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  1. Congratulations to all! should be an outstanding organization.
  2. Way to go, Kevin! Many more! Or, in the words of a famous person, "Egg Salad Ant! (Excellent)! klizich "wherever you go, there you'll be!"
  3. Congratulations! But keep in mind what happened to Adam and Eve when the snake got involved! (At least the snake wasn't in the actual proposal...and hopefully not in the ceremony, besides I don't think tuxedo makers have a tux for a snake!) Best wishes again. Klizich
  4. How about a question-answer format: First side: Why does NJ have all the toxic waste sites and NYC have all the lawyers? Second Side: Because NJ had first choice! Put me in for a few geocoins if they are minted. klizich
  5. klizich

    Lyme Sux

    About 4 years ago (before I discovered geocaching) I still "tromped" through the woods. No problems. Lying on the concrete basement floor, putting a new belt on the clothes drier, I found a new friend - actually, didn't find him until the next morning when I thought I felt a zit......... zits aren't black with a red mark. My local physician is up on Lyme. He advised that I was not at any great risk and started a regimen of antibiotics for about 10 days or so. He assured me that would knock out anything of the Lyme...even if I had been bitten in the past year. After the regimen, I opted for the Lymerix shot sequence. I know of a couple of people who have had a problem with it (aches, arthritis, other), but it worked for me without any problem. It is an option. Ticks are the one "cache guardian" you can find at almost every cache site. Klizich
  6. I found out about this store from another geocacher in my area and was very impressed by the variety and quality of items as well as the quick and friendly service. I would recommend Sissy 'N CR's store to everyone! - klizich
  7. Thanks to all who replied, guess that answers my question and makes it possible to start considering a cache. Should have done this earlier - (1) had a great "in" with the park super, he retired to manage his ailing father's fortune; his replacement is sort of the northbound end of a southbound horse, so to speak., (2) used to have access to quantities of the ammo boxes, but now that they would be beneficial....... I was thinking of getting some PVC pipe (moderate diameter), with one glue on end cap and one screw on end cap and painting it a little more subdued than white; time will tell...may just do the tupperware thing to start. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to all! You have made me feel welcome. klizich in the words of a famous man:
  8. Hi, I am also kind of new to Geocaching although I have stomped the woods in search of interesting and different things to see - historical, odd, etc. The rules or policies of Geocaching.com allude to obtaining permits or permission to place caches on State Park land. In checking the caches in the immediate area, I find a number of them in State Park lands. I am very close to one and have an idea for a cache placement. Can anyone offer information relating to getting (or not getting) permission/permits for State Lands, and, how to address this issue in the cache placement application? (Translation: how do I get a cache listed in a State Park?) Any input appreciated. Thanks klizich
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