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  1. Who to trust hmm? Just know this at one time Google miss identified a farm in South Dakota as MT Rushmore. It was not fixed for a long time till it was pointed out in the news. I would check multiple resources for any info.
  2. I have found that the new map will not load in IE. But will load in Edge and Chrome.
  3. I discovered the new map on my smart phone. It sucks big time! When I did figure out how to use it. It fought with me, It also tried to force me into a new and different log system. Also not to my liking. What is wrong with the statement if it ain't broke then don't fix it. An improvement is only good if it makes things better. If it does not then it is a detriment. Groundspeak needs to test things better before making these changes.
  4. My PN60 does acquire satellites rather slow now as well. But did the update cause that? Hard to tell, but other wise mine works well. Just remember that firmware updates are designed for specific units. I also own a PN20 and no way would I try to install the update into that.
  5. Only the PN60 can take the update. No update will be made available for the others.
  6. My topo North America 10 installed just fine. I also have the version before that. Topo North America 9 Both on the same computer with Windos10. My topo works just fine. I am not sure why others have issues. Possibly because I also have IE 11 as a browser, not sure though. My computer is HP Envy. The only issue that I ever had with topo North America 10 was a Microsoft update messed it up. But a reinstall with repair option for TOPO 10 fixed that. I also have a bunch of photo overlays for some of my choice areas. A side note when that update messed up Topo 10 it did not harm topo 9. So I just did reinstall topo 10 with the repair option and all was well again. I also run Microsoft edge chrome and Firefox browsers. But when I first started up my computer at brand new I told it I wanted both Edge and IE 10. Then later updated to IE 11. My computer is 2.5 years old now. And still runs both topo 9 and 10 just fine. Plus I managed to get hold of a patch to let topo 10 connect to ground speak. And load pocket queries into it. But there is more than one way to get geocaches loaded into my PN60.
  7. Aerial photos are no longer available. You will need a copy of Delorme TOPO North America for any maps for your PN60. In reality if you had Topo North America and wanted aerial photo overlay it would cost you Big Big bucks. When Delorme was still around they offered a subscription service for $29.99 per year. But that ended with Garmin. When mine ended the photo supplier wanted a few hundred for what I wanted. So That was the end of that. Go check on EBAY you might find a copy of the map software.
  8. Some gps units have a function to average the coords. You could do that. Or take a reading then repeat about five times then average that. Then place it in a map just to check. If using a smart phone good luck! I know this opens a can of worms. But I have seen far too many smartphone coords waaayyy off.
  9. I believe that the update was for the PN60 only.
  10. Now many days since I did the update to fix date issue in my PN60. Garmin says they give no guarantee as To it's performance. So far all is well. I do recommend that update if you demand a correct date on your Delorme PN60. But I think that they are only offering the update for PN60. Remember to remove the SD card before you start. For those of us with this good and the map software TOPO USA or North America. Keep your eyes open for that map software to stop working. It may give find tab not initialized. A magnetic declination up date is coming soon, due to the fast speed of magnetic north moving. But that update may not be able to go into our software. This update is not from Garmin. It is the feds, this has been in the news lately. I do not think that it will affect our gps units since they come off the sattelites.
  11. Well what I would do is to open up the outer insulation. First inspect where it is possibly broken. Get some heat shrink tube. Slip it on the broken wire. Solder the broken part. Test the cable then if good slip tube over solder and shrink it. Possibly also have a larger piece for the outer insulation. Or just electric tape. To prevent from breaking again. Do not cooil the cable too tightly. That is the number one way they break.
  12. As far as the sunset rise and tides go. On that page you can change the date. Change to a date in the future and see what will be. Change to a date in the past to see what was. I just ran the update on mine. All is well now
  13. I have read about taking the head apart and doing a repair inside. Also those pins are spring loaded . Try air in a spray can and a little contact cleaner on cotton swab. Then clean the pads on the GPS. If you have a cigarette lighter Charger that is broken. Open it up, you will find a coil with broken wire going into the PC board. Fix that and good to go.
  14. Actually it is not broken. Just a stupid method of programming for both the satellite and the receivers. Even though the date may be wrong. The units still work. I will try that update for my PN 60s
  15. I have PN20 and two PN60 units. All went to March 1999 About Nov.1. Generally Garmin don't give a hoot about us delorme owners. They want us to toss them and buy a Garmin. They don't understand, if it ain't broke don't replace it. Besides I can do things with my delorme units that Garmin can't. Like have multiple geocache files and also delete individual waypoints and caches manually without connecting to a computer.
