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  1. I got both the October and bonus June coin today


    The June bonus coin is a Micro coin of the Wolf Moon (slowdownracer, the coin looks just like the pin, and is even the same size.. its just.. you know a coin not a pin lol, if you got two pins might just wanna send an email and ask)

  2. Hey, a dragon geocoin with a red pathtag?

    I thought they were green...


    The green tags are the three standard and LE coins from GxProxy's set


    The red tag is a version of the coin is the 5th version of the coin that was produced for me in limited quantity.


    Count: 50

    Metals: Shiny Silver Base, Antique Gold Dragon

    As with the other 4 in the main sets, it has its own unique fill colors in the back


    Here is the front:



    And the back:


  3. Best way for your to do it IMO is since you have pictures up on the other site is to just open the picture, right click on it and hit "copy image url"... that will then copy the URL of that picture to your clipboard.. then when you are creating the post hit the add image button, paste the url in and it should work (here they are below)



  4. The only "official" answer has been posted in the blog as well as in the release notes. It has not yet been decided what will happen with labs and statistics in the future - they are by design a test ground, and the team wants to experiment more before declaring them full-fledged caches.


    I was under the impression based on the FAQ's from the "I <3 Geocaching" promo that it was going to be added, seems to be different from what you are saying..




    The short answer is, “It will in the future.” The current statistics system does not support Lab Cache finds, but it will in the future. We’ll keep you posted. For even more information check out our Help Center.


    as a quick edit: I know "in the future" could be a long ways off.. don't want to imply that it was going to be added now

  5. I don't think they have shipped yet, probably some delays due to CNY going on.. I know a couple other clubs are running a little behind as well cause of that and other mix ups adding to it. (btw I don't have my Feb coin yet either)

  6. I'm glad to hear you guys say that you send out proxys.


    those of us that enjoy the trackables aspect of the game are happy to discover and move them.


    Ok..very curious about this proxy bit. Do you activate the coin and then send another item out instead with the tracking number on it?


    Basically yes, as EXMAN says in the first response some people use a laminated picture of the coin. I've seen some put a heavy duty washer between two pictures to give it a little more "coin" feel. Personally I shy away from that and use proxy coins and have the tracking number engraved on them, to me they feel more like a coin and still cheap enough to replace if one goes missing without any strain on my wallet.


    Overall though, the limits behind what a proxy is though is only what your imagination can dig up. Store made or hand made they all serve the same purpose though, save the coin from the thief (and I will say I think it's horrible we can't trust others and have to resort to this as it is.. a muggling or two happens, but when cachers are stealing the coins it's saddening)

  7. Well, nothing, unless you plan on reselling it. and then it will depend on the coin.


    I'm guessing that most collectors keep their coins unactivated, rather than activating them to send out a proxy and watch it travel.


    If your using a proxy with the same code as the coin then it has to be activated.


    Me personally though, I activate all my coins.. it's part of my enjoyment of my collection. Others will have different views of that though :)


    Do I see a difference in value because the coin is active and sitting in my box over if it isn't active and sitting in my box? Nope, same thing.. except now I can release a proxy (which I have done for all my coins) and enjoy watching it travel as well.


    It's going to depend on the person really, and i'm probably a minority on how I view the activated vs un-activated "value"

  8. I had to sit down and really think about this one and really could only come up with 4 that are always on my list.. but the top of my list is (and will probably always be)


    1) Tempting The Fates - Artist Edition (Antique Gold)


    The rest that are slightly more obtainable with patience..


    2) BSA-UNPC Anniversary Geocoin (Bronze plating, Blue outer ring, Red inner ring)

    3) Dragon Series Geocoin(Ice Dragon)

    4) Colonel H. George Cachington Dragon

  9. If you own the coin, you can find the tracking number on the trackables page under the Trackable Options, will say "Tracking Number: XXXXXX"... if it is just a coin you picked up somewhere that belongs to someone else then there really isn't much you can do to get the code again aside from going to pick up the coin physically again or maybe sending an email to the owners geo-profile to see if they will provide you with it.

  10. on the right hand side of the page at the top you will see "Trackable Options", find and click on "Edit This Trackable" (make sure you are logged on too).. in there you can input the mission/goal and Description you want. Don't forget to hit the "Submit Changes" button on the bottom when you are finished.

  11. There should be no spaces in the tracking code, while I don't know what the coin looks like or if it was numbered.. it sounds like your dealing with a <tracking number> <coin number>. Don't add the coin number, just the tracking number.

  12. Can someone confirm if Utah is Pear or Green Apple? It's listed each way in this topic (Pear in first post, Green Apple towards the end), and other places I see it are listed as Pear. It's the only one I ended up with and just want to make sure I have it right in the description.


    Thanks! :)

  13. So, for what this is worth.. the new update is great so far and things just seem to be loading now.. I had previous issues where I had to restart the app just to get the maps to load properly. However there are two things that were taken out that almost negate all the good the update did.


    1) Exit button?


    2) Ability to download more logs. That was a great tool to have, why take it out? :D

  14. I've run into this before myself.. deleted that cache and reloaded it so it would show proper status again however the "awards" holds that information and the only way I've found to fix this was to factory reset the device.


    One thing you can try (i assume you have the 1.4 patch), is to clear your awards memory, I tried that pre 1.4 and the first cache i marked brought back my old totals again... maybe it works now with the new patch though.

  15. To Delete All:


    1) Open the Geocache section


    2) Hit the menu button and scroll all the way down to the bottom to "Delete All"


    3) Hit that and your good!



    To Delete Just One:


    1) Open the Geocache section


    2) Find the cache you want to delete and go into the "view details" either by clicking on it or through the menu


    3) Hit the menu button and scroll down to "delete"

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