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  1. I know of two hides in my area like this. One is a fake Septic drain field three four inch dia pvc pipes sticking in the ground. One other a half gallon bottle under a big rock in a hole. The cap is glued to the rock.
  2. Beware the geostalker Sasquatch! Here in Minnesota I have been very near wolves while geocaching in the arrowhead area. I found tufts of wolf hair and wolf scat on the geotrail. For those who have reported Black widow spiders. Treat them with great respect, my dad who lives in Texas was bitten last year and came close to death. He spent two weeks in the hospital from that bite.
  3. I found my head in pine sap after a cache search and used baby oil to get it out. That stuff cut right through the sap, it should work on clothes and skin also.
  4. Delorme has released a new batch of Geocoins. Many if not all have a big problem. They were given codes from that first batch of 250 that were created back in 2008. I bought one and tried to activate it and was told that it was owned by Team Delorme. I contacted Delorme about this and they were puzzled. They sent me a replacement and instructions to return the bad one. Well I decided to try and activate the second one before sending off the first one. The same result happened, I contacted Delorme they are looking into it. As of now their current batch is listed as on back order. If you bought one in December it may be unactivatable, you need to contact Delorme. good luck MN-treker
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