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  1. I believe the trip odometer stops measuring when signal is lost on the Garmins. I have a VistaC, and I've compared several bike rides to the bike computer (calibrated to wheel circumference). They've been within 1% on trip distance and average speed. Elevation gain (both the Vista C and my bike computer have barometric altimeters) has been a little more variant, but still probably within about 5-10% or so (which is the level of variation trip-to-trip on any one of them). Keith
  2. What do you want to get into Street Atlas - do you want to do live tracking, or download stored tracks/routes/waypoints? I've been using GPSbabel to convert saved tracks from Mapsource into a format that Topo USA 4.0 (also a DeLorme product) can take in (csv to bring it in as a route, gpl to have it as a gps log). I think live tracking is what gpsgate is supposed to do, but it's an application I personally have no use for. Keith
  3. If the 60C is anything like the VistaC I have, or the 60CS I've played with, then "Normal", "Most Often", etc. only appear in conjunction with the "Auto" mode of recording trackpoints. With either distance or time selected, you explicitly enter the time or distance interval between points. Keith
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