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  1. hillo,

    i've just read about the Cache In Trash Out events that are held and im am thinking of starting one on the norton county area. Two parks im intersted in aiding are the F. gilbert state forest in Foxborough and the Boarderland state park in Easton/sharon. at the moment im just bringing up the idea to see how many people would like to attend


    you can E-mail me at chris_of_tuba@hotmail.com

  2. thanks guys the info is really helping but i am still looking for a more sure way to get started (like a group or person i can go to) in my local area (lower eastern MA) also at the current moment i have nothing (supplys, equipment, books) so any way of helping me would make great segestions (ie where is a to shop for equipment that is used in good condition and CHEAP!) thanks for all the help



  3. chris here,

    im a 15 male in eastern Mass. i've been doing an awful lot of reading and research on the HAM radio, and have become very interested in learing more/getting some hands on experance. im very avid in use gps and have tried useing CB radio but it seems that it is out dated and hardly ever used or talked about. im looking for someone with much experance and knolege on the subject to help get me more involved




    christopher :rolleyes:

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