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  1. I have read lots of your posts........ for some reason, that song from Sesame Street......"one of these things is not like the other" is in my head right now
  2. yeah, stop warring, and LEGALIZE we already have a nation on alcohol (which is also a mind altering substance), and caffeine, and prozac, and lithium, and adderol, and welbutrin, and lortab what's the deal with people telling others which drug is "ok" for them, while they are HIGH in their own way we should stop wasting money on the war on drugs, and spend it on abuse prevention use is fine, abuse is the problem and abuse isn't just about cocaine and heroin and meth
  3. this thread isn't even worth responding to, or worth typing anything in errrrrrrr (the irony) How many posts have been made that 'it doesn't matter', or 'why do YOU care?'???? It it didn't matter, or if the poster didn't care about it, then why the hell are they even posting in it? If YOU don't care, or it doesn't matter to you....then move right along.....no one really cares enough about your NON-caring to need to see you post it. Let the ones interested in this topic, have the topic, without the self-appointed moderators opining on their disinterest of the thread. There are plenty of other threads to build post counts in.
  4. In that spirit, didn't the firefighter team do it sans outside support? I might be confusing them with someone else, but I'd say they still hold the record of the most finds in 24 hours sans support crew. I really do think there is a major distinction between the two. yeah my only skeptical comment....... if 3 or 4 or 5,6,7 people jump out and look for a cache, and ONE finds it, and ONE signs the logbook.........all get credit for "finding" the cache? I, personally, would never feel right about logging a cache that way. Regardless, congrats to those of you who put out a huge effort in an undertaking like this, it is pretty incredible what you pulled off.
  5. I wasn't, but yours is a good point. He admits they couldn't place legitimate GC caches. Yet they have logs for 'finds' at GC.com. To me, that is NOT "playing by the rules". Yes, my numbers mean something. They are connected to me. When I look at my nickname, there are numbers that represent what I have done in this arena. That is a reflection on ME. And I care that what is represented is accurate and honest. And I care about how others do it, too. Cuz I am a social being living in a society of other social beings that affect each other's experiences in this social world.
  6. yet you found a way to log finds for 'caches' that aren't allowed where you DID log them uh huh
  7. LOL, you're funny.......but..... When I said "play by the (GC)rules", I was using a saying that has long been understood by most people to mean; playing fair, doing things the 'right' way, being straight. Maybe you took it literally, and then I'm sorry we had a miscommunication. Or, maybe you didn't.............you know which, and whether you are playing games with me or not. It seems to me that you are. One thing that many people dislike about these forums, is all the armchair lawyers with their so-called 'logic'. I am in court every week, and I laugh (and cry) to myself at all the distortion of truth that flies, because of legal banter and discourse that has been allowed to supercede truth.
  8. I'd hate to think I've been playing against the (GC)rules in any way, could you please post a link to these rules for how to log your cache finds? playing the idiot doesn't strengthen your stance YOU know that the numbers either accurately reflect what was accomplished, or they don't. games, games, games it's not THAT hard to be straight and honest, be it logging caches, or in how you communicate on these forums
  9. I can't say the same..... I look at briansnat's post, and applaud him, and would love to cache with people of his type. Then I read posts from people in other threads that show a lack of the same character and integrity. Why would I choose to spend valuable time with them, when there are plenty like Brian around? I still struggle with a cache I found months ago that some non-cacher (I assume)had put heavy cable ties around the latch, and I didn't have anything with me to cut them. I posted a note on the cache page, and the next cacher verified the cable ties, and took something to cut them. I then logged it as a find when they validated my note. I never failed at anything that was part of the cache, I just couldn;t open the ammo can to sign the logbook. But I'll probably go back sometime, just to set my mind at ease about it.
  10. you're trying to legitimize something you did in a back-handed way those who play by the (GC)rules and do things on the up-and-up don't have to do all this explaining
  11. My numbers are important to me, and I've gotten them the old fashioned way - one at a time. People who log 100 event cache finds aren't playing a "different game", or "the same game a different way" - they're playing the same game as I am and cheating at it. I really respect this directness. People are fooling themselves with all their justifications. We all know what is RIGHT. WH....you go on about 'how does it hurt you' and such....well, it DOES hurt me to see people act in certain ways. Maybe it doesn't to you. If not, then why are you even engaged in a social forum such as this?
  12. disclaimer: I only read a little over half the posts..... to me it is about integrity: seems like people have found a way to 'beat the system' honesty and integrity are the most important values to me, but as many have posted; "to each their own" GC has guidelines.......why? some say "who cares?" I'm proud to be one who cares.
  13. Look at the File>Load GPX/LOC dialog box, under "Data Based Update Options", to see if you've checked "Existing Only". If so, change this to "Always" and see what happens. that did it thank you very much I wonder why it would have changed, though
  14. suddenly last week I can;t get new caches to show up I have loaded new pocket queries, and also downloaded new individual caches....it will show Total Waypoints Processed: 1, ...Added: 0, ... Updated: 0, and then the new cache is not showing. I made a .gpx file of all my data, then uninstalled GSAK, reinstalled....still not updating new data. (yes, I have the latest version) I burned my latest downloaded queries to a cd, and ran them on my laptop, and the GSAK shows them perfectly on there.
  15. I placed Moosical Cachairs, and Game Me, Baby here in Northern Utah, and have found that most people cache the same way I do........show up and find out AFTER what the theme is. LOL I left a pretty decent PC Game; Battlefield Vietnam, and it still hasn't been picked up.
  16. sorry they are 2300, not 2500......I goofed http://www.batteryspace.com/index.asp?Page...PROD&ProdID=245 I'm still loving them
  17. positively: TV computer games negatively: socializing with non-geeks dating fly-fishing mountain biking racquetball hmmmmmm maybe it's time to rethink this addictive hobby
  18. exactly, bro as it is, I don't even use it
  19. the directory on 4.0 changes to c:/program files/topo that is important if you want to download the cd files to the hard drive the tracking from my Legend works great on my laptop, via an adaptor from serial to USB
  20. a few points come to mind on this issue: 1. Why was this bill introduced in the first place? Is it about anti-geocaching? Is it a conspiracy? Are they all out to get us? Or, maybe there is a legitimate concern about some harm that is actually being done by some geocaching in certain locations? 2. Has anyone else ever noticed a "trail" that goes directly to caches, where a trail wouldn't exist without there having been placed a geocache? 3. Are there people who don't geocache that MIGHT be bothered be the effects of our activity, and do they have their own viewpoint and perspective? My feelings are that we should first try to understand the OTHER side before taking up a battle for OUR side, and then secondly, maybe we should do a better job of governing ourselves regarding the impact of our placements, so that others don't feel the need to step in. Lastly, I AM against laws/regulations that further infringe upon our freedoms. We have too many already.
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