  16. First off why place a geocache in a storm sewer? Here in Minnesota it is a crminal offense to trespass into one. I have seen and found some at the curb drain grid hanging on string or magnetic inside up top. But if you remove man hole cover or curb grill you are in for a world of hurt when cops come. And yes some people have been arrested here for trespassing in the sewer. It does not matter storm water or sanitary sewer. Stay out.
  17. Not long ago I encountered a Sasquatch hunter. Abe Del rio I think. So I decided to hide a string of geocaches deep in the woods Sasquatch hunter day 1 through 6. Then while hiking out I heard some campers not far away. I had fun with them. I started grunting and howling like a Sasquatch. ???? You should have heard them campers. ???????.
  18. Very true! I found that the hard way. But I had the coords, that is what was important to me.
  19. Cirtitude and that new puzzle checker provided by Groundspeak both will update the coords on the cache page. The other puzzle checkers will not. I have personally seen this. Cirtitude will also add any extra note as well. This is a new addition a few months ago.
  20. I have a copy of the plug-in but the plug-in no longer works. I thought that Groundspeak killed it but it looks like Microsoft did it. However you can create a pocket query and send it to your email as a zip file. Open it and drag and drop the file into your waypoints folder in the PN unit. You will need to connect the PN unit to your computer as as drive. Use either internal or sd card.
  21. So it seems that send to GPS is dead for all units now. Maybe Groundspeak should just remove that function from the cache page and the bubble on the map page. That would clear up all the gripe. Maybe
  22. Well of course I can't get a link to that forum. But it looks like a few people did find mention of it. I only remembered that it went to court and the forum originator stated judge ruled. Point is that we as COs have absolutely no protection from law suits if seekers are injured. Here in Minnesota many cities that have rules about geocaching and say both feet on the ground. Also if a land owner gives permission to recreate on his land and does not charge a fee. Then land owner is asolved of any injury. But the hider just might be liable. All those COs putting disclaimers on cache pages. Ha! Ha! Good luck with that. Each state will rule a bit different. But most will say. You lured the seeker into a known danger. Therfore you are liable. But the best way to find out is call your attourney general's office. After all look at how many home owners get sued when the kids down the block jump into your pool and drown. Or climb your tree and fall out. The home owner always gets nailed with attractive nuisance. These are also trespass involved. But like I have said before think before you hide.
  23. Wow this topic morphed into legalities. I knew that would happen. In these very forums it was stated that a CO in Texas was sued by a cache seeker. CO hid it up a tree, you had to climb. Seeker fell out and broke his back. Judge ruled against the CO. Under attractive nuisance law. CO lured seeker to climb tree. CO had to pay big time. Groundspeak likes to say they are not responsible for injuries. Well a reviewer had to approve the hide. A good lawyer can walk right through that loop hole. Also Groundspeak statement does not protect Cache owners. Only maybe Groundspeak. We all take risks in all that we do. But some like to skirt around the law. A very promenet cacher here heard that some cachers went into the sewer for one mile after his. It was not even in the sewer. The CO went balistic. Another cacher went down a curb drain into the sewer. Cops and city went balistic. No hiding geocache in the sewer. No trespass into the sewer. Just because a hide is in the sewer does not mean it is legal. Think before you hide. And think before you seek.
  24. I thought that placing a geocache in a sewer was banned. This woman was geocaching in the storm drainage system. Not just some tunnel. I was alerted to this as a news article on my smartphone. Here in all states in the USA trespass into the storm sewers is unlawful. A few spelunkers here in Minnesota did that and went to the pokey. I know that this was not in the USA but are not the rules for this game the same world wide.
  25. Getting a new GPS wont help. The send to GPS function is essentially dead now. All loading will need to be done by other means. For PN60 I run pocket queries and drag and drop that file into the waypoints folder in the PN60. The pocket query needs to be sent to your email account. Then unzip it from there. Connect your PN60 as a drive, select SD card or internal. You will see the waypoints folder there. In the PN60 you may have multiple geocache (GPX) folders. from multiple pocket queries. A plus here, if you are using TOPO 9 or 10 you can upload (sync) to TOPO and place them in the map. Then if needed to repair the data in the PN60 you can transfer it back. Good luck.
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