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  1. Still looking for a few of those Jeep TBs! I see the picnic has been posted already. We will be there and we MAY even try to camp at this one (no promises though). Bear and Ting
  2. I see it, but where the heck are the coords??? Patience? I mean, they are trying to drum up business and convert us Garminites over to Magellanism. It is not an easy task. Bear and Ting
  3. Warm water, soap, and a little baking soda (or is it powder, I aways get those confused) will break up the oil from an animal's coat. I've also read somewhere that cornstarch will also absorb and break it down, though I've not tried that. We always shed our clothes and do a tick check on each other before we go into the house (from the garage). Our clothes are then immediately placed in the wash with detergent and a mild (diluted bleach). It is them off to the shower/bath for us. So far, thought we've been exposed to both Ivy and Oak, we've never had a reaction since we've been geocaching. Bear and Ting
  4. I've not read to the end of this post and cannot speak for others, but our goals vary depending on our audience. For example, when we hid "Pixie Princess's Secret Treasure", we had first time cachers and kids in mind with both the cache items and with its location. It was the same with "Bear's Woodland Treasures". However, with "Fortville's little secret", we made it more challenging, both in description/clues and in the cache container itself. I have two new caches I will be hiding shortly and I hope to make them challenging as well. Good luck, Bear & Ting
  5. Looks like Indiana has one of those Magellan "cache me if you can" caches. http://www.magellangps.com/en/gpsAdventures/geocaching
  6. How do you figure? My plain-jane Merigreen gives me that kind of accuracy except in the worst conditions. I set a waypoint to the exact spot in the driveway that I always park. Every time I come home, it says that I am no more than 10ft. from that waypoint, and more often than not, less than 6 feet. That's 3 meters or better... But that's a little off the topic. Has anyone been able to get to the pertinent pages yet? I still get the error page anywhere but 'home' page. Granted... I still think in feet and 3 meters is not that bad. But, how much tree cover do you have in your drive too. I mean, on a clear day with no obstructions, ANY GPSr could be that accurate. As for the site, as of 5:55pm CST, I am in and there are two NEW missions posted.
  7. As far as Groundspeak goes, guess you really can't please everyone, can you. One half are griping that the Yellow Jeep TB deal (which involves probably 10x the amount of prize money as the Magellan hunt) and the old Project APE caches are too commercial and ruining the game. The other half wants more of it. And as far as Garmin vs Maggie: I would much rather have the manufacturer add real features all geocachers can use everyday, rather then a few caches full of coupons for hats. If Magellan REALLY wants to support geocaching, show me a GPS with screens like this: How about at least adding geocaching icons like almost every Garmin has had for years? No, this is not about Magellan supporting geocaching, this is all about Magellan promoting (and trying to sell more of) Magellan GPSs. Hear hear! I agree, and I want one of those Garmins too. I was reading the press release of the eXplorer and I got to tell you, an accuracy of 3 meters sounds WAY to good to be true, even under ideal conditions. Bear and Ting
  8. I agree.... it seems like it would be a race in the end, not a hunt. Let's hope they continue to learn from their mistakes and also to listen to our suggestions.
  9. Tre, they do ship.. but the costs nearly double the price. Also, while there are many "Irish Cremes" and such, this one seems a little more unique. We've tried some of the others that are offered locally, and they are not quite the same. Thanks, I will keep searching. Bear
  10. last May, my wife, myself, and a friend of ours came to the UK for holiday and to try a littel UK style geocaching. We did more driving than caching, but we did find some nice caches. While in the UK, Scotland to be exact, my wife picked up a bottle of DrumGray Highland Cream. She is not a scotch drinker, but she likes this. Anyway, we were assured they do export, yet we cannot find a US distributor. Anyone care to get me a cost of 6-12 bottles, including the shipping? Cheers, Bear & Ting
  11. Per Geo-Hog: Well, there are two ideas there. I will have my laptop, so I could transfer the GPX file to a media source (like a disk-on-key), if available. Then synch my GPSr and my Cachemate files. Printing is SO 2003ish! So, those ideas might work. As for the email account, my email is accessible world wide, so that won't be an issue. My only problem is (a) finding a library (or some other access point) and ( not wanting to wait or pay for it. Per Stunod: As for that, I've used those options before. Our biggest problem with this trip is the uncertainty of routes and the fact that if I say find 500 caches nearst this point, the radius is WAY too wide. I am only heading in one direction (or 180 degrees from a point), I don't need all the rest. I've tried in the past to find point further out, but that does not always work either. What about this idea? What if the daily limit for a PQ is 2500 waypoints,500 for normal PQ's, up to 5 PQ's per day OR a route PQ where the user puts in 10-15 points and the PQ finds the nearest 1000 per route (limiting it to two routes)? This means that every route point would only find like 75-100 near the route point for each point. Is that feasible? Bear
  12. I agree, I should be able to get alot of data with the five PQs per day. And, I have done that in that past, like when traveling from Indianapolis, IN to Columbia, SC to visit my folks. It works great when we (a) know our complete route and ( we know where our internet access will be coming from. Neither is the case. The way we are traveling is simple. Right now I have it down to three destinations. Depending on weather forecasts will depend on where we go. We'll pick the destination about a week ahead of time. Once picked, we will travel to that area and then head in a general direction, generally towards cluster of caches, so we will not know the complete route, kinda going where the wind blows us. Secondly, I am not gonna know where my next internet access will be. And, I would have to access it the night before AND the next morning. Bear (Jim)
