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  1. :o well... let's see...


    BIONICO is the Spanish word for BIONIC.. I'm Spanish-English Bilingual, so there.. ;)


    BIONIC: Having anatomical structures (my eyes) or physiological processes (my vision) that are replaced or enhanced by electronic or mechanical components (my glasses).


    I wear glasses... that makes me bionic.


    And the Soccer Ball... well, like the legend says: "I Speak Soccer, The Universal Language"

  2. According to the United States Naval Observatory website at http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/gps.html "The current GPS constellation consists of 30 Block II/IIA/IIR satellites. All the Block I's have been decommissioned.


    Another page in their website, at ftp://tycho.usno.navy.mil/pub/gps/gpsb2.txt , they describe the different types of GPS "birds" and if gives you a history of EACH GPS "bird" ever launched (or almost-launched, one didn't make it).


    You can even go to http://science.nasa.gov/Realtime/JTrack/3D/JTrack3D.html (over at NASA) and scroll to see the current positions of the GPS "birds". On the menu of the 3-D image go to "Satellite" and click on "Select" then, on the pull-down menu labeled "Types" choose "Navigation". When the menu resets itself, pull-down the menu under "Navigation" and find the satellites labeled (obviously) GPS BIIsomething.

  3. I'm a Technician Class Ham, circa February 2004.


    I passed the General Theory in September but I lost my CSCE during my move the following month (d'oh).


    I' waiting to get the Morse Code down cold (only 8 more characters to go) to take both tests.

  4. Christopher:


    I've been a Ham for only a year... and the single, biggest piece of advice that I can provide is: join an Amateur Radio Club.


    At times I've felt like Amateur Radio is not for me because this-or-that makes no sense to me... then I open my mouth to talk and my fellow hams always come through with advice, encouragement, patience, some giving-me-a-hard-time when I ask those it-should-be-obvious-but-I-still-don't-get-it questions... but, more importantly, they've welcome me as one of their own.


    Like JROHDE said earlier, go to http://www.arrl.org and look up your local Amateur Radio Clubs... then find one that looks interesting and attend a couple of their meetings. You won't regret it.


    73 DE Alvin/N7SPY

    (Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club, Phoenix, AZ)

  5. Now here's a concept:


    Leave a note in the Cache telling people that, when they get to the Cache, they should call you... and that your number is (212) 867-5309 ;)


    (hey, I like that Idea.. I just might incorporate it when I create MY first cache ;) )

  6. Competition for GeoCaching.com?? Not at THIS rate: all that you can get is to the main website... else, there's NOTHING there.


    Besides, according to the December issue of Today's Cacher, there already IS EarthCaching going on.... and it's being "... developed closely with Groundspeak Inc., the home of geocaching.com, Earthcaches are a partnership between the geocaching community, the Geological Society of America, and many other partners including Subaru America." (from the article).


    So what's the novelty of eartcaching.com anyway???


    Read the whole article at http://www.todayscacher.com/2004/dec/caches.asp


    And find EarthCaches at http://www.earthcache.org/


    This is an awesome idea. I have a good mind to find a few locations in Arizona to nominate as EarthCaches.

  7. Hello, fellow resident of Phoenix here.


    I must add my two cents worth because I see this way too often: people who think that the City Parks in their neighborhoods belong to THEM not to EVERYONE.


    First things first: this woman is not a lawyer. I happen to know that every attorney in that law firm is a man. If she works there she's a secretary... heck, she could've been the person who answered the phone when you called the law firm.


    I'm almost certain that she's not one of the paralegals: the paralegals in that law firm demonstrate a level of class (they're too good to lower themselves to this woman's level), intelligence (ANY Paralegal licensed in Phoenix knows that the Phoenix Mountains Preserve is Public Land) and productivity (even if they had the inclination, they're too busy to lower themselves to the level of this woman). This woman lacks the class, the intelligence, and the productivity of a paralegal.


    She's probably a legal secretary who went into a law firm thinking that it would be glamorous.. only to find that she's there to take orders from both the attorneys AND the Paralegal AND almost everyone else in that law firm... so she has to vent her frustration on someone she perceives as being "inferior".. namely, GeoCachers.


    But you know what?? We're much better than she will even be even if she gets to live forever.. so, if she wants to keep removing Caches.. I say that we face her GeoCacher-style:




    Let's get a few people to decend to the Preserve and CITO. Let's make it very public: call the Media, get the Bright Yellow Official CITO Bags, make our GPSr's obvious, wear GeoCaching Gear... heck, call Parks and Recreation (they run the show at the Preserve, they're cool) and tell them that we want to stage a Cleanup in the Preserve... not so they give us permission but so we get appreciation from the City.


    And this woman who is causing all of this trouble? She'll have to sit in her house and be quiet and do nothing... or she can call the Police and tell them that there are a lot of trespassers on the Preserve... we'll see how THAT goes.

  8. -- --- .-. ... . -....- -.-. --- -.. . -....- --. ..- -.--


    .-- . .-.. -.-. --- -- . / - --- / --. . --- -.-. .- -.-. .... .. -. --.


    Edit: Sorry, but with that handle, I couldn't resist.

    If I might be so bold as to correct you:


    You never use -....- (the Space) when writing Morse Code. <_< same with the "/"


    You just put an extra space.


    (one of my other hats says -. --... ... .--. -.-- )

  9. Neosporin and band aids.

    Oh for the people who have bad luck and fall off before trying again? I see! Good one! :(

    Along these lines: Hand Sanitizer (little bottles are $1 or less) or Baby/Wet Wipes.


