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  1. Sounds very interesting, we will definitely try to attend.
  2. I fully agree that caches obviously not there and not being maintained is a great irritation. I just usually add these to my "Ignore list" and then in my pocket queries ignore them. Then I have a filter on "Caches not found at home" that ignores archived or temporary unavailable caches.... But still sometimes they slip past and you end up searching a while for something that isn't there only to later discover that it hasn't been there for a very long time[ ]
  3. A question? What is the difference between this powertrail and driving from Pretoria to Bloem doing 120 caches in a weekend? Aren't it also just chasing down a powertrail of a different kind? Most South African's that I know is very competitive in nature and therefor having one more smiley face on a map pleases the mind, so powertrail's are most probably comming and I think that some cachers would only do these[].
  4. Congrats: Wazat and Leon St on your 1000 finds. Hope you both will have many more great finds!
  5. I fully aggree with this sentiment. I've done a few caches this December in very isolated areas in our beautiful country, the purpose of doing these was definitely not about what type of cache I found rather it was about visiting the area and wanting to experience the joy of some other Geocacher placing a cache in the desolate area for some reason. I've experienced some incredible caches, I think the view from Augrabies - Arrarat (GC11J35) must be one of the best views I've seen . I also agree with the Trackables for these type of caches, dip the trackable here and let it move to a more popular area. As a trackable owner I would love to see the pics of these caches, but I don't think I would want a TB of mine to be stuck in a cache for 9 months or so...
  6. Hi all, Any place in the country would be great, as long as we know well in advance (and 1 to 2 years is definitely) where and when it would be. I think Madsons, and GerhardOos started a nice count down and if we all that do read the forums (even if it is only occasionally) start with the count down then we would quickly get an idea of how many actual persons might attend. I think it is a brilliant idea though!!! B and C Inc (2 active cachers and two children) now we only need 484 persons if at all possible we would really love to be part of it (arranging, attending, etc).
  7. The trouble is, I've found all the caches in Grahamstown on a previous visit... I guess I'll have to transfer my energy from finding caches to placing them. I'm sure iPajero won't mind. Ag nee man, just when I get to know cachers they move away:( Wurm sounds like a good new host, but if for any reason, my kids stay close by to almost all those caches and I could always assist... Sterkte!!!!
  8. Hi all, This will be our first one, but it sounds like lots of fun. We both love hiking in the hills, the only problem might be my work and not being available during this time, but for now count us in. Thanks RedGlobe for making us aware of this planned trip. Greetings from B and C Inc
  9. Madsons on your 500 finds , glad you're enjoying it.
  10. I really think this pick should win the photo of the month award.... This was taken in Bloemfontein when the Gautengers invaded it and found more than a 100 of oom Louwtjies caches.....
  11. Ok it took us while to get hold of the forum:), but at least we are in. I still have to discuss this with Corne, but we found a new TB in one of the recent caches, and was planning to let it start on its journey with the new caches that we are planning to release pretty soon. I think this race should be a more appropriate starting point so, we will most probably also enter one. Will hurry!!! ps. Bruce I think your site looks great!!! A great attempt for a first time web-site!!! Greetings Barry
  12. I think you're correct in thinking it, I got this from Wikipedia ""Leeu" and "Gamka" both mean "Lion", in Afrikaans and ǀXam respectively". So the town is infact "Leeu Leeu" or "Lion Lion"
  13. Thanks Worm, stats is not our target, seeing the brilliant places that we never knew exist, meeting new interesting people etc, etc has been a great ride I can only thank LeonSt for introducing us to this wonderfull hobby.
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