  13. Jeremy, et all: Ting and I are starting to plan our "honeymoon/anniversary" trip for May. This year we will be traveling across the US for some 9-14 days. We may or may not have internet access throughout that time. What I am wanting to do is set up Pocket Queries (PQ) that will overlap our route. However, we are limited to five queries and that may not cover our route. PQs cover areas we will not be hitting or if we try to do it "by state", it limits or illimtates caches (by limiting it to 500). We want to be able to see all the caches in the area and eliminate the ones we won't be doing that day via the PQ. Is there a way that the limits can be raised? Maybe once a month or a quarter per user? Or, can another type of PQ be created for routes? I know I am not the only one who could use this feature. I know it has the potential to put a load on an already loaded server, but if it is limited to just a few times per year per user, it might be worth the effort. Bear and Ting
  14. About a year ago, I got into a discussion with this user. I found that he and she were more of an antagonist than anything else. I found the only way to stop the argument was to stop replying to their posts. It did not matter what point you made, they always seemed to have a counter point, including when discussing their name. Bear & Ting
  15. Fellow cachers, We are hoping that someone might be able to help out a friend of ours. He moved to Phoenix, AZ, a few years ago prior to us getting into geocaching. We visited him earlier this year and took him out caching and he highly enjoyed it. He went out and bought a GPS of his own and we once again had the pleasure of caching with him when we went on vacation to the UK. After we got home, he did go out caching a few times, but has not been bitten by the bug because does not like to do things alone (and he especially feels like caching is more fun with others there to share the experience). Being “shy”, he hasn’t attended any picnics or caching parties in his area to meet any of the fellow cachers out there. Because this is such great exercise, and he had a heart attack many years ago, and we feel like it would be good for him to get out a bit more, we would love to see him get to know some fellow cachers that he can go out with regularly. So, we are looking for a few people who might be willing to take him out on some of the easier hikes (1-3 terrain) until he feels like he can do more. We hope this will help him find new friends who share a common interest. If you would like to help out, drop me a line at bear@consept.com, or contact him directly at GeoDarylAZ@consept.com. We would love to be able to read the logs of his new adventures with his new friends. Thank you, Bear and Ting Indianapolis, IN
  16. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against interesting web pages. Go ahead and make it as unique as you want, on your own site. I come here for the cache listing service. I want to find the important info in the same place on every cache page. I don't want to have some strange sounds coming from my speakers or have it interrupt what i am already listening to. I don't want pages that take extra time to load graphics and unusual fonts. All that extra 'fluff' just gets in the way, on both printouts and PDA's. I don't shop from sites that are hard to navigate or too long to download from either. I'd rather spend the time caching instead of trying to read your unique cache page. That's why I don't do many puzzle caches. It takes too much time away from the family to try and solve. The family joins me on the hunt, not on the computer. Took sun from sky, left world in eternal darkness IMHO, if all you want is a cache listing service, then use the Pocket Query function and something like CacheMate! I use both cable and dialup, depending on my location. I like to see the creativity of other cachers, both on-line and off. This whole game is about being creative. As for the person who brought up the copyright issues, I would agree. I've seen many (altered) pictures that were definately copyrighted. The MIDI music? Well, there is alot in public domain too. From past examples, I am sure that Jeremy is feeling violated by the keenpeople and other "leaching" and is trying to prevent that. Jeremy owns this game, true, and I have not seen too many examples of him letting anyone else in. Bear & Ting I thought I was a little off, then I looked at my GPS and discovered I accurate to 12 ft. Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!
  17. Count me in..the check is in the mail. However, if I win, I want the staff to be given to away to a child who needs it. Bear & Ting I thought I was a little off, then I looked at my GPS and discovered I accurate to 12 ft. Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!
  18. quote:Originally posted by BassoonPilot:No, I don't agree. The owner is no longer active. The owner has chosen not to respond to WolfWalker's e-mails. The owner has abandoned the cache. In order to be viable, the cache requires a complete overhaul. Similarly, the cache page, which was also the work of the owner, has also been abandoned, and should not continue to be used. ... In my opinion, that is the proper way to proceed. I disagree with your stance on cache adoption, there are cases where cache adoption is ok. For example, when a cache owner is responsible enough to make the request because they are moving. In this particular case, the person may have been military and was deployed suddenly. He or she may have thought they would be back in time to maintain it. However, since the cache is trashed, the options of archiving it and replacing it with your own seem ok. If, however, this Iraq freedom thing ends soon and the cache owner does get back, don't be suprised if they would want their spot back. I thought I was a little off, then I looked at my GPS and discovered I accurate to 12 ft. Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!
