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  1. Thanks for the help it works get. I was not putting a name on it. U all have fixed my problem once again. I like the 500 so far. Thanks again. dwayne23
  2. How do you send waypoints to the sd card or to internal memory using gsak to the explorist 500. I just got this 500 and have loaded my maps but can not get my waypoints to load. Please help!!!!
  3. I order a new magellan from tigergps.com yesterday. My first time but they had a real good price (249.00). This is the best price I have found. Megagps.com is out and don't know when they will any more. Box Contents: eXplorist 500 GPS receiver USB Cable Rechargeable Li-ion battery AC Cable "Read Me First" pamphlet User Manual on CD-Rom Magellan MapSend DirectRoute v3.0 DVD-ROM Suction Cup Vehicle Mounting Bracket Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter
  4. Can you down load coordinatess from your palm to your GPS? I do not have a laptop and would like to know if there is way to send coordinatess from you plam to your GPS???
  5. I have been tring to add some point to my palm but I do not want the whole 500 at one time. I am tring to set filter but haveing some problems. It says filter contains no way points. How do you add your home location in there? My home way point is 34 56.204N 081 26.479W. Also looking at the Miles on the screen they do not look write. Some waypoint names that are suppose to be 20 miles from my loction show 11428.30. I would have put the screen shots up but don't know how to do that either. They will not past and if you hit the button on tool bar it says enter a URL. Can someone help. Dwayne23
  6. Thanks for the info. I loaded gsak and did not get logon ID# from geocaching and now I don't know how to get it. Can someone tell how to get that number.
  7. Ok, I finely got a palm it is a Palm Z22. What is the best software to use, Keep in mind I have never owned one of these before. I have been reading about a lot of software and need some advise from others. What is the easest to use and will work with this palm. Dwayne23. Thanks for the help in advanced because you have never let me down.
  8. Ok!! I am going to look and see what I can get. Thanks to you all. Does it matter what windows (XP) I am running.
  9. I looking to go paperless and I have been reading a lot of things. I am also looking at getting an explorest 500. I have 300 dollars to send on a GPS and software and that looks to be the better way. The Palm will help in keeping up with my caches. I will leave and go somewhere will have my GPS but forget the paper.
  10. I am looking on Ebay and there are alot of palms on there. Does the palm need to be color? Does it need to be USB or what. I see alot of talk about the palm IIIxe that is what I have been looking at.
  11. I have only done one. How many routes can upload in a day. It would not let me upload but one route.
  12. This has been a good day. I finaly made my first route from SC to TEN. and well I am happy. The question is how many can you upload a day. I have to make a trip to Oconee SC and made one but I could not upload it today. Is there a set number?? I figure if I got to go I need to try to make it worth while. I am also looking to get a palm and figure out how to use it with my cache adventures. dwayne23
  13. Thanks to all of you. Embra I printed the documents last night and went through them. I will have to get a card reader and do it that way. I reloaded SC and it went right on. That's what I have got to do get a card reader. Thanks to you all.
  14. I tried loading all three at one time it says you can only load one. I tried making all three states one big one and it would not do it. I know I am doing something wrong.
  15. I have added South Carolina to my SD card and would like to add NC. and TEN. but when I try to it over writes SC. or it removes it one. I have a Merdian Gold and have had it for some time but have not used it any where but SC and would like to use going to Ten. We are wantting to find caches on the way up there and as we go. Can someone help. We like Ten. and want to try our hand at cacheing along the way. Dwayne23 and Faimly
  16. I want to think both of you who sent me information on this. I want to learn how to use the maps on the computer and that is why I wanted someone near by maybe I could talk to. You want believe what happened at work the other day. A person who works for me came in and asked if anyone of us had a GPS and I said yes. Well he and his brothers went look the night before for a cache. No more than I know I helped him and that is what it’s all about to me. My wife wants us to hunt some when we are on our way to Tennessee and the map part will help. Thanks again and you don't know how much I mean it. Thanks Dwayne
  17. Is there anyone around York or Hickory Grove SC. that I can talk to about Geocacheing. Needing help.
  18. I have found a few caches but got busy working and haven't been keeping up. My wife asked the other night about going to hunt some others. We are going to Tennessee and would like to look on the way and while we are up there. I have seen and read that there is a way to map them from my house to Tenn. HOW??? and I have seen some maps on the new eaygps how do you do it. Please help.... I use a Merdidian Gold GPS. What software and what maping program??????? Dwayne23
  19. If this was a bad question I apologize. I know that if I put in the map programs on the computer they are different and if you use the GPSR it's different. I thought some of you would know. I just ask question sence I am new. I am enjoying the fun.
  20. What is the best way to get the correct coordinates to my house or the place I'm going to place a cache. I have looked my address up on maps and get different coordinates. Please help.
  21. dwayne23

    Got It

    Went 12/24/04 and found my first cache. What a blast. dwayne23
  22. dwayne23

    Got It

    I finely got my gps. I bought a Meridian Gold (sorry Garman users) and I spent all day playing with it and my brother went and bought one last night after I have been telling him about Caching. There is one next to where he lives and several around me. He wants to go tonight and I am also ready. Any advices for me. I would like to thank every one for there help also. I need to buy some soft ware and do not know what is the best for me. Thanks and I am ready to go on the hunt. Dwayne23
  23. I am new and have been looking at buying a gps but do not know what to buy. I have looked at the Garmin Vista c, Legend c, Meridian gold, Platinum. I do not even kown how to work it, but it would be helpful to me in hunting, fishing, going on trips, and Geocaching looks like it would be very fun. I went today to get a person to show me how to use a compass and a map. I don't know anything about this. Can anyone help????
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