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  1. Agreed, I'm a SAHD with three little monkeys which is good/bad for my FTF addiction. Been beat out many a time by the ORCs These are definitely going on the list to pickup.
  2. 2809; thx for the cointest!
  3. What do you know, a couple of beautiful turtles swam into home today, they are amazing! Thanks so much!
  4. I was super bummed when my GCF plans fell through as these were the coins I wanted the most. Giddy that I managed to grab a couple from you!
  5. Woohoo, I got swarmed by dragonflies today! Absolutely amazing, thanks so much, although my order seemed to be short one leprechaun Already looking forward to adding some more of your designs to my collection.
  6. Sweet coin, thanks for the cointest. Why I love geocaching - getting out with my kiddos!
  7. Thanks for a little Montana magic to get our baby out, I've been waiting on this to get it taken care of before the baby arrived and surprise. 12 hours ago, Mr. Noah Isaac decided to join us, seems fitting since the Oro y Plata version was to be made into a pendant for the new little hippie!
  8. Thanks for the invite, glad to be back and see most the same names as last year.
  9. GC2MQ0X Geo-Idols Season 2 "Braidbeards of the Caribbean", my 1000th find and a great puzzle/multi adventure with the kiddos.
  10. I'd offer up my GC2CYTK SYF Right Off Your Head for #1, 2 or 7.
  11. Okay, here I go. My story is a little light since I think it is perfectly normal geocaching behavior, funny even. Then it's also maybe a little dark since the wife wasn't exactly thrilled about how the boys and I spent our day. So when the time came to go after cache #1000, I picked a fun new pirate themed puzzle. That's all well and good, but I generally cache with my two sons (18mo & 3 yr) and this one was a 4.5T. Oh well, it has to be done, they're tough and can handle whatever is thrown at us. Needless to say, by the end of our adventure I had carried the boys almost 2 miles, climbed a tree with the youngest strapped to my chest in a baby bjorn and waded to an island in the middle of a river. All for one smiley - any day! Of course, the muggle on the bridge that watched me wade into the water carrying the boys needed a little reassuring that everything was okay. My log on GC2MQ0X tells the tale much better. Thanks for the cointest! Awesome coins you've got there.
  12. Cool coin, congrats to everyone that has received one.
  13. I think the bottom look alright, but since it's your coin if you don't like them I'd have them redone. I personally wouldn't mind having an error coin in my collection, just gives a little extra something to talk about when sharing it with people.
  14. Fav coin: would have to be the 2 Water Otters I just received Geo nick: jackalgirl Thanks for the cointest.
  15. Mine swam home today! Thanks so much, they are gorgeous.
  16. Yay, got my Arctic & Midnight otters!
  17. Love it! I've recently been converted to the 'Dark Side' - doing a lot of caching in the wee hours of the morning.
  18. Aww man, the one I like is the AE. Nice though, might have to pick these up!
  19. I'm super excited for Wed then, please don't sell out before I get mine.
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