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  1. Noise is probably a better choice...the canned air horn will make quite a bit. Further, it is able to be administered from a further (safer) distance. NJ law restricts the size of "bear mace" (10% pepper spray is by definition for bears, 5% for dogs - both covered by NJ statutes) that civilians may carry, I would have to research further but I believe the amount covered is something in the area of 1/10 of an ounce (the law is definitely under 1 oz!). The can you describe and the price make me think it may be a problem. The other unfortunate circumstance is having to be in relatively close proximity to apply (usually 15' or less, some claim up to 30'). Remembering how quickly bears can move, mixed with an adrenaline rush making one nervous and jerky, and, environmental concerns (wind) leaves a lot to be desired. If you haven't been pepper sprayed, be thankful. I had to do it twice for instructor certification and recertification...one part of the job I will not miss doing again.
  2. After returning from vacation I opted to visit the state park and had an "encounter". What I saw was both strange and informative, having provided an answer to one of life's major mysteries. I am wondering if this bear was the same you encountered...sure would explain his hurry and why he wasn't "concerned" with you on the trail.
  3. Congratulations on the 1K! Keep caching!
  4. Congrats on number 600! Many more good caches to you!
  5. Congratulations on your 2 1/2 K and welcome to the area!
  6. klizich


    Suggest checking out "Anna E. Dickinson (GC3BCA), a virtual named "Yes...a Tempus Fugit (GC9E8B), in the area: "Chester Depot (GCGK7Y)" and for a few minute ride up the road "Ziggy Crew's WebCam (GCMEKB). There are others in the imeediate area I have not had time to do. Enjoy and good caching. Kane
  7. Outstanding! I hope other state's agencies will follow Delaware's lead. Some are just anal about something they don't understand nor wish to! Kudos!
  8. Congrats on the 500! Nice job!
  9. Floopy, Congratulations on the 4K! Imagine my surprise on vacation on LBI to find there was an actual cache there...and you were the FTF! Many more good finds to you! Kane
  10. Congrats on your fine accomplishment! Many more good caches to you!
  11. Hey, I'm no slouch! Figure as a charter member I should get at least 6! Looking forward to these. Nice Job all! "Goats are really ghetto Llamas in disguise!"
  12. While the "pointy object" rule is listed, I personally find it somewhat vague as to burying or not burying caches. Personally, I don't find the necessity to bury them, it's not needed (just do some of BrianSnat's or other caches in this area. Your situation is, understandably, different. My opinion is also based on a recent 'blurb' on the front of the webpage regarding geocaching's representation (including 'poetic license') on a "Law & Order" episode. The 'blurb' appreciated the fact geocaching was represented on TV but categorically denied "burying" as a method of hiding. You might wish to consult the reviewer directly via e-mail. Good luck.
  13. I will order 5-6 or more from the PayPal site when it goes up. Much easier to go through PayPal, excellent idea whoever thought it up. My kudos to the coin's designers - you did a great job! Very unique and very NJ. Look forward to seeing the real deal. PS in just under 2 hours I retire!!!! (and I don't mean my vehicle is getting new rubber!)
  14. ...neat finishing job...did you take it down to "bear" wood????
  15. "AMEN". I have found Pofe to be helpful, fair and professional. We in NJ are lucky. Thanks much.
  16. Hmmmmmm............ How about "DOG - GONE!" - "Day(s) of Geocaching - Geocachers of the North East". .....sounds almost religious, don't it! for Avro - don't know what is happening yet, but should have some spare time latter July/August. Let me know via e-mail of what needs to be done; should be able to do something!
  17. Congratulations Kevin! Many more happy finds...but try to do them without the aid of the surrounding wildlife! Best wishes and good caching.
  18. Congratulations on #25...enjoy many more! Your first sentence says it all! Best wishes.
  19. Glen Grey is an old Boy Scout camp and is very easily accessed off of Route 202 (Ramapo Valley Road) in Oakland, NJ very near the Mahwah border. This should be a preemo spot to run a geocaching event from. Haven't been up there in years but brings out some great memories...will have to check the calendar. Could be called "Labor (Day) of Love - Geocaching". Another great idea from Avroair...way to go!
  20. Congratulations! I am honored that you chose one of my caches to use for #700! Wishing you many more...good caching! Kane
  21. Suggestion: e-mail the cacher and confirm it was in fact 11 pm and not 11 am with a typo. Some people who work shift work or night shift inject the opposite of what the real suffix is. If it is, in fact, a violation, a log entry and/or e-mail would be appropriate along with deleting the entry. I would contact the people from whom permission was obtained, inform them of what happened and what actions you took. Your showing of responsibility by taking action and informing them (rather than not telling them) will show your dedication as well as those who "play by the rules." Good luck and good caching. Kane PS I like Planet's idea of the link as well.
  22. Congratulations! Great accomplishment...can't wait until you do the next hundred for the 1K! Good caching! Kane
  23. Perfect Tommy - black racer Team DEMP - copperhead Be Carefull All, lots of snakes out there this year! Team Rampant Lion bought Snake Guardz after a close encounter, may not be a bad suggestion for all cachers. There are several brands in either gaiter (not like "alli") or chaps. Gaiters run around $50 a pair. Sure beats meeting Dr. Sean in the Venom ER and being introduced to Crofab!
  24. In the words of a famous man, "Snake? That's NO Snake.......now, this is a Snake!" Click here! Be thankful you only have to deal with the puny ones! (Team Rampant Lion - Probably a good idea you got snake guardz...see what they can stop???)
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