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  1. The silver coins will go to the first 25 Kitsap County residents who want this coin. When the Pierce County coin comes out only the Pierce County residents will have a shot at the silver coins. Likewise for all the other county coins. If you live in the county the coin represents you will have a shot at the first 25 silver coins. I think that answers your question. Let me know if I've read that wrong. Yep... You read it right. I was just hoping that the County Residents would get first chance at the other (100) coins. I guess I just have to take my chances with all of the non-residents. I can only wish to be quick on the draw when they show their sale face... Lummieh The Old Woman of the Tribe
  2. Great coin... Hope to be quick on the key board when they have their coming out party. Are the silver going to be the only coin that Kitsap Co residents get first chance? Or will the others going to be that way also? Lummieh The Old Lady of the Tribe
  3. Today and tomorrow is the last chance to submit your vote for the September White Jeep Photo Contest. October will be the last chance to submit a photo for the monthly Jeep contest. Good luck to you all. Marlinda's September photo.
  4. I found these site. Don't think I duplicated any ... Bikerpin COINABLE CROWN AWARDS KINGPINS ATDESIGNS LAPEL PINS MILITARY SPECIALTIES OSBORNE COINS US COINFORCE Here is some sites for Wooden Nickels & Poker Chips http://geocoins.net/catalog/ http://www.wedoitallvegas.com/custom_poker...ckel.com/mp.asp http://www.geocities.com/geonickels/nickels.html http://www.pokerchipshopping.com/deals/customhotstamp.asp
  5. Hyas Tyee caching at Fort Flagler's Rocks Return thought field of nettles on a rainy day.
  6. Payment made through PayPal for the Tribes two coins...
  7. The Tribe would appreciate it if we could be put on the wait list for 1 or 2...
  8. Got my order form and paid. The Tribe is excited about receiving the coins. Thanks SlytherinAlex for all your work. We know it hasn't been a smooth road, but appreciate your efforts in making this one come together.
  9. The Rhode Island coin, in a plastic pouch, was 1.1 oz. But don't forget to consider the weight of the (padded) envelope also. Lummieh
  10. Got ours end of last week. The G-kids have already put some of the wooden coins out in caches on the Port Townsend/Port Angeles Cache Machine this weekend. Great lookin coins. Thanks
  11. The Tribe would like two (2) please.
  12. Went to the www.alacache.com site and didn't see AGA Business. The site looked like it was having a bit of a problem. Will try back later.
  13. The Tribe would be interested in purchasing two (2). Happy Caching
  14. Ours came in the mail yesterday. Thanks for the neat looking Kids Geocoins.
  15. Is this "group limited menu" written in stone or will we be able to chose off menu? And what about a kids menu? What kind of cost are we talking about? There are 6 Tribe members and if we have to stick with the limited menu, that sounds like it might be a little spendy for us. We might have to pass. Edited: I write to slow and a couple other messages came through. So it looks like the "limited menu" starts at $17.95 We might do the same as andrewrj!
  16. We are confused, because the forum has said the we will have dinner in Sequim. Where is dinner on Saturday night? The draft2 still says Port Townsend. We are camping at Fort Warden because the route was ending in Port Townsend. We want to know if the route is being changed so we end in Sequim instead of Port Townsend for the dinner that follows.
  17. The Tribe would be interested in two (2) bronze if this coin is going to happen.
  18. I like the idea of the river and dam with the "Roll On Columbia, Roll On". Can hardly wait for this one!
  19. Check this link out. Cool Coin. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=109052
  20. What else is there to do??? Go watch the development of the new Kanas coin!
  21. Anyone who has placed an order should by now have received an invoice. If you haven't please email me at questions@gccoins.com. Thanks - We haven't received an invoice either!! Invoice us and we'll send money! Still no invoice so I have emailed ONCE AGAIN.
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