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  1. Most likely. The caches may not have been available when your unit was originally loaded, or didn't meet the original filtering criteria. The update should take care of that. The only way to know for sure would be to see if it's in the 20 closest (assuming they are close to home). Otherwise, you'd need to get in position for them to be in the 20. Good luck with your searches!
  2. We didn't find any locally, but haven't looked since we bought ours online. HTH
  3. Maybe because the size is not identified for the cache? Just a thought.
  4. Not into astronomy, but could the height above the surface (altitude above the site elevation) be a factor in those computations? Just a thought.
  5. 28 years, 1976-2004, US Air Force SAC, ACC, AFMC Maintenance Officer, B-52 Pilot/Instructor/Evaluator, Safety Officer (Flight and Chief)
  6. Done and good luck. Hope to see your results and interpretation.
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