    Oh.. if you know of a place where they still have those Individual Sanitizing Wipes they used to have at KFC (they don't have them anymore ;):(<_< ) put a couple there.


    Now... for humor:


    -> a bunch of plastic nuts (need I say more?) not real ones because no food's allowed on Caches

    -> take a picture of the BOTTOM and write "Wish you were here" (or would that be cruel?)

    -> a camera so they take their picture... and leave a S.A.S.E. so it's sent to you after it's full (unless you want to go up there and get it)

    -> the phone number for the local Mountain Rescue (NOT 911!!)


    Ohhhh... here's one: a mirror so they can send mirror signals to down below.

  10. I used a set of NiMH's with my Garmin Geko after the Alkalines died (I wanted to see what lasted longer) and, surprinsingly, the alkalines lasted longer <_<


    Maybe it's me...


    On the subject of chargers (rapid or otherwise): make sure that the one you get has a charger circuit so it shuts itself down when the batteries are indeed fully charged, not when "the charging time is up". This is what causes them to get hot so quickly.


    IMHO a Rapid Charger it's not worth the investment so long as you have two sets of batteries and remember to leave one charging while the other one is being used... but that's just me.

  11. Also remember: the GPSr is only accurate to about 3-10 feet of your current location (depending on the unit and the Unit's reception).

    Uh, oh. If you really meant feet instead of meters, you are in for some unsuccessful and disappointing searches. Besides that, 10 to 30 meters is not a typical range of "accuracy" of a GPSr; It's a typical range of EPE, a very different animal that can easily double the size of the search area.


    Don't forget also that you are searching for an object that, subject to the same uncertainty, was placed some unknown distance and direction from the true location of the published coordinates.


    edit: typo

    Eeep!! :(


    I meant meters.. oopsie!!! ;)<_<


    What's EPE and how is it different from accuracy???

  12. PCASSEL:




    I'm also new to GeoCaching and I know all about not finding a Cache and I've also thought about giving up... but I want to share with you and the group what happened to me on New Year's Day.


    The 'mission' was to find 6 GeoCaches of various sizes that were located within a 4-square-mile area.. a City Park, in fact. I don't have a car so I rely on Mass Transit. Therefore, I had about 4 hours to find them all before having to head home. Simple plan, right?


    So I get to the area. The park is within a neighborhood that I've never been before and I'm just following the GPSr to the WayPoint (Cache #1).. turning and walking and turning and walking... and I find where Cache #1. Then my bad luck strikes.


    My older Palm handheld computer (which I had configured for paperless GeoCaching, thanks GeoCaching U!!!) quit on me while searching Cache #1. And I mean quit: not running out of batteries (I had extras to exchange), just go kaput. Couldn't get the thing to work, lost all my data, the whole enchilada.


    With no paper backup, how do I know what I'm looking for??? So I decide to walk around to at least get a feeling for the location. Lovely Park... so I hang out here for a while while searching for the general location of the remaining 5 Caches.


    Then it's time to go home.. but remember, I've never been to this neighborhood so I start looking around trying to get my bearings... Holy Guacamole With Cream Cheese, Batman, how do I get to my Bus Stop?? Do I go like Dorothy and say: "There's No Place Like Home"... which wouldn't work because a) I had hiking boots on, :D they're not even red, and c) a grown man chanting "There's No Place Like Home" would have drawn quite a few :) ... okay, bad idea.


    I remember my trusty GPSr.. and, more importantly, that this thing has a TrackBack Feature. Since I started my Track Log back at the Bus Stop two hours ago, I've been leaving a perfectly good "path of bread crumbs" all afternoon. Oh Happiness!!! Oh Joy!!! (Oh brother, the drama :blink: ) So I activated the TrackBack and I found my way to the Bus Stop... just in time to take my Bus Home. YAY!!!!! :)


    And what's the Morale of this story???


    #1: Some days we all suck at GeoCaching


    #2: Some days it feels like we're going to use up our "Bad GeoCaching Days Allowance" :D


    #3: You can ALWAYS learn something when you go out GeoCaching... in my case, how the TracBack Feature on my GPSr works.. and to have the clue on paper just in case.


    Also remember: the GPSr is only accurate to about 3-10 feet of your current location (depending on the unit and the Unit's reception). That means that, once you find the coordinates, you need to search in an area of about 28-300+ square feet.. yes, that can be a lot of room to cover. And part of GeoCaching is to find where in the general area where the GPSr indicates a Cache might be... that's also part of the fun: realizing the many, creative ways people can hide things... often in plain sight.

  13. I'm getting mine on Christmas Morning!!!!  :unsure:


    Can't wait until Sunday to use it (family duties tomorrow prevent me from much playing with it  :D )



    I'm not getting it until Tuesday... TUESDAY!!!!! BUUAAAA!!!!!!! :huh:


    (I KNEW that I should've ordered it yesterday...)


    Oh well, got lots of free time by New Year's.. so I'll be caching them :D

    WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blink:


    I got my GPSr today!!!!!!!!!!! :)


    (doing the "I Got My GPSr Today" Dance)


    I've already got 40 waypoints in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Can't wait until tomorrow and go caching before work and during lunch :D (it's too late for me to go today, d'oh)

  14. I'm getting mine on Christmas Morning!!!! :P


    Can't wait until Sunday to use it (family duties tomorrow prevent me from much playing with it :P )



    I'm not getting it until Tuesday... TUESDAY!!!!! BUUAAAA!!!!!!! :P


    (I KNEW that I should've ordered it yesterday...)


    Oh well, got lots of free time by New Year's.. so I'll be caching them :D

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