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  1. dakich, did you notice the brand on the background of the images? The company that produces the coins can be reached at www.geoswag.com or (from that website) support@geoswag.com. They are probably the only ones that can answer your question.


    My guess is that the Bulgarian flag would be quite easy for them to produce. If I am not mistaken, the three stripes in the flag have the same dimensions/ratios as many other flags, i.e. Germany. This means that they would not haveto make a separate cast/mold (not sure I'm using the right term). They would only need to use different enamel colours. Depending on how many coins you'd like to get, they MIGHT be willing to make some Bulgarian micro coins, even if you are the first person to ask for it.


    Good luck!


    Thnx mamoreb, I`ve already checked that site and going to send a mail

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