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    I'd also prefer not to have to slide the time bar to see the complete set of caches in a GPX file. Which Google Earth option you can set to change the default behavior? Thanks.

    View --> show time ---> never - after you open a GPX - it will remember


    Thanks, StarBrand! That worked like a charm. :)

  2. The time tags work as designed; you can move the slider to see what caches were placed when.


    Widen the slider to include the range of time and/or set the option in Earth that always does that for you during a load.


    I'd also prefer not to have to slide the time bar to see the complete set of caches in a GPX file. Which Google Earth option you can set to change the default behavior? Thanks.

  3. I didn't think the guidelines meant I should have to go to some specific webpage and download a program, applet, or some other thingy that I have no idea what it is, what it does, or how risky it is for my machine.


    I understand that concern, but you don't have to download a program any more than you would have to visit a physical cache location. If a cache makes you uncomfortable or afraid -- for physical or "virtual" reasons -- then back away and don't do it.


    Similarly, if a cache is broken in some way -- physical or "virtual" -- then the cache owner should fix it.


    As far as downloading software, I think a lot of puzzle-makers are worried about losing the ability to use programs and applets that are run inside browsers, but in ways that are technically impossible on the gc.com site. Here's an example, and here's another. (Run them if you dare! :cool: )


    [Edited for clarity]

  4. [...] The UK reviewers take a very practical view of the guidelines- it's a shame if not everyone takes the same approach.


    Pieman, I think that a lot of the confusion in this thread is related to your comment.


    Most reviewers (UK and elsewhere) do seem to be practical and flexible about external links in puzzle hides. However, once in a while we hear via the Forums that things have changed and that guidelines are being interpreted differently. That may simply be because a handful of reviewers are less flexible, but it's worrisome to everyone who creates puzzles. Hence this thread.


    To reviewers or higher-ups reading this: Is there, in fact, some new general guideline about external links that applies to all reviews of all puzzle caches in all locations? Or are the worries and problems expressed in this thread local ones?

  5. I would like to discuss puzzle caches, that conform to the new guidelines. As I read it, new puzzle caches will not be approved if cachers need to download software, or the actual puzzle is hosted on another website (non geocaching.com).



    Kit Fox, can you point us to the relevant guidelines? I haven't heard about this issue except in the Forums, so I wonder if it is a case where different local reviewers have different interpretations?


    On the broader question, I don't see much difference between a puzzle that uses an external web site (which might go down occasionally, disappear when the host goes out of business, etc.) and a physical hide that uses a specific location (which might get rezoned, relandscaped, burn up in forest fire, etc.) In both cases there is much that is out of geocaching.com's control, and in both cases it's the cache owner's responsibility to maintain the hide in find-able condition and to archive it otherwise. Why is it somehow a bigger deal for puzzles?

  6. [...]

    We posted this cache because of our divided loyalties - I have degrees from both universities and teach at UTK. I'm sure there are other such people in Geocache-land; I know a person with degrees from Bama who is teaching here, for example, and there are tons of graduate students who move to another university between degrees. This seems like it would be fun and at the same time promote our activity.


    I propose that we create a new type designation for these caches - Team Rivalry caches.


    So, what do you think?


    I don't think that this requires a new type of cache, but it's a very fun idea. I also have divided loyalties -- I grew up and remain a very big [ahem...] Gator fan and teach at [ahem...] FSU.


    I've seen two puzzles with college rivalry themes: one was very explicitly about which university was superior (University of Florida vs. Florida State), another was full of indirect references to recent Auburn-Alabama football results (Circles of Frustration).


    Have fun. Gators > Buckeyes !!!

  7. If I change it to the opposite directions I DO get on the other side of the world. I am near the Arctic Circle, they put me near the Antarctic Circle.


    Swapping E-W and N-S won't do it. It will get you pretty close if you start near a pole (your example), but it doesn't work at all elsewhere.


    For example, [N 1, W 1] to [s 1, E 1] are both off the West coast of Africa, about 200 miles apart. The farthest point from [N 1, W 1] is [s 1, E 179].

  8. If i were to change the "N" to an "S" and the "W" to an"E" would it be the coordinates of whats directly on the the otherside of the Earth...seems obvious but is it?


    Almost. Swap N and S, but then do this:

    • if you're at a W longitude, use E (180-your_longitude)
    • if you're at a E longitude, use W (180-your_longitude)

    For example, I'm in Northern Florida at approx. [N 30, W 84], so the point on the opposite side of the earth is in the Indian Ocean west of Australia, at [s 30, E (180-84) = E 96].


    Here's an article about it

  9. Isn't this easily achieved by using the new "Find Caches Along a Route" (premium members only) feature?


    You just load up a route (i.e. - I-5 from L.A. to S.F.), create a PQ and you're done! You can choose how far off the highway, type of cache, difficulty, terrain and even which attributes you desire (kid friendly, less than 30 min, etc....)


    Works for me! :tired:


    This won't always work, and I think that was the original point. 'Close to the interstate' doesn't mean 'easy to get to from the interstate'.


    Here in Tallahassee, I can immediately think of 5-6 caches that are within 1/4-mile of I-10, but which are inaccessible from the road. In fact, there are two that are intentionally misleading in that regard -- they're right next to interstate rest areas, but behind fences that require miles-long hikes.

