to prioritize. If you log a cache you liked especially you could just click the "favorite" button. If you have exceed 5 caches, it brings a prompt telling you that you'll need to remove one. If its not given a ton of weight and is kept pretty casual I could see people updating regulary. Granted there will always be a nostalgic strain to to these lists, but with enough people doing it I think you'd end up with some good lists for the curious. That said, if you could just search bookmarks and let users "tag" caches it would all probably sort itself out organically.
  22. I think the OP is moreso looking for guidance in how to approach the cache owner and pursuade them into adopting out their cache without coming across as a scolding mom or jerk. He seems aware of the official process. His curiosity seems to lie with the social norms or whatever that may have developed in the community in regards to these situations. I don't have any experience with it so I have little advice, but I AM curious to see some of the resposes. I too, would be nervous about e-mailing a cacher and explaining to them that they are doing a bad job at maintaining their personal property and should turn it over to me EDIT: OP beat me to the punch...
  23. There's no rule, it's not even a guideline. At most it's a suggestion but there's a lot of people who don't even agree with it. Why are you trying to stick to a 'rule' that doesn't exist? If you have a good idea about what you'd like to find, then hide it and commit to maintenance. I know its not an actual rule, but it is certainly something I heard even before reading the forums. It gets repeated a lot. Before this thread, I was under the impression that most people frowned on noobs hiding caches before this moment. That said, I still plan on waiting a bit. I'm putting together my stuff and doing some more research on who owns what potential property. I still have a lot of questions, but honestly it feels a little intimidating to ask about it being as there are so many strong opinions on the subject. Sometimes the passion on these forums feel a little bit like people are discussing politics Somewhere between this thread, FTF threads and DNF threads it starts to feel like you run the risk of getting a "reputation" if you break the unwritten rules It just seemed like there is a stigma attatched to tadpoles hiding caches. I'm rambling... work is slow
  24. I like to check up on the memorable caches I've found (or DNF) and see what they are up to. I'm learning a lot (people hate golf balls for example, sorry guys )as I go and I get some enjoyment out of seeing other people's experiences with them. Its a nice thing to do when I'm stuck at work unable to geocache. VERY Often when I find a cache the coins from the most recent log are all suddenly missing. Other times I put something in there and wonder if anyone will take it. This got me thinking... In my future logs I'm considering listing all the items contained in the cache currently when I find it. Of course, I would encrypt them so that people can still enjoy the thrill of being suprised by the contents of a cache. I was thinking of doing it like this: LOG: Blah blah tftc! tnln! blaha;a;a Current cache contents: (insert encryted list) I don't expect other people to start doing it, but I know I would enjoy it so why not? There may be more freaks like me out there (I don't really even care about trading, I usually just drop something in) who might also like to get an update on the contents So here is my question, is there some sort of taboo here I am overlooking? It probably seems silly, but some of the stuff that riles people up on the forums sometimes suprises me so I thought I would check before I go out and accidently "ruin the sport" or whatever Thanks in advance!
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