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  1. Thanks Dick he his going in for knee surgery & he is 73 but he had a lot of health issues.
  2. I am planing on coming but comes down to how dads surgery goes. He is high risk patient.
  3. Buffet = food faster :-) no long wait to eat. Always good after being on the road all day.
  4. The memorial will be on 2/6/10 at 1 pm in the Crosby Chapel. The address is 169404 NW Church Rd, Seabeck, WA 98380. It will be a pot luck following the service. Please pass the word around to those who many not get to the forums. If anyone would like to send flower, my father is asking if you would make a dontation to either the Shriners Hosptial in Spokane or Childerns Hospital in Seattle on behalf of Sherry Anne Kienholz. He would rather see the money go to a good cause and not welt away.
  5. I am just letting those in the caching community in/around the Kitsap County and beyond that one member of the Seabeck Tribe has passed away suddenly on Saturday, January 9th, 2010. Dianne (Lummieh) heart stopped on Saturday morning and the doctors were not able to revive her. She had too high of potassium level in her blood which stopped her heart. We are planning to have a memorial service either Jan 30 or Feb 6. These dates are not set at this time. I know that my mother touched many people and many of you may wish to come pay your respects. My father is looking at having it at the Crosby Chapel in the Seabeck/Camp Union area. We have her obituary in the Bremerton Sun (www.thesunlink.com). It was put online on January 13th. I will be posting more information when the date and time are set. Seabeck Tribe (Lori & Roy)
  6. I have the Crystal Compass Rose coins. (3) which I think is the 5 year anniversary coins. Instead of going throught Coincodes.com. I went to CoinsAndPins.com. Now I'll see if these codes will work Thanks all for your input.
  7. I went to Coin Codes to get it's activation codes. It tells me "We were unable to locate any of your tracking numbers. " Anyone know where else I can get them. Want to take them to the GC Pirate Event in Olympia tomorrow.
  8. Most likely it was us. Sorry to miss ya! Lummieh aka Ole Woman of the Tribe
  9. Also there are several caches near by that she could try out with help of fellow cachers.
  11. Only 4 more days left. Heard that the weather will be in our favor. We'll be bringing a couple fans incase there isn't a breeze. We'll make our own. Don't forget the sunscreen loation for your kids and yourself. The creek will be a big temptation. We are not sure what the level of the water is. But you'll want to keep an eye on the younger kids just incase. Happy Caching The Tribe
  12. Hi us again.... It was brought to our attention that Whaling Days is happening on the same weekend as this Event. If you thought about going into Silverdale you might want to avoid the town between 10 and noon. The parade is at this time. Here is a LINK to the Whaling Days web site. We will be providing you a GSAK list of caches that are close by on the routes. Some of these caches are listed with only their GC name in the RED and BLUE booklets. We just got done doing a route check. It should take you aproximately 1 1/2 hours to complete the route. So if you are the last one signing in at 1:30pm. You should be able to do the whole route (without any extra caching). You have to check these links out and see what could be yours at the event... Link Link You have to be at the event to get the details!
  13. There are some changes to the GeoPoker Run 3 page high lighted in GREEN. Link to Page There will be two routes.... One BLUE and one RED. You will be given a random BLUE or RED envelope per car or team. One the back of the booklet you will find two cell numbers incase you get lost, have car trouble or stopped by the police because you were racing back before the finish dead line. If you plan to car pool, make sure you and the other team(s) have the same colored envelopes in one car. The Park will not let us in any earlier than 9am. So we are looking for a couple pairs of extra hands to help us set up. We would like to borrow a table or two for food. If you have one let us know and we can pick it up and take it back to you after the event. Instead of a Worst or Best hand. We are going to give every geo-participant a free raffle ticket. There will be several prizes and we'll announce them during the awarding of prizes. Have any questions email us!!!
  14. There has been a few changes on the schedule. Link to GeoPoker Run 3 page Potluck: 11:00am to 12:00pm Sign-Up Time: 12:00pm to 1:30pm GeoPoker Run: 12:00pm to 3:00pm Prizes Awarded: Starting at 3:15pm We've added a link to the Ferry schedule so those taking the ferries can try to plan ahead. From the Bremerton terminal it should take apx 15 to get to Jarstad Park and apx 45 min from Kingston. The Park will not let us in any earlier than 9am. So we are looking for a couple pairs of extra hands to help us set up. More details about how this years GeoPoker Run will be run will come soon. So keep a watch here for future postings.
  15. Thanks for the link.... My brain had a senior moment this morning or I just wasn't awake yet!
  16. OK.... That was almost 9 months ago. Who was the winner?
  17. After taking last year off. The tribe decided to have another GeoPoker Run Event. We want to thank all of you that encouraged us to continue with this event. This year will be slightly different. The seven caches will only be temporary caches. You can find the Event page at GC1RWWA. We will keep you posted on the progress of the event. Happy Caching
  18. Has anybody heard about a Jeep 4x4 Geocaching Challenge for this year? Or did I just plain miss it?
  19. This sounds wonderful! The ponies have been restless and I know our pocket book can afford doing a CM this close to home. Will be looking for future smoke signals about this one! FYI... You might want to check out Shop99er's Calendar and get the CM on there when you choose a date.
  20. I am glad that there is a chance you guys can make it. I will email my cell number to you.
  21. Okay know that I have a moment to refocus on this, I will be looking into that. Thanks for the suggestion, I had not thought of other scouts.
  22. I would love to help out since I have not done the caches at Schold Farm yet, but, unfortunately, I will be in Spokane at the time. Thanks for the offer, if things change please let me know. Lori
  23. I am a Bear (9yr olds) Den leader for my church Cub Scouts. I have been talking to them about Geocaching. They are excited to go and find the ones I hide around the church. As leaders, we have planned Caching Pack Meeting on August 8th at 6 pm at Schold Farms in Silverdale, Wa. I am looking to my fellow caching buddies who are willing to come out and help them. You would be willing to let them use your GPS and give them guidence when they are looking and replacing. You would be with a Cub Scout [8, 9, or 10 yr old] and his family. I am hoping to get enough cachers to help out so they all have a positive experience and hopefully become future Geocachers. Each Cub Scout will be assigned two caches to do in the park then they can return to the parking area. If you are interested, please email me at jazmat05@gmail.com with the subject line: Cub Scouts Geocaching.
  24. I tried www.dorkfishcoins.com and got nothing. Do you have a link that works???
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