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  1. Please let us know:


    1. What do you like most about challenge caches?

    True "challenge" caches encourage us to set a goal and then work to obtain it.....lets us enjoy the process of caching.


    2. What do you not like about challenge caches?

    They seem to have multiplied recently. These new "Challenges" seem more about : look what the C.O. has done versus here is a challenge for the community to achieve.


    3. What would you like to see changed about challenge caches?

    more defined guidelines..... qualification checking shouldn't necessitate access to another program/site i.e.: GSAK or an arduous process of searching caches for letters/words...etc


    4. If you could describe your favorite challenge cache type, what would it be?

    A challenge that is based on actual caching.....


    5. What types of challenge caches do you avoid?

    Those that require a long search through past found caches to find obscure words/letters etc....ugh!

  2. I am still encountering this issue....I used to be "signed-in" all the time and could quickly go to a newly published geocache under my caching name....now when I try to go to a new published page I am a "visitor" and must log in...why did this change? anyone experiencing the same?

  3. Having a new problem....when I get an e-mail alert from geocaching.com and click on the new cache/event title it takes me to the webpage as a "visitor". Even though I have the "remember me" option checked, every time It is ignored and I have to log in.....this never used to happen....seems to be a new issue. Is there a way the system can recognize me and not keep signing me in as a visitor....gets annoying when a lot of new alerts come across and I just want to quickly look where they are located....thanks

  4. Got our coin today...Florida...after reading through the forum it became clear that the small coin should be the one that is released...now can anyone clarify if as the previous note stated "should there be a theme metal in the picture"...seems the coords: lat & long also have to be visible ...anyone released one yet and know what to do for the picture qualifier?..thanks

  5. I upgraded to a 62 about a year ago...haven't had any problems until this weekend....did a software upgrade from garmin site...then magically my PQs were invisible...when unit attached to computer the PQ was there...but the unit wouldn't display...called Garmin and they totally put the problem off on Geocaching.com....finally he told me how to re-boot and the PQs were now visible...but a new problem developed.....if I go to a cache...then attempt to page on something else screen of GPS goes blank and shuts off.....I have tried re-re-booting, re-loaded upgrade, re-did PQ and still the same problem...any ideas why this is happening????

  6. I have been using "My Geocaching Profile" for more than a year....I just noticed on my public page the information is no longer showing just box with question mark....tried to update tonight and same issue...it is like this on my Mac but also on our Window based computer...so I am thinking this isn't related to my computers...anyone else having a problem?

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