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  1. GCP86M , "No Jitters" is a few miles from my house but have not tried it as I am old and fat. It requires climbing gear and is a 5 star terrian. Come get it, nobody else will...hehehe
  2. The subject got stuck on snakes, but I was recently bitten by a spider at a cache. It surprised me because of the angle I was grabbing the cache box, I couldn't see the cocoon it had on the cache. Thought it was a bee at first. Thankfully it wasn't a poisonus spider.
  3. I have a CHP. So does she. Depends on the hood we're caching in whether we carry unsnapped or not. It's not a big deal. It's just faster than 911 and much more reliable when it's really needed. Avoided at all costs other than our lives. Such is a free country under the Constitution and 2nd Ammendment.
  4. I don't own a gun. The only time I handled a gun was in the military when I carried an M16. I don't think I would do that now. I have thought about carrying pepper spray though. I don't know if I would carry a shocker or anything like that. I do like the idea of carrying more protection than my walking stick and bug spray though. I also carry a shreiker distress whistle. That won't do me much good in the right kind of circumstances though. If I carried a gun, I'd shoot my big toe off. I'm sort of a Barney Fife. Not to desterous. Probably would shoot the wrong thing. Wow, that certianly doesn't sound like a former military man to me.... Sounds more like a liberal city dweller who knows nothing of the military. Or perhaps they just had a desk job and barely made it through basic training???
  5. I say it's best to treat others as you would wish to be treated. And if you need a good lesson, then treat another who needs a good lesson a lesson. And then if they feel as you do, they will treat you with a good lesson that you were needing. Perhaps then, you will be even, in which case you can just go back to zero and enjoy geocaching. Then you should treat others as you would wish to be treated. And let the first without crappy caches cast the first stone. And that goes for travel bugs too.
  6. If you find a sig item you like in any cache, grab it, it's yours! But it's always nice if you have something of equal value to leave in return. It's a "luck of the draw" sort of thing, I think. Here's some we've made out of the skulpy clay and little frogs. Just an accident that I went with and made it a sig item which no two will be alike. I recently placed several of them in caches around an upcoming event. I've experimented with both the skulpy glaze and the plasticote clear spray, and it seems to me that the glaze is less messy and leaves a better gloss on the clay. I suggest that if you've ever wanted to try making your own sig coin or item, spend a few bucks and mess around with this skulpy clay and see what you might accidently come up with. It's a great way to spend a stormy day!
  7. I use a Tungsten E2 with CacheMate and I find it very easy to use (with GSAK on my pc). They are a nice unit and you can also store music in there, pictures, Ebooks, pretty cool little units. If you want to go cheapest and have a palm dedicated to cacheing, I'm sure there are cheaper units that will work just fine. We got one that would hold a bit more memory and have a few more functions, just in case we wanted to use them. Cheers!
  8. HEy who's adding this up anyway? I want to know the average age eventually.... I'm 51, wife 29. This may skew the results just a bit....
  9. You might try Amazon.com, we just bought City Navigator through them for $110, free shipping, and if you sign up for their credit card and use it on the purchase, they take $30 off your first bill. Check into it, it's the best deal I've found so I jumped on it. Good Luck!
  10. We usually leave a small plastic frog with "Muddy Frogs" penned on the belly. But when I'm feeling creative, I whip up some of these specialtys that I place in caches when it feels right. I've had a couple complements on the first batch, so I made some more for this summer. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v469/Dug...nt=af88bd11.pbw I just embed the plastic frog in Skulpey clay and bake it.
  11. We've lost two geocoins, and found one of them. It had somehow slipped between the car seat and into the plastic boot at the base of the seatbelt buckle. We searched everywhere for that thing for a couple months before the wife found it there where she'd lost it. Until then, it had to be my fault it was missing. Lately we've been searching for a geocoin given to us by a friend, and that one probably is my fault. It'll turn up eventually.
  12. Just went through the same thing for about an hour last night. Wish I'd have read this first! But I figured it out finally and just grabbed the TB. Good luck!
  13. Sometimes it's really nice to have a walking stick with you to poke, prod, turn over things, hold aside bushes, and move snakes with. They can really help find a cache that's deep in the briars.
  14. Well, there ya go. A geocacher's headstone. A memorial marker cache. I've been to a few cemetaries to find caches at gravesites hidden in the flower vase holder, etc... But how about a dearly departed geocacher having a nice bronze memorial marker that opens up to reveal a "cache" underneath? Yeah, that'll get people to visit. Not too sure how a memorial garden proper would view such a marker, but it might be something they would'nt bat an eye at. I know there are some geocachers who would surely think this a fitting use for their gravesite... Plus it's much easier to find a grave via GPS waypoint than their dang maps...
  15. I first read about GeoCaching in a gold prospecting website, then from a guy at work who told me there were a couple of them near our new house. Then while exploring an old cemetary near our home, we accidentally found a micro in a film cannister. I signed up on geocaching.com and got the weekly notices for months before I ever got our first GPSer on sale, a Magellan 100. Then it was months before I talked my wife into trying to look for a cache. Then just before we did that, we mentioned it to my wife's brother, who just happened to be a pretty experienced paperless geocacher already! He took us out caching in our neighborhood and beyond, and our life has been changed ever since. We just hit 500, as has our mentor. It's been a quick year of caching. We hope to get more into hiding some good ones this year. We have 11 hides out there now.
  16. I, too, was a little surprised to read such a bad review of the Garmin unit. We use a pair of Garmin Rino 120's and they work pretty well if there's some sky showing above. They're also really nice radios and we use them when float tube fishing on the lake and want to talk from a distance. Easy to download maps and coords into, and although there's alot of features to learn, the basics are pretty quick to pick up. We plan to use them for a long time to come. Our first unit was a Magellan 100, and it was no fun to poke coords into that thing, but it worked fine and is our backup unit now.
  17. We started out with an eXplorist 100 which is now our backup unit, and recently started using 2 Rino 120's. Wanted something to download into, and the radio function which comes in handy while hunting or fishing. Having a blast with our GPSr's and new hobby!
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