  19. quote:Originally posted by ju66l3r: Seriously, there are tons of things in the City of Boston (not even adding in Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville, etc) that are really really interesting if you only knew to look for them there. Is there a good reason that I should have to leave an ammo box in a flower bed or http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?pf=&ID=89231&decrypt=y&log= downtown just to satisfy the weakly-veiled personal hangups of the owners of *this* site? I think I have a solution for the virtual cache issue. Place your 11th (or whatever leg) of your cache here N24 34.076 W82 06.272 or here N19 25.188 W155 17.247 or here N38 53.969 W77 02.177, whichever is closer. We do have central locations for travel bugs that are MIA, why not a central Virtual cache leg. On a serious note, I love multi-leg historical or educational caches. Then again, I love to learn new things. One of my favorite caches so far (we're only up to 200 finds) was And then there were 13. My parents even liked this one. The problem with dropping a cache is authority. Isn't one of the rules for dropping a cache to get permission to place the cache from the land owner? What if you are in an historic park trying to teach a lesson (moving from one site to the next seemingly unrelated site), you ask permission and they say "no"? Should you abandon the cache? If the point here is that this cache is trying to teach, should you just drop a box somewhere else that has nothing to do with the lesson? Sure, in Indiana and other states, the state run website has a list and location of historical markers, but does it have a history lesson for what is NOT on the marker? I feel we need to lighten up on the virtual caches rules and rethink them. I offered a suggestion before that perhaps virtual caches should be something in their own right, like benchmarks are. Let us keep this game fun for the kids (and adults) and also, maybe, perhaps, make it a little educational too. Bear & Ting I thought I was a little off, then I looked at my GPS and discovered I accurate to 12 ft. Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!
  20. First, welcome aboard! May all your searchs be finds. quote:Originally posted by 4x4van:Just a suggestion; don't hide any caches untill you've found about 10. That way you will get a much better feel for good/bad hiding places. Before long, you'll start thinking like a geocacher when you get down to that last 20-30 feet (trust me, you'll understand that statement much more once you find a few caches). I have to agree with 4X4van here, you will start thinking like a cahcer after a few dozen finds. We've seen a few first time cachers place a cache immeditately with varied results. They may place it in an area without getting permission and it gets confiscated. Or they place it in a high traveled place and it gets plundered. Or (heaven forbid) they lose their enthusiasm and the cache is not maintained or removed. Don't get us (Bear & Ting) wrong, we love to see new people discover the game, but we also want you to be responsible. Get a few finds under your belt first, starting thinking like a cacher, and your hides will be so much better. Trust us on that one. We have two caches hidden in very high (kids) traffic areas and neither of them have been plundered. We attribute this our experience. Again, welcome aboard. If you ever get into the central Indiana area, look us up. Bear & Ting I thought I was a little off, then I looked at my GPS and discovered I accurate to 12 ft. Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!
  21. Can I make this request again??? Embroidered polo/golf shirts, in white or black?? Comeone...we have t-shirts that we can wear on the trails (and still be inconspiuous), but I have nothing to wear around my office to "advertise"! Thanks, Bear & Ting I thought I was a little off, then I looked at my GPS and discovered I accurate to 12 ft. Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!
  22. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:The heart of geocaching is placing and finding a container. The original caches were full of supplies for hunters, hiker, or whatnot. Since this is a game, our caches have toys, hiking stuff, or whatever. Virtual caches were conceived to allow us to play the game in places where caches could not be placed. National Parks are one example. Virtual caches were eventually restricted because everyone seemed to be waypointing every side-road historical marker. Virtuals now need to be 'worthy' of being in a coffee-table type book. The restriction is an attempt to return geocaching to its roots. Even though the sport is only 3 years old, it has deviated a lot in that time (locationless, for example). I have no problems with pointing out interesting locations, but the kids enjoy the hide and seek aspect of finding a container. Took sun from sky, left world in eternal darkness http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NM_Geo/http://www.keenpeople.com/stats/ http://mywebpages.comcast.net/ihazeltine/bandbass.gif Someone else may have mentioned this, but I have not yet read the entire thread. But, perhaps VC's could be moved to a "seperate" site. I like some virtuals and love finding history. I've done multi-cache and virtual historic caches and love them both. Bear and Ting I thought I was a little off, then I looked at my GPS and discovered I accurate to 12 ft. Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!
  23. Bear and Ting here, from the southside on Indy. We've not been as active in the forums as we used to be. We still try to get out every few weeks, when we have time. We've cached in the UK this year, and in NYC, as well as our local caches. Bear & Ting I thought I was a little off, then I looked at my GPS and discovered I accurate to 12 ft. Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!
  24. Ny wife, ting, and I were out night caching in northern Indiana one evening with some friends. After finding the cache, we were hiking back to the car. At the time, my wife was using a Magellan SportTrak Pro and had the unit around her neck. When we got near he car, I notice she only had HALF of her GPS; the only thing hanging on her neck was the battery compartment. The unit had become unscrewed and had fallen off SOMEWHERE within a half mile in the dark forest. She had not noticed since the heavy part is the battery pack. We back tracked about half way before we spotted it on the trail. Now the lanyard is attached to the GPS body. I thought I was a little off, then I looked at my GPS and discovered I accurate to 12 ft. Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!
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