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  1. You buy them yourself. Look for links to sites that sell them on geocaching.com
  2. It's the nature of the human beast. Some are just more beastly than others. *edit misplaced letter
  3. My pup is an aussie-poo but i dont see her being very purpose driven, she does a very good job of busying herself cause EVERYTHING interest her. Maybe the poodle part of her cuts the aussie herding instincts? Also, you're raising her to be a good geodog. Our aussie was about 13 and set in her ways when we started caching. Have fun with your sweet pup! I bet she's a real cutie! (A muggle magnet?) I'm hoping to find a picture of her in your gallery.
  4. When we first started caching, we had an Australian Shephard who was a purpose-driven dog. When she was on a walk, she wanted to WALK. It made her anxious when we would stop and wander around with no purpose that she could understand. Her nagging whines got to be annoying after a while, which lowered the joy of caching with her. Currently, we have two good dogs for caching. One is some sort of hunting dog mixture who is very good at busying herself with her own hunt while we are looking for a cache. The other is an old Australian Cattledog who is quite happy to rest while we search. We leave the old dog at home if we have a cache that requires more than a mile walk. The younger, hunting mix LOVES a full day of caching with us in the woods. Neither of them have the awwww factor of a pug, so our meetings with muggles don't usually last long. I can see where having a pug along could cause some unwanted attention, especially a cute, sneezy one.
  5. 868 finds to 11 quality hides. about 79:1
  6. I assume that you are speaking of the cache for which you describe a walk of 45 minutes and a bushwack of another 30 minutes since your other caches were placed just this month. I imagine that the bushwack will remain substantial, which makes me think that the change in the first stage placement may not change all that much. Multis, by nature, do not get as many visitors as traditional caches. Multis in sparsely populated areas get less. Multis in sparsely populated areas that have a difficult terrain are some of the least found caches around. It's just the way it is. You may not get a lot a lot of loggers, but the logs you do get are generally better than average.
  7. well this geocoin is attached to a doll, and there was another one in a cache today attached to a toy turtle, i suppose the travel slug is cheaper than a bug or something? Nope. Not cheaper. The Travel Slug is just a coin that happens to have a hole in it. The hole makes it easy to attach something to the coin, so those owners decided to add a little something to their coin for fun.
  8. Re: your edit Yup. Just like caches are always in the last place you look for them.
  9. That's cool, but wouldn't it be even cooler if there were a recipe on the listing that required those ingredients?
  10. Just a note of clarification since I've seen others confused about this before... If the CO intends to replace the log, it should be disabled, not archived. Disabling is for maintenance; archiving is forever (though it can be undone with the help of a reviewer if a mistake has been made).
  11. Here's a link to that cache: Bell Tower
  12. I did a nice mystery cache located at a church that required cachers to determine the final's location by reading information about their historical bell tower. If your youth group were to put together a cache that highlighted the history of your church, I think that your church would probably approve. A reviewer wouldn't mind that as long as the information couldn't be interpreted as a solicitation. As far as swag is concerned, I would probably request something a bit broader in theme like leaving something of a spiritual nature; however, the best approach may be to leave a micro in which there would be little chance of the kiddos finding a possibly inappropriate item during their maintenance visits.
  13. I haven't found it to be that simple. When I had a similar experience, I contacted the owner of the TB who virtually put the TB where it belonged. As for the pictures, you can post a note on the TB page without the serial number in order to add those. (edit: wrong word)
  14. Put the bear in a good ziplock to help protect him, and as Setan Meyacha says, ask nicely for donations. (edit for redundancy)
  15. It's pretty obvious to me that the troop was trying to do a good deed by replacing your missing cache. While they were misguided in doing this, you are wrong to accuse them of stealing your cache with the little information that you have. Your response to the situation is far more misguided than their naive attempt to be helpful. I suggest that you rethink this and edit the log on your cache before you embarrass yourself further. By the way, since the cache is only disabled, this is still your cache. It just has a different container now.
  16. I don't know of any such page. My idea for you would be to go to area cachers' profiles to access their bookmarks.
  17. My first letterbox was a multi with puzzle elements. I explained the situation in the description. People seemed to like it. Prints, Chaws (added link)
  18. I find the bookmarking feature most useful, myself. It helps me organize potential caches.
  19. The way I understand it, the cachers posted a DNF and then emailed you to check if the cache was still there. Since it was convenient enough, you did that and emailed that it was. Now, you are a little miffed that they did not thank you for your extra effort. Well, that's understandable. It would have been very nice of them to acknowledge your kindness either in their log or by email, but they didn't think to do that. Oh well. Sometimes nice actions are not rewarded or acknowledged. I imagine, however, that you won't be so quick to respond to these cachers' future requests.
  20. Yes, that's it! Great little tick pullers! There is a cacher in swizzle's and my area who is a vet tech and leaves them as swag. I picked up our pair a couple of years ago and have found them quite handy. I found tweezers to be a bit difficult because they tended to damage the tick in the process. This tool easily pries the whole tick free.
  21. As far has PMO caches go, from my experience I can honestly say your aren't missing anything very special. Forget about the caching Jones'. We all enjoy the same cheap thrills that geocaching provides for basic and premium members alike.
  22. It is okay to include the sheet. Nice rocks are a great trade item that everyone will appreciate, especially if there is a little information that goes with them, which I am assuming is included on the sheet. Sounds like you and your kids are doing a great job and having fun. Welcome to geocaching!
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