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  1. It's an intersting variation on a theme: If you want to be allowed to 'discover' each coin, you first have to visit a particular physical cache and e:mail the owner with the answer to a bonus question. Presumably (though not stated on the website) any one who logs without first having answered the question will have their logs deleted. (At least that's my interpretation) Pete
  2. psi ?? If correct, please give the DING to Eckington as he deserves it for his stirling effort!
  3. No As I have said before it is not a A vs B answer. Just an A And one manufacturer only VW Beetle??
  4. Sandra thinks it might be the Beatles Abbey Road album cover with them crossing the road on an outsize Zebra.
  5. Not quite right but good enough for a flower-powered DING. Some are roses, others (like Joanna whose 'naming ceremony' was at Chelsea this week) are fuchsias. Over to you... Pete
  6. no to awards, cockney slang and airports. The thought of Santa Claus ariport is quite intriguing though! Would it help if I added Joanne Lumley to the list? Pete
  7. Now we're getting somewhere. That's half the ding, but I would like to know what.... Pete
  8. None are their real names? (If its right, you carry on Mrs B as i'm off for the weekend!) Sorry, no ....
  9. Largest number of impersonators? ..'fraid not - at least not the connection I'm looking for
  10. Wow - my first ding! Another more topical connection: What links Jonny Wilkinson, Ronnie Barker, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe and Santa Claus? Pete
  11. Would they all be classes of Steam Locomotve, per chance? I know the last three are... Pete It isn't classes of steam locomotive exactly.... but certainly something to do with steam locos. You are close! Chris Hmm: thinks back to Hornby trainset days....how about numbers/arrangement of wheels? Were Atlantics 4-4-2 and the others similarly a specific wheel configuration? Pete
  12. Would they all be classes of Steam Locomotve, per chance? I know the last three are... Pete
  13. oops - don't like the unintentional double-post feature ...
  14. I like the icons showing total logged finds/DNFs etc but something doesn't quite add up. There's a new cache here, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...5e-2b8340a96b66, with two finders and one DNF, but totals only show one find and zero dnfs......
  15. .....add us to list of potential rescuers, if required... Pete
  16. Sandra added a day late - you lot could have all wished her Happy Birthday for yesterday. Some bloke called Eckington's nicked my Birthday.... Pete
  17. Did I get it right? - I didn't plough through all 72 pages of the thread to cheat! Pete
  18. Methinks you can do it with just two visits: Step one: switch on switches 1 and 2: visit room to determine which light has not come on so you know that is operated by switch 3. Step two: switch on just switch 1: visit room to see which of the original lights has gone off. You now know which light is operated by switch 1 and which is operated by switch 3, so can safely deduce that the one switched off at step two was operated by switch 2.... Pete
  19. Badger = Pimlico? Edoted to say: beaten by the time it took to type it in!
  20. Go on then, tell all & you get to try out another one of your quiz questions on us. I don't think it's "good form", feels a bit like cheating. Give you a clue though - it starts with K....
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