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  1. I like the idea of having the bugs visit the APE cache. I actually might have the bugs visit BOTH, but end up somewhere else.
  2. This goes without saying. I was just worried about dropping someone else's bug into the APE cache and looking like a fool if it was a well known "bad idea" just checking mostly. About the headquarters, my question there isn't really "is it safe?" but rather, with 156 TBs currently there, do they move very often? Again, curiousity mostly. Will definitely do some tubular caches.
  3. Going to Seattle later this week and I was wondering, do things like the APE cache and headquarters equal the PERFECT spot to drop a bug or do they become prisons do to all the traffic? I heard the ae cache got looted a while back, s it a "safe" spot for bugs? Mostly just curious. Super pumped!
  4. I don't find that much lousy swag beyond religious tracts and soggy business cards. I think I'm going to start collecting golf balls and painting them or something. try to "pimp" them out while I watch TV or relax. <threadjack>*shrugs* I was raised to believe that a larger caliber sidearm is for the less accurate individual. Not that I'm snubbing larger, just pointing out that in the right hand a .22 can be an effective defense tool. Tho a Mossberg J.I.C. or equivalent is the best option for the home. </threadjack> I was raised the same way, then I learned reality in combat. *vomits in mouth* Worst OT conversation ever.
  5. I really can't think of a reason to NOT at least let someone hide it from showing up in a caches inventory. I know some people collect and even sometimes steal geocoins they haven't seen before... and t's definitely made me think coins are a waste of money next to a TB. Never heard of someone stealing a TB unless you attached something nice (why would you do that?) Still, there are better places to put resources right now...
  6. THIS Stopped reading at "voting match" Sorry. :/
  7. I eat TONS of peanut butter. I figure its just wasteful of me to not reuse the empty containers. I find that washing them out thoroughly, rinsing them in bleach several times and wiping them down with mineral spirits before spray painting them inside and out with Krylon seems to work. No critters have chewed on my caches in their short lives. I'm sure the containers will get brittle and will eventually get replaced, bt all my caches are near my home and are checked frequently. When it comes time to throw the cache in the recycling bin, I already have a replacement ready to go. Just saying.
  8. Unfortunately, the term "lazy" is commonly used here to describe many caching behaviors that others don't approve of. Write a short log, lazy. Hide a micro instead of something bigger, lazy. Use "trash" as a cache container, lazy. If you ask me, it's just one person playing the game their own way, but if it's different, some label it laziness. I agree with everything except the hide a micro part. Micros can be creative, as I am sure you know. "Lazy," might be considered if a spot for a bigger cache could have been placed at GZ but there was a micro. If that's what you meant, then I will leave it at that. If, however, is not what you meant, then I strongly disagree. Hiding caches is a way to give back to the GC community, and hiding micros is part of that. Other than the circumstance listed above, hiding micros IS NOT lazy. about 99% of the COs have hidden a micro. TL&MinBHIL is saying that people throw the word "lazy" around (they do.) I don't think they meant to imply it was actually lazy to hide a micro.
  9. most of the time, we just forget about them or can't find them on the site to log them later. I love virtuals, but we don't lof them someimes because you don't get a response from the CO despite thm saying that you cannot log it without a response. Long story short, I think we have somehwere around 15 caches that will never get logged, but we're going to Seattle for #200 just the same
  10. I did my micro, because I found a neat little spot and a micro seemed like the best way to hide it without drawing the eye of a muggle. I'll admit, it's not an interesting hide really. No gimmicks or anything (although I did improve the way it's secured thanks to a post on these forums) but those caches aren't really why do it. I doubt I'll ever make a crazy cache container at this point. I'll just continue putting modest caches in spots that people maybe don't know about. Those are my favorite caches. The ones that take me somewhere new. I cache for locations first. Containers and swag mean little to me at this point. I sort of roll my eyes every single time I see someone on these forums pretend that an ammo can somehow requires more creativity to hide. Heck if it requires too much cratvuty, you might ask yourself if you should maybe use something a little less scary to muggles! I would wager 95% of the ammo cans I've found were under a pile of rocks. With Micros, I've seen far more diversity. That said, I purposely avoid caching in parking lots and stuff unless I'm bored and just happen to check. I feel like the onus is partially on us to not find caches we don't like. All that said, I DO think that a small can usually be use in place of a micro with very little threat of it being found. Since I like trackables, that's the ideal size IMO. EDIt: All that said, the first caches I made were regular sized lock n' locks. They are camoed, stocked with swag, contain logs and everything. I had to use my judgement and make all my caches smaller, because of various reasons... it was definitely NOT laziness.
  11. I do #1 (although I've noticed the swag staying pretty good so far!) but I don't think it makes you exemplary. Swag is an afterthought IMO. I enjoy stocking my caches, but I don't care about it in the least when I'm hunting and, if anything, it seems to cause more problems than anything. W rarely take anything, but we leave a little prism eye party favor thingy.
  12. The hint is part of the game. We usually wait about 15 or so minutes before using one. On my hints I clearly label them when they are spoilers.
