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  1. Since i did not get an email announcing the last 2 new caches in my area, i'm starting to ask myself this same question.
  2. Regardless of whether they're "Family Friendly" or not, isn't leaving bullets in a cache against the rules? Besides, as someone stated, such things left in caches will not endear us to law enforcement or the general public.
  3. Unfortunately, the STATE is taking 2/3 of what Uncle Sam gave us. Wah, wah, wah, waaaahhhhh.
  4. Since i am fairly new, let me preface this by saying that IT IS MY UNDERSTANDING that you are required to SIGN the log. Anything extra is, of course, voluntary. But i, like you, prefer to save space in the physical log and wax poetic on the online logs.
  5. Cool! A few of my friends have suggested that i turn my geocaching license swag items into a coin ... so i am in the "i have the artwork" but "i lack the funding" category!
  6. i save trading descriptions for the online logs, as i am usually pressed for time to sign logs to avoid muggle detection and i am always anxious to get to the next cache.
  7. Perhaps the condom was intended to prevent the bullet from "going off"
  8. Can you say delusional? Geez ... what a lonely, pitiful little life. Note to those who are automatically assuming that this is a "she" due to the photo: This nutcase's wife could be holding the cache while he takes the photo.
  9. i just dunno, but it's my opinion that when rules give way to interpretation, speculation, and thoughts of what others might think, then the game suffers.
  10. Depressing or not, i play by the RULES ... and again, i may stand corrected on what the RULES state on DNFs. To heck with those whippesnappers!
  11. What goes on in the minds of other players is secondary to what the rules state - and again, i'm new so i may be offbase, but i read the rules to say that a trip to GZ, a reasonable search and no cache = DNF. i'm all for consideration, but i'm more about following the spirit of the rules of the game. My intentions are always going to have to yield to what the rules state. Wagonmaker, i totally agree about the "NM" logs, which is why i lean more towards a note stating that you made it to GZ and muggle activity thwarted your efforts - it lets the next cachers know what to expect and is VERY considerate. i hope your thanks for cheery, respectful replies wasn't sarcasm, and if i came across as crotchety and/or disrespectful, i offer my sincerest apologies.
  12. My only concern is WHAT DO THE RULES STATE and WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS of the game? My personal rationalizations should not usurp the rules of the game. If the point of a DNF is, indeed, to signal that something may be wrong with a cache as Wagonmaker stated is IN THE RULES, then i will follow that rule of thumb. i am relatively new, but my reading of the RULES led me to believe a "Needs Maintenance" log served that purpose. i understood a DNF meant "i went, i searched, and my own search - overtly disruptive muggle activity notwithstanding - left me empty handed.
  13. IMHO, any player "discouraged" by too many DNFs is playing for numbers, and not the joy of the hunt.
  14. i did not read this in the rules. Where does it state this? i may stand corrected on my stance, here.
  15. A DNF denotes you TRIED looking for it, while a note says "i stopped by and due to muggles, couldn't find it" It at least lets the owner know that there is activity happening at his/her cache. i see a huge difference between a DNF and a note. i DO log DNFs, but as i am new and a veteran pointed out, not finding the cache due to muggle activity is not really a DNF ... i couldn't perform a reasonable search. Again, IMHO, that is a big difference from looking and not finding. Agreed. In your opinion, no. In my opinion, yes. Or, "Hey i tried to do this thing but a muggle simply WOULD NOT LEAVE, and i didn't want to jeopardize the cache. i don't see where we disagree all that much!
  16. i have been asked to do some for other users, and i am thinking about offering that service. i'll let you know what i figure out. in the meantime, you can find some in normal-sized caches in the Houma/Thibodaux area.
  17. NICE! All rationalization and talk about cluttered logs, a visit to ground zero, a search and no cache = DNF. The idea of posting a NOTE about not making a find due to high muggle activity (which happened to us yesterday) is great idea. IMHO: Instead of NOT logging a DNF, a NOTE saying "did not find due to Mr. Nosey Muggle sitting on his fence sipping mint juleps" is very helpful, and it keeps the game honest. NOTES seem to be the solution here.
  18. This is the purest, logical approach IMHO - to some, however, it seems to be more about numbers and ratios. If i visit a cache, and can't find it because of a nosy muggle ... i state that in the log. Therefore, i am not discouraging anyone else from visiting the cache or making anyone think the cache has been muggled. It just discourages me to go to a cache, not find it (log the DNF) and then return (log THAT DNF) and then talk to a fellow cacher and hear them say "Yeah, i went there 4 times and didn't find it." ... but yet, i see NO log entries from this guy. AAARGGHH!
  19. We're from Houma, Louisiana and i did custom Geocaching Licenses. i did the design and then had them printed online. They're proving to be quite popular. Here's an image of the front and back:
  20. ohmerfam


    The phone number of your Friend!
  21. so we're paying for a service we're not receiving. i've missed TWO FTFs because of this.
  22. ohmerfam


    We have a WINNER!
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