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  1. I logged an archived cache (Under the Greenwood Tree)in Dorset in 2005. Had old printout borrowed from father in law, so didn't know it was 'gone'. The wooded area where the cache was supposed to be had been cleared as part of 'regeneration' works, but poking out of the mud near some stumps was a plastic bag with a pencil and remnant of logbook in it. On the only surviving page in the book was the message "Took box, left bag, you sad ****. PS Nice box". I didn't sign the physical 'log' but did claim the find.
  2. 'Fraid not I am surprised noone has gone for any of the obvious names Trying to put people off the scent T-girls? (I set this question in a quiz last year so won't reveal the 'obvious' answer...) Pete
  3. "Nope nothing to do with me." Didn't mean you Dan - my question was to Mr Dewdrop, real name Jon Dew, who is listed as originator of the Richie Benaud petition (even more OT than this thread....awaits slap on wrist)
  4. Just signed (708000 +) and trawled the website for other petitions. Would the petition to knight Richie Benaud be anything to do with you??? Pete
  5. A bit like you, I suppose! Hahahahahaha ...was the 'baring in mind' bit intentional?
  6. Vigo (Spain)? I seem to remember our tour guide boasting when we there in '95.... Edited: I'm reminded by my other half that Vigo is the deepest... and with Poole on her doorstep I'm sure Dorsetgal is using her local knowledge so I defer to Forester!
  7. That's 4 out of the 6 the keyboard on the right has two extra buttons; to the left of the robot's hip there are graphs. In one the red line is above the blue, in the other the blue is above the red... Edited to say "Darn, just too late!"
  8. Thanks Dorsetgal - (from an ex-Dorsetboy, Weymouth to be precise) Apologies for delay in setting question, but Big Brother doesn't allow access to 'hobby' websites at work. Keeping to a sporting theme, who can tell me the names of the four Horseracing courses in England whose name doesn't include any of the letters from the word R-A-C-E. Shouldn't be too difficult... Ding goes to the supplier of the fourth one....giddyup! Pete
  9. ..Mighty MacDougall v the less than Mighty Margate....guess 9-0 cos I don't think he let anyone else score...
  10. Do you mean Stuey's list of 'homework puzzles? http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...87-c48a912ce17c
  11. We have a TB, Schlenkerla, who is a beermat from a pub in Bavaria which I used to frequent when living out there in 1980. Its mission was to return home and savour the brew on my behalf. Despite going north from Berkshire and then to Wales, it completed its mission last month after less than a year. Its trip included a stay courtesy of a FTF in a very remote cache in France ("Fressinieres") situated in a cave at the top of a mountain. As it took about 3 years for this FTF, we thought it would be stuck there for ages, but thankfully, like a london bus, another cacher came along very quickly and took him to Bavaria. We have exchanged many e:mails wth the couple who visited the pub in Bamberg to complete the mission, taking some great photos, and have promised to meet up for a litre or two of the wonderful brew next time I visit the town. Sort of makes up for two other TBs: - one made it to the States via Canada very quickly but then went MIA. Another went just 20 miles before being removed, never to be seen again, despite e:mails to the cachers who admit they've got it but haven't been caching in over a year since retrieving it and appear to have lost it in the meantime... Pete
  12. We've got a Cobra - anyone even heard of them? Got it off ebay (cheap) in case we didn't take to caching. Sometimes takes AGES to get a fix, sometimes display locks without warning and you have to open it up and jiggle the batteries to get it going again (losing any waypoints entered during ther session). It has no pc connectivity whatsoever and struggles to get better than 30' 'accuracy' even under a cloudless sky. But would we swap it ?? You bet your life we would!
  13. Sandra reckons I can't tell the time and it was actually 15.15, but we were still quick. Just lucky to spot the listing and live just 2 miles away! (Plus you have to be quick to beat Subarite and Dogastus in these parts...)! Pete
  14. Oops - sorry to have caused Walkergeoff trouble by finding this one! Without internet access on our travels we could not log our find straight away......Mind you, if we had internet access, we might have spotted the 3 DNFs and not bothered attempting this one. Sometimes you just can't win..
  15. Thanks Paul - you may well be right, but the other half might get a bit narked if I spend the last few hours before leaving printing off cache sheets rather than helping with the packing!
  16. This is my first 'new topic' posting so please be gentle! I remember reading on here a couple of weeks ago that caches in Cumbria on FC land would have to be removed/archived. We are heading for the Lakes for a few days at the end of July and want to research likely caches before leaving the South. My question is: Have all doomed caches already been archived? - or is there an easy way of identifying those which are on FC land and thus under threat? Don't want to spend time deciding which to attempt, only to find they disappear in the next two weeks. Any help appreciated... Pete
  17. Sorry don't know the answer, but.....congratulations to the Golem for starting a thread which has out-posted the pinned 'Congratulations' thread!! Quite an achievement!
  18. We too thoroughly enjoy the challenge of a good brain tease. There's a world of difference between using internet to research answers (as is a must for some puzzles - try 2202's QI puzzle for size!!) and going straight to the answer on a plate. We would never e:mail a cache setter and ask for the solution - defeats the whole object. We have been known to ask for a broad hint when totally bamboozled, but only after weeks of headscratching - and in both cases we are stilkl struggling! Shame about Rutson's puzzle which led to this thread. As it's 200 miles from us we probably would not have come across it in the normal course of events, but it does look like a cracker. Hope this experience doesn't put you (Rutson) off! Pete
  19. .....took nothing, left car... or who's up for a mega-CITO challenge?
  20. Q: What do Eckington and Pete of Sharpeset have in common? A: the same birthday (but not the same year!) Happy Birthday
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