  13. Fun! I'm sorry you haven't gotten a reply sooner. these forums seem to die on the weekends when most people are out caching instead of at work stealing time. Anyway, if I'm not to late, here is the best answer I can give: when your GPS says you are about 30 feet away from the cache (more if there are lots of trees or tall buildings to make your readings GPS less accurate) you should start looking for it. If it's a traditional cache, be sure to check the "size" and "difficulty" rating of the cache as well as reading the description. This helps you to know what you are looking for. Most people reccomend finding a small or regular sized, difficulty 1 or 2 cache for your first hunt. You are looking for a container, if you find one, open it up and look for a logbook. If there is one, it's probably a geocache. If not, it's probably an empty Burger King cup or something In theory, the cache should be hidden near a place worth visiting. Maybe its a cool local business, a pretty fountain, an amazing waterfall or just a neat looking rock, but this is not always the case. Also, read this: http://www.geocaching.com/about/finding.aspx Browse this: http://www.geocaching.com/guide/default.aspx and Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4VFeYZTTYs&feature=player_embedded EDIt: People got here while i was typing this!
  14. While I agree that Geocaching doesn't need to be facebook... Thats a straw man. Finding other cachers SHOULD be easier and facebook DOES have an easy to use design that geocaching.com can and IS borrowing from. Anything can be improved, but the vitriol directed at choosing facebook as a comparison are kinda' silly. I've seen people on these forums complain about all of this stuff before. Whenever Facebook comes up in a conversation, I'm always amused by people who think it exists to make "friends" with strangers and be bombarded with boring crap. Especially on a forum. You can use any tool wrong. If you don't want to be friends with strangers, don't do it. I am only friends with people I am actually friends with. I have a filter set-up for people I do work with, so that I can let them in on upcoming projects but spare all involved from personal stuff and pointless blather. That functionality is easy to use. Its linked from every post you make. Do people just not have self control? Where does this fear of being subjected to random crap from boring strangers stem from? I use facebook, and its never has happened to me. Surely, I am not more tech savvy than most. Don't get me wrong. I understand why some people don't want one. Sometimes, its the same reason some people refused to get e-mail and the same reason some refuse to get a cell phone. Sometimes its just genuine disinterest, but reasons expressed are often misinformed and confusing. Its a vague term. Drawing a line in the sand over it seems arbitrary and counter-productive. Geocaching.com allows you to create a profile, make friends, officially designate people as friends, send messages, discuss topics on a forum, post messages on people's cache pages, browse through people's pictures, post updates from their phone, organize social events and argue with other boring nerds. All things considered, it walks enough like a duck that I can forgive people for being disappointed its a goose. Especially when a duck might taste better If people want features that they see in social networking sites, it should be beside the point if the site currently IS or ISN'T a social networking site. Just as much as they shouldn't be implemented if people don't want them. Getting hung up on semantics just derails useful discussion. Look how broad this definition is: Is there really any point in arguing over whether this site has become (either inadvertently or not) whatever it is this block of text describes? Its clearly a nebulous thing that is really a collection of elements paired with marketing lingo rather than a hard and fast thing. It seems like a matter of opinion rather than fact.
  15. I have never seen a cracked decon lid. I have found a couple of hundred of them, and my climate is similar to yours. BTW, anyone know where to buy decons. I have eight saved, that I plan to use for maintenance. New ones seem to be rare, and the price is five times what I used to pay. Weird. I wonder if we're just "lucky" ?
  16. I would say thats just a bad hint. I personally, don't think a hint should be misleading in the first place.
  17. Interesting, so in theory if someone (I promise this is purely hypothetical) made a truly 5d puzzle and put a dead giveaway hint it would still be a d5 puzzle? I've never been sure. It ,makes complete sense, but still surprises me.
  18. I find a LOT of cracked decon container lids.
  19. I should probably know this, but I don't. I did some searches and read the "hints" entry in the knowledge books. Do hints effect the difficulty of a cache? What if its a puzzle hint?
  20. I am slightly confused as to how the protected wildlife would prevent you from finding a cache, and if it is a problem common enough to need a solution.... does there need to be a cache there at all? Weird stuff.
  21. This is interesting feedback. I suppose with a proper theme you could set a specific time (High Noon or something...) that cacher should be at the element. Ideally it would be one near a nice park and close to my place. Unfortunatley, many have pointed out the obvious, it might not be worth the trouble if DOT decides to change the beeps one day and it ends with a few cachers having a really lousy time. Probably too many variables.
  22. Here in austin we have a lot of crosswalks that go, "beep, beep, beep" when you cross the street. Sometimes they speed up to let you know its about to turn red. I think they exist to let visually impared people utilize crosswalks with more confidence. Could you use the number of times one of these things beep as an element for a multi or a puzzle? Or does it change depending on time of day and traffic levels? I've tried researching it a bit with luttle luck, and fear it might come down to going out and testing the one near my place at different times. I also wonder if it would disrupt traffic too much, but surely a crosswalk wont change things too much because of some infrequent caching... Anyway, ya'll are smart. I figures someone might just know.
  23. I was oing to ask all of the same questions. I'd like to make some cache labels but I'm unsure about affordable quality printable stickers that wont turn to smeared yuck after a rain.
  24. I cant imagine another cacher having an opinion about me.
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