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  1. The Legend and Legend Cx are older units with a dated chipset. If you go for an eTrex, get one with an H in the name, which stands for high-sensitivity chipset. Do not get an older one.


    Amazon has the eTrex Venture HC for $120 today. Watch the price. Its been as low as $109 over the past few days. It is an excellent starter GPS.


    Thanks for the important tip Rick.


    We're up here in 'The Great White North', and I see the unit you speak of is $180 here at Amazon.ca (seems strange, especially considering our dollars are at par these days).


    I'll keep looking for this model; it is an easy one to use as well I gather Rich?


    Thanks again for the help and direction,


    John C

  2. If you do decide to go with that eTrex I have a serial to USB cable that I can send you for a few bucks. I had one but honestly I can't remember if I ever used it with my Macbook or not. I'm pretty sure I did with GPSbabel or something but I can't remember for sure lol.


    Thanks very kindly for the quick reply!


    So I gather there is something that switches Serial to USB then? That is good.


    What is 'GPSbabel'?


    Thanks again for your help and guidance!

  3. My 13 yr old daughter and I want to start Geocaching, and we're looking for an easy to use, beginner GPS unit in order to start up.


    There is a Garmin eTrex Legend on sale near by ($110), but it looks to have a serial cable instaed of a USB (I know these are old, discontinued Garmin units).


    We also are Mac people, so I'd need a unit that is compatable with Apple.


    Any suggestions?


    Also, is connectivity to a computer a requirement to start?


    We're anxious to get out and get started!


    Thanks in advance everyone!


    John C

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