  10. It would certainly be a great idea to include additional regional detail for viewing and searching listings -- in the UK and elsewhere.


    Out of curiosity, I looked at a quick, unscientific sample of caches in a few countries to see where there is subnational geographic information.


    It's by no means an exhaustive list, but here's what I found so far:


    Extra Detail (state, province, etc): US, Canada, Belgium, Australia


    No Extra Detail (country only): UK, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Mexico

  11. I think you made him cry when you said his website's functionality was "awful." The response was apropos to the tone of the post.


    I disagree. In my opinion (yours may differ...) using a public forum to mock a customer who doesn't like your product is inappropriate. I was shocked by the 'boo hoo' note, and I think it definitely crossed the line.

  12. I've been keeping our profile information in a page on my own webserver and included it on our gc.com profile page with an iframe, which has worked flawlessly so far. However, now I see that the iframe doesn't show up anymore - and it's not that it's not loading, the tag simply isn't in the HTML.


    Has this been changed by TPTB? If so, shouldn't there be an announcement somewhere?


    FWIW, I seem to be having the same problem with my profile, which has a javascript link that worked fine up until today.

  13. Geochecker is able to make allowances, the owner can opt for a "fuzzy" solution within acceptable limits


    Ximenes, I believe that geochecker is working properly on your Torquemada II puzzle, but not on Torquemada. You should double-check.


    I'm much more likely to use geochecker than I am to look for the Thai caches, so that's the urgent question for me -- is there a problem with geochecker?

  14. 1 correct PLUS 17 incorrect = 18. But it says only 14 visits? Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmm


    There might also be a rounding problem with the mismatch between the puzzle (which wants an answer in decimal degrees format DD.DDDDD) and the geochecker program (which only takes DD MM.MMM).


    I wonder if that's causing some of those 'wrong' answers? Double-hmmmmmmmm.

  15. I have actually done a real, legal geocache while on a cruise ship. The cache was not a moving cache or a locationless cache; it was a real, honest-to-goodness virtual cache with fixed coordinates. I was at the listed coordinates and gathered the required information while on the ship.


    So it is possible!



    Skagway Cliffs (GCG627), perhaps? :unsure:


    I found it 3 weeks ago, but I had to walk one ship length because we didn't have the prime parking spot.

  16. FWIW, I had the same gasket & button problem with my Etrex. Even though it was about 6 months past the warranty period, Garmin replaced it free of charge.


    I did have to ask twice. They initially said "Yes, for a fee". But when I said something like "Gee, I thought you might fix it free since this is a well-known manufacturing defect" and gave them a serial number, they agreed to a free repair. As it turned out, they simply replaced the unit.


    I recommend that you ask again, maybe with a serial number or (even better) a receipt. It can't hurt. Good luck.

  17. A puzzle cache would be a hunt where the first stage is not at the listed coordinates--you have to do something to discover the first stage coordinates.
    I read this and I originally agreed with it but as I thought about it and examined my hides, I'm not so sure.


    In these two caches:

    you must certainly visit the listed coordinates to solve the cache, but in my mind both are also puzzles, not multis.


    So I need a refinement to this definition and I don't know what that refinement is.




    Having recently DNF-ed NTP's 80 Feet of Waterline Nicely Making Way, I can guarantee that it's puzzling. :(


    More seriously, I'd suggest that 'Puzzle' is appropriate when there is any stage that requires the seeker to deduce, rather than simply read, a location.

  18. I keep a bookmark list for FTF's, but I don't consider it "gloating" I only have 6, thats nothing.


    I did notice it shows on cache pages, but how do you make it show on you profile's bookmark's tab without showing it on the cache pages also? I just want it in my profile, that is all, but right now it is on the cache pages as well.



    Airmapper, you can 'share' a bookmark list without making it 'public'. The 'public' option is what makes it show up on others' cache pages. Go to Manage Bookmarks, then select Edit for the list in question, then uncheck the box next to Make this list public.


    I hope I described that correctly, but the main point is... if you turn the 'public' option off then it will no longer show up on cache pages.

  19. [...]


    As far as list of your FTFs, I see nothing wrong with. If someone gets their panties in a wad just because you got there first, they need some help. Also, "It's not bragging if you can back it up".


    I don't see anything wrong with seeking FTFs, or with keeping a list of them that others can view. I do both.


    But I think it's inappropriate to do this via a public bookmark list.


    Using a public list, rather than a shared, nonpublic list or something posted in your profile, forces your personal list of accomplishments to appear very prominently on large numbers of pages that belong to other cachers.


    I think that's what people are objecting to, and I think they're right. Folks go to cache pages to learn about hides, not about me.


    Bragging about FTFs is fine :laughing: , but in my opinion it belongs in 'Found It' logs and personal profiles.

  20. [...]

    I was told that 'off site' is the problem.


    Your local approver rejected a puzzle cache because it's partially off-site? If so, that's not a universal policy.


    I've seen dozens, maybe even hundreds, of puzzle caches with graphics, executables, etc. that are hosted somewhere else and linked from the cache page.

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