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  1. i will always swear by blue "Dickies" work pants, a khaki Work shirt and carrying a clipboard. No one questions me.
  2. WOW, ok ... i don't know HOW i did that, i checked ALL of my saved waypoints from my trips to the cache area and i just can't seem to figure out where those coordinates came from. Of course, my having dyscalculia, it's no surprise i bungled the numbers. Note to self: let wife handle typing in coordinates from now on.
  3. i'm not sure how far, i just know the coordinates listed were incorrect. i have the original coordinates and the correct ones ... how do i figure out how far off i am? Sorry for all the confusion, this was our first cache and ... HOO BOY ... what a learning experience! Our second cache went off without a hitch.
  4. Ugh, double post ... even the boards aren't playing nice tonight!
  5. i, too, am having problems with this. i need to fix the coordinates on my first cache, and i can't seem to do it. Any help is appreciated!!!
  6. Desert_Trailblazers! Oh my! i read, and RE-READ your reply before posting my response the other day, and somehow i missed your intended message. i am SO sorry! For some reason, i misread your reply and understood that you too thought i should not have replied since it appeared i do not have any hides. A thousand apologies for misunderstanding you! After the rude reply in which someone edited my reply, i guess i was a bit muddled. Again, sorry and thanks for the email you sent!
  7. Rude is suggesting ANYONE needs to be smacked. Rude is NOT telling someone that THEIR cache is in need of maintenance. Immature is reacting like this jerk did. THIS is why i'm glad Geocaching is a solo sport. THIS is why i hate people. You did the right thing, Seeker. Ignore the troll.
  8. Fixed it for ya. i have three caches which are in review. Thanks Even if you hadn't hidden any, it seems like you've found enough to have an idea of what a good hide entails. Best of luck with your cache reviews My exact line of thinking. Hiding a cache after 10 or 20 finds would have ensured lame hides by my part.
  9. Thank you. And you don't have to have hidden any caches to know the difference between right from wrong. Yes, i DO have caches hidden and are in review. I, for one, decided to have at least 100 finds before hiding any caches to avoid making any rookie mistakes. Thanks for not looking down your nose at me. Oh, wait ... too late.
  10. Fixed it for ya. i have three caches which are in review. Thanks
  11. i would delete any logs who don't correspond with a signed log sheet or a photo to prove they found it. To visit a cache without any proof is not playing the game.
  12. Just remember, many, many geocachers consider it to be poor etiquette to post a log composed completely of abbreviated gobbledygook. Use these sparingly, and as a means to complement (not comprise) your log entries.
  13. It is quite disappointing to run across such caches, and i tend to ignore them. i have two caches out for review right now (my first two) and i have typed in a nice description and even came up with custom "logos" for each of them. My motto, if it looks like not much care went into it, it goes into my "ignore" list.
  14. You may not want to leave the tea lights as the heat may cause them to melt. I also avoid anything with a scent as not to attract critters. My son would LOVE to find that Mario patch, though!
  15. Unfortunately, as the sport grows in popularity, the more clueless and inconsiderate join our ranks. This is why i have little desire to purchase trackables. Groundspeak has succeeded in advertising our sport to the general public, and now we're seeing the result of it.
  16. This is a particular pet peeve of mine. One local cache is hidden in a cross on a roadside ... you don't know it until you've gotten there and searched ... and lo and behold, there are 3 or 4 photos of cachers kneeling next to the damned thing. THINK people! OK, i feel better now that's off my chest! heh
  17. Yes, i've seen that one. Cool how you can have your name engraved! Actually, my design evolved from a cacher named Renzo who has a blog dedicated to custom swag.
  18. i made "Geocaching Licenses" and had them printed on glossy card stock. Incidentally, this design is in production as a geocoin. Front and back are below:
  19. Wow ... people NEVER cease to amaze me.
  20. In regular sized caches, i trade my signature swag "Geocaching Licenses", and i leave some goodies for the kids.
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