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  1. Thanks - staying Down Under, who had a hit featuring the line "He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich?"
  2. maybe a bit close to your radius limit but there are a lot of caches along the Kennet and Avon canal in Newbury area
  3. Thanks: Sticking with football. On Boxing Day 1999, which Premier League team was the first in PL history to field a starting eleven with no British players?
  4. It was the Manchester City german goalkeeper Bert Trautmann in the FA Cup Final. Can't think of nickname though (unless Bert was his nickname instead of his real german first name)
  5. Thanks, going back to Rev Awdry, on which island would you find Thomas and his friends?
  6. Staying in Oxford, and sort of sticking with the geographical theme: which area of Oxford shares its name with a biblical city?
  7. I remember this from my long gone uni days....the same name is used for an area of Oxford - Mesopatomia
  8. Given the hint ref translation, and the fact that Niemand (German) translates to no one or 'Nobody ', I'm guessing they are Mister Men created by Roger Hargreaves
  9. Well remembered Inspector! That's a very quick Ding! - Over to you - I'm off to see the Purp.....
  10. Thanks. Total change of tack: Which film character had a valet called Kato?
  11. Whatever the nearest "Stan" to Siberia is, given that Siberia is not a country ?
  12. Not sure if the timing is right but I know my Grandfather was sent off overseas around the time of the Easter Uprising so I'll guess your Grandad was with mine in Ireland...
  13. DING! ... but you knew that of course ! ....what might have been..... :
  14. Now that I've googled, I see my error... oops. Anyway, happy to accept the Ding, and changing tack completely.... Who invented Cats Eyes?
  15. This was in a quiz I did a couple of weeks ago - I think the answer given was 38 so I'll go with that
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