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  1. I got a letter saying I was one of the 150 to hide a "box" for them. Also a caching buddy of mine got one too. I'll post more when I get my box. It will be hidden in the Jxn, MS area. Bone
  2. I'll post the GC number when it becomes active.. Bone1977
  3. Cache page is posted... Just waiting for Mtn-Man to approve. Roosevelt State Park conveniently located between Meridian and Jackson, Mississippi, offers an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities in a picturesque setting. The park's scenic overlook provides a panoramic view of the Bienville National Forest. The gently sloping landscape is particularly striking during the fall, when the forest is bright with autumn colors. The MSGA Summer Bash event is for all Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana cachers that want to join in on the fun July 29th from 12:00 PM until sunset. This event will be held at Roosevelt State Park, located off of Interstate 20 on MS-13 in Morton, MS. We will have a pavilion where we will have a barbeque pit and plenty of picnic tables to sit at to eat and visit with other cachers. There is a $3.00 per car fee to enter the park. The pavilion is paid for so no money is needed for that. We will be at pavilion #5, which is located near the park office and game room. Remember this is a Summer Bash, so dress with Mississippi weather in mind. There is swimming available after 1:30. ($2.00 for children under 12 and $4.00 for adults) If you would like to fish, there is a nice sized lake that is available to use at a cost of $5.00 per person over 13 years of age. (You must have a valid permit) Children under the age of 13 can fish at no cost. There are currently 2 caches located in the park, but I have plans of putting out a few more during June. Please post a note if you plan to come, along with what you are bringing. I plan on bringing 64 hamburger patties. The rest is up to you guys. Hope to see all of you there. -= Cache or Die Trying =- Bone1977
  4. How big is the ranch? About the size of a normal shoe box ; bone1977
  5. I have an idea for your coin.....Melt it down, cut it in to tiny pieces and sent it to the bidders... just my 2 cents and that's free... Bone1977
  6. Heck I'll give you $10 each plus $2 for shipping if you'll take it. I collect buffalos among otherthings. Things I collect: Dust, geocoins, buffalos, did i mention dust? Bone1977
  7. All coins gone Hopefully you will find one in a cache near you. Bone1977
  8. Just double checking to make sure you are sending me one each on our trade for I haven't received them yet. Thanks...Anthus Remind me what you sent as I have them listed by name no Goenick bone1977 never mind I'm an idiot.. yes I got your decoder coins. I just don't remember your name.. Okay yes I do you are Stacy. and yes I sent you one of each on Friday 4-21-06
  9. Just double checking to make sure you are sending me one each on our trade for I haven't received them yet. Thanks...Anthus Remind me what you sent as I have them listed by name no Goenick bone1977
  10. Update: 7 Gold coins left... and zero silver. The rest I guess if no one wants them are going in a new cache I'm working on.
  11. I am personally aquainted with Printr1, and I know for a fact he wouldn't scam anyone. Before you come on to a site and start spewing hate and half truths you should check your information. If this taste of truth bothers you, I'm sorry get some thicker skin. Bone1977
  12. For those of you who bought and or traded with me I shipped coins today. The post office said you should have them by Wednesday at the very latest. (This doesn't include the overseas shippments.) Thanks for all the interest and if you want any more I have a few left. I have: Silver: 4 Gold: 12 I'll sell them for $10 each no shipping charges, or if you want to offer up a trade make an offer with a picture of coin included. Thanks, Rocco Grisham (Bone1977)
  13. My Mississippi coin has the best numbers : MSJACx Jackson being the capital and all!! Bone1977
  14. Coins left. Edited 11:34PM Central Standard time Saturday April 15, 2006 Gold: 27 Silver: 12 Send you taxed by Midnight Monday, Bone1977
  15. I guess it would help if you guys knew how many coins I have left. Edited Gold: 30 Silver: 19 I'll update this page as people either trade or buy. Cache or Die Trying!! Bone1977
  16. Yes folks the coins will be shipping this coming week. Thanks again to all who purchased one. If you haven't gotten one yet I still have a few left. I have been in contact with a few of you over the past few days/weeks. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THEM ON EBAY IF THE SELLER IS USING THE GEOCOINSTORE PHOTOS OF THEM. If you do want to buy them from somewhere buy them from me for the original amount not the inflated Eplace amounts. (I saw one for $11 plus shipping... I have them for $10 shipping included.) And Yes I still have both metals. Happy Caching, Bone1977
  17. I'll be there. It is just a short hop, skip, and a jump from MS. I'll have what coins I have left after the current trades with me. Just look for the short bald guy wearing the Avatar on the left. Bone1977
  18. I'll be ording soon. (Don't get paid until end of month. ) As for my vote of color, it is an oil coin, so have a dyed black coin. Bone1977
  19. Got something for all of you who bought my coin. I decided I would have some merchandise made with the coin logo on it here is the link if you guys are interested. http://www.cafepress.com/codt Bone1977
  20. Hey email me and We will work a trade for a set sinve I do still have some. Bone1977
  21. I went through a company that will remain nameless unless you email me for it. They were really reasonable $25.00 for 20 wooden coins and after that $8.00 + shipping for each 10 there after. I use paint and a few other programs. I used paint for my recent Cache or Die Trying coin. Bone1977
  22. Would love to have it, but am probably undeserving. Would be willing to trade 2 of my new coins if you are interested. Bone1977
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