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  1. I have had to pull up the pages on the net to view them, but I wondered if they can be viewed on the desktop from the .gpx queries like on my Axim
  2. I see them all over in caches, but I don't see them for sale. There has to be some place that sells a case of a billion or so for 20 bucks, no?
  3. does the Oziexplorere show the waypoints that are generated on the desktop? or do you export them straight from GSAK to the PPC? I have NG, and I like how it works on the PC, but the caches arent transferred with the map when you export to PPC.
  4. my point; geocachers have traditionally looked for ammo cans as cache containers, right? is it a good idea for geocachers to start becoming accostumed to looking in electrical boxes, light switches, cable boxes, telephone boxes, etc, etc? sure, people are marking these "new" trendsets as geocaches...but how soon before someone thinks it's cute or clever to NOT mark, and then THAT becomes the new trend....and then seekers that have become traditioned to looking in these "new" kinds of containers just start checking those containers at caches that aren't in just two short months, I have learned (been taught) to look inside fence posts....... no problem do we want to be taught to look inside places that maybe we shouldn't? am I trying TOO hard to foresee problems? (maybe I am TOO old and worrysome)
  5. thanks the way you say it, it must be something simple to do right now I have NO clue what it means to make a macro, but I will read the help file
  6. thanks, I am liking it more and more for .gpx, I found the easy shortcut; Ctrl + G and the arc filter......WOW...can't wait to get proficient with that, for trips seems pretty straight-forward
  7. well, it is becoming easier and more familiar the more I 'play' with it something I would like to figure out a simple way of accomplishing; saving data compiled in a database to a .gpx file for backup (just in case) when I write reports using WORD, I "save" at almost every paragraph, cuz I hate losing work when something goes awry.....all it takes is a simple click on a button
  8. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=91429 I had a problem that NG tech helped me solve easily. Maybe the directories might have something to do with your issue, too?
  9. Any facsimile of an object that could be dangerous to tamper with, should NOT be for geocaching, IMHO. To me this seems like opening a door for a bad trend.
  10. us beginners haven't yet figured out the filtering protocol this seems to be a very complicated program my first reaction is to filter at the query, and then have just THAT data.......but from reading some posts, I get the impression that with GSAK, gather ALL data into the tool, and then start the work of filtering lots of reading to do
  11. and you assume that because a person geocaches, they also automatically know the differences in electrical boxes???? people that place caches should have the insight to see the perspectives of ALL persons out looking, NOT just their own
  12. I guess I am the only selfish person to admit that I paid for premium because of what I get out of it; pq's, .gpx files. And I think the cost is a bargain, compared to the NG Topo I bought, and the upgrades.
  13. I called NG, and DUHHH........lol......the newer version puts the data in a new directory; C:/ProgramFiles/Topo/Topo_Data the old version is C:/Topo/Topo_Data I don't even remember that change when I loaded it on my desktop. My blunder. Thanks for the responses, folks.
  14. right good timing LOL the week that IGNORE is added
  15. On my laptop, I loaded the cds into the hard drive Topo data file, and it worked great. Then I upgraded to the 4.0 that has the 3d feature. Now it asks for the cd when I zoom past the 3rd level. I tried reloading the cds in, that didn't help. I uninstalled the 4.0, and the first version still works fine. On my desktop PC, I have upgraded to 4.0, and it works fine. I am so vexed.
  16. lmao, I thought the exact same thing yeah, skin seems to be the theme for these shows now
  17. arrrghhhhh yesterday I used the ignore feature on the temporarily disabled caches that plague my closest cache list, and it worked to clear them off......now today they are showing again
  18. this is the part that throws me when I open a new file of data, I want to work with just THAT data, not it plus whatever else is open
  19. I just barely started using GSAK I struggle with the patterns, that differ from typical windows methods. In other programs, you open a file, then name it with "save as". So far with this, it seems I have to create a "new" database, name it, then open files to polulate it. I must be missing something. When I tried opening a file first, it added it to whatever database was already seen last. When I asked about "label", I meant the name of the database.
  20. up until this feature, how have you all handled all the archived and inactive caches that show up on "Search for nearest caches from your home coordinates (filter out finds)"?
  21. Or just drag the gpx (or zip) file over the GSAK and release the mouse button. how do you attach the label for THAT database when you do it that way?
  22. 8 people have looked here and NOT responded?????? I just barely loaded GSAK. And I also have a Legend. On the GSAK toolbar, there is a "GPS" button. Click there, and select "Send Waypoints". If you havent yet set the Legend, then hit "Setup" and set it to Garmin and Com1(if that is where you have the serial connected). You didn't say if you already had waypoints listed in GSAK...... if not, the way I have learned, is to select Waypoints, then New, then use the open file button to find the .gpx file
  23. We have ALWAYS been at war with Oceania.......errr, wait, sorry nevermind
  24. it sounds like a great adventure, one worth taking Why does anyone need geocaching.com to support the trip with a "find"? Nothing was hidden to be found, you were given directions to a cool place to see. Is that geocaching?
  25. it was very simple; "people hide stuff up in the hills, and you use the GPS to go find it" that sounded pretty fun So when I bought a GPS to have for hiking and backpacking, I decided to try out this geocaching stuff to learn how to use the GPS. I came to this site, loaded some single cache entries, loaded the coords manually into the GPS, and we went "up in the hills" and found some caches. We liked that. Within a couple weeks of that, I had the knowledge from this forum to load caches straight to the GPS, and had lists, and maps, and software. Then I went about finding all the caches near my home. I soon discovered Virtuals.........and to be honest, my gut response was "WTF?". So I do them, but it is about clearing them off my list of caches in my area. I know 'to each their own'. I am simply sharing my honest feelings about the experience. If they continue, no big deal, I will keep clearing them off with finds and emails. If they are eliminated, no big deal, but I will breathe a minuscule hurrah.
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