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  1. I'm interested in 2 silver and 5 bronze.
  2. Thanks to this thread, I've gone and bought Minnesota Cuke. We already had the game, but not the DVD. I haven't had time to find the Easter egg yet, but will get to it this week!
  3. you dreamed about Travel Bugs last night. (true)
  4. I've learned NOT to cache in my good work clothes.
  5. I've only been caching since Dec. 26, 2004, and my favorite caches are ammo boxes in the woods. I, too, enjoy the walks and/or hikes, but now that it is snake season in Alabama, I find I like micros or small caches better because there is less chance of encountering snakes, spiders, poison ivy. . . you get the picture. Another reason I like caches that don't take too long to find is because of time constraints from work. Now, just because a cache is a micro doesn't mean that for ME it will take less time because I am blind to most micros. I post many DNFs for micro caches that most cachers walk right up to and find instantly! Overall, I just like caching.
  6. No, the boots weren't dried near a fire or heat. To my knowledge we didn't abuse the boots. They weren't Sundowners. I know people who love those. I don't remember the name of the ones we had.
  7. I LOVE geocaching!! As others have said, it gets me off the couch, out hiking again, and spending time outside with my 6-year-old granddaughter, aka BisonGirl. Geocaching is fun, fun, fun! My husband has been out caching with us, too, but how will I justify traveling more than 50 miles just to geocache?
  8. My husband and I both had Vasque boots that cost $180 a pair. His soles peeled off from toe to heel; then, a few months later mine peeled off heel to toe while I was on a hike. When my husband contacted the company, he was told that was too bad, so I didn't bother when mine fell apart. All of that to say you don't always get what you pay for. I'm currently in the market for new boots, and am considering the Montrail Torre GTX. Does anyone have experience with these? I have a wide, high volume foot.
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