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  1. Just as a note: The baby is personal to you, heck, it's your child! Many cachers do not have children, so it wouldn't be a wanted coin to them. I think this might be a cute coin, I'd love to see the gaphic corrected & a sample of the coin! My minter charged me up front for the 2 dies $170 & stamped a sample coin for me to see... That might be the way to go...
  2. Glad to see you got it sorted out! You may want to close this thread since it has been resolved.
  3. what is the link to the coin's page? what is the message that is telling you that it is not able to track that coin? Check to make sure it was activated first!
  4. AND, since Ryder can comment, I'm gonna comment... Much better graphic on this coin! I hope my sign & my husband's sign are as nice! (too bad I don't even KNOW a Leo...)
  5. What a good way to fix my rainy day! Happy baby day Team Thorny! <specific instructions to NOT name him Sam!>
  6. I think this is a nice personal coin! I love the fact that you put the same phrase that DresselDragons has on their coin, on yours!
  7. Do you think they sell these at that auction site? I would hope people have enough respect for the person who's name is on the coin not to sell it. Well - - if you actually look at the address bar on the post by Yime, you'd notice that it is an eBay hosted img. They were/are for sale on that site & aren't geocoins, but real money coins. I meant the Yimes And I was talking about the question posed... LOL
  8. <snip> FIXED reply to: Do you think they sell these at that auction site? Well - - if you actually look at the address bar on the post by Yime, you'd notice that it is an eBay hosted img. They were/are for sale on that site & aren't geocoins, but real money coins.
  9. Not that I am one to ALWAYS "Follow the Rules" in life, but per the guidelines: "Explosives, fireworks, ammo, lighters, knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools), drugs, alcohol or other illicit material shouldn't be placed in a cache." Cache Contents Rules Ummm Duh!
  10. I don't think I'll like the face & body having opposite effects... face is recessed, body is raised? What is the second recessed block for on the back?
  11. OK - Rio Grande said our coins are TOO THICK! I'll continue to look around for them! Let me know your coin dimensons: Mine is 38.1 x 3.175 mm
  12. DD - I was actually in the process of doing just that! LOL! I have an account with RioGrande & am getting prices for Coin Holders as we speak! I'll let you know!
  13. geocaching.com is spelled wrong on the back of the coin.
  14. I got a secret in the mail today! THANK YOU to the fellow Pennsylvanian who sent me this BEAUTIFUL COIN!!!
  15. I have sent most of my codes out via e-mail to the people who bought them. I keep an Excel database so I know who bought my coin & what coin they have.
  16. I have been using PayPal commercially for 5 years & have never been required to have delivery confirmations... However, I do guarantee that I will replace an item with it's EXACT duplicate if the first is not received. The second is sent with a delivery confirmation. On the geocoin issue, I have no intentions of selling anything other than MY OWN coin so I am able to have a duplicate coin made. Edited for horrible spelling issues!
  17. Understatement of the year?!?!?! LOL! Especially PA Postal Workers!
  18. What I don't see...Won't hurt me... Right?
  19. a little snip here, a little + there... FIXED!
  20. Shall we trade coins? I have several non-trackable versions of my coin or if you'd like a trackable one, let me know! #23 or #76 would be the coolest! We can even do a hand-off in Robinson or where ever you'd like!
  21. Via me! LOL! PM me & I'll PM them back!
  22. I PM'd you - I want to know if you are interested in a trade... I'm sending out the 2 coins you ordered, but want to know if I can add a Copper to your order in exchange for one of your coins... I'll look for your reply in PM's, e-mail & simply posted on the thread... Thanks! (Your coins are BEAUTIFUL!)
  23. OK - here's what I did - I took preorders via my website, without charging anyone. That way I knew WHO wanted them. Once I saw that there was an actual demand for my coin, I paid my die set-up fee up front... that process takes about a week... it was $85 per side. Then once that was done & I saw the sample, I invoiced everyone. It took about 3 weeks from the day I sent my minter the $$$ via PayPal for me to get my coins in hand. People are really good on here to let you know if they like your coin and what they will pay for it... They also are good with you if it is taking a little long for the minter to send you the coins, just as long as you have a sample minted & are constantly in contact with them!
  24. They are awesome! Sent out US orders this morning! Pics will be up soon!
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