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  1. Congrats to PaHawkeye and BBB. Email sent for Christmas cheer!
  2. Dang. I just knew I was going to win this one!
  3. Go to your My Account page and click on Didn't Find It. You will have to count how many you have listed.
  4. Congratulations, icydove! It is BisonGirl. Send me your address, and I'll send you your coin. How did y'all figure that out?
  5. In keeping with the fun today, I have a 2005 Alabama geocoin for the first person to post what my oldest granddaughter's caching name is.
  6. Let me try again with the right number of syllables in the second line! Geocoins are the Most addictive things you see Put some on the tree
  7. You want a haiku On this Christmas Day You jest, I must say
  8. A clue? That would be great!
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