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  1. That's what Geocaching Challenges were. I disagree. Challenges were nowhere near the same as virtuals. Waymarks are more similar to Challenges. I use virtuals to see whats neat about a new city I have never been to. I would like to see the return of virtuals.
  2. Wow! After reading most of the posts, I can't believe the negativity about something that is in addition to all else Groundspeak / geocaching offers - not taking something away (or instead of). I feel that Groundspeak was attempting to do something nice - especially for those who spent a lot of money and time coming to the Mega. I came in from Arizona and I met people from the Netherlands, Australia, Mexico and Germany. If it was just an event where you signed a log and chatted, that is a lot of $$ to spend for that. I heard in the past people where disappointed when temporary caches where placed just for the event that could not be logged. I believe Groundspeak was attempting to address that. I participated in the tour and the lab and the brewery labs and enjoyed them very much. The caches on the tour were really, really well done. A lot of time, thought and expense went into them. Groundspeak engaged the local community to participate, which is cool. They were very cool. Anyone who has hosted a small event knows how much work this is to plan and prepare for. I can tell that Groundspeak really worked hard to have different activities for all interests. I enjoyed the labs - and with all the people there, it did not seem possible to hide and re-hide the cache while someone was standing there. Instead they created fun games and things to do at each lab location and you had to have the code to log it. As far as violating the proximity rule. I for one was glad they did. I didn't have a car and was able to walk to all of them and do some caching in the area too. A Mega - and especially the super Megas should be allowed to bend the rules (within reason). It makes it possible for those coming from out of town on a limited budget and not having a lot of time to maximize their experience. There are people of all ages and I for one had a great time and thank Groundspeak for the effort, thought and time they put into this past Block Party. I also appreciated access to the food trucks and the vendors. To those naysayers I say, you can always ignore them - it's not taking anything away from you.
  3. As a former computer programmer, I am a little frustrated that I have to log multiple times the same waymark to get credit for the different categories. The program is poorly designed. They need to import the waymark db into a relational database - a one to many relationship. A drop down or checkboxes where the waymark creator can select multiple categories and create ONE waymark. One log, one photo upload would make me write more creative logs and not copy/paste. My second concern is what is geocaching.coms plan for this data? Are we working for geocaching for free to create a big database that they will be able to sell/publish on the internet for non-geocachers to get information on local McDonald's, etc? Lastly, It is difficult to 1) easily look at the grid and know what categories I am missing 2) when I visit a particular area, be able to easily download a query of nearly waymarks (like I can caches) and know which of these are categories that I haven't found a waymark in. I am kind of new to Waymarking so I could be wrong on my observations.
  4. Just curious. Why is there a 10-10-10 and 12-12-12 souvenir but no 11-11-11 one?
  5. This message popped up again today. I have followed every suggestion made on this forum and the problem goes away for a while and then returns. If nothing has changed on my PC, then it must be a change to the geocaching application. If you view source, you can see checks... <!--[if lte IE 7]> <div class="WarningMessage PhaseOut"> <p>Groundspeak is phasing out support for older browsers....<snip> This has to be where the issue is coming from. And, for some reason, geocaching.com is not keeping me logged in. So this is only happening sporadically when I am logging in again. This makes me think there are some versions of the front of site with old code and other versions that are correct. In the past, it either happened or didn't happen consistently.
  6. Today, running IE10, once again I am getting the "phasing out older browsers" message. I had to change to compatibility mode, which must be done EVERYTIME I open geocaching.com. Otherwise, no maps and other features no workie. I am a premium member and this is getting old. Has Groundspeak acknowledged this problem or am I just one of the 'lucky ones'?
  7. My CITO souvenir has not shown up. Anyone know if this process is still ongoing or if I should be concerned? I also have the old style state souvenirs, which I thought were to be replaced with the cool new state souvenirs. And if you visit Mexico and or the Caribbean, are you supposed to get a souvenir for that? You can see that I have lots of questions about souvenirs.
  8. As a former computer programmer, I know enough to have a back up of the program and if a new fix doesn't work, I can rollback to old program. Come on Groundspeak, back out this change. I'm losing patience - every time you "fix" something, you break many somethings. I am tired of paying you to be your beta tester. Doesn't anyone at Groundspeak test this code before you release it? Just turn the browser check off until you get it fixed. What is also irritating is that Groundspeak never acknowledges there is a bug - just leaves us hanging.
  9. Yes, everybody has it, if they're running IE. OK, maybe not everybody, but I think it's coming up often enough to make this info sticky: "Turn on Compatibility Mode. If the problem is happening while using Compatibility Mode, turn off Compatibility Mode." Here's how to select it in IE 10: http://techathlon.com/internet-explorer-10-run-compatibility-mode/ Thanks Kunarion for the link. IE10 Compatibility Mode did not work but straight IE9 did. It seems like I may have to do this every time I open a browser. Thanks again. BTW, F12 while in your browser maybe a faster way to set this - will come in handy if I have to do this often until Groundspeak fixes it.
  10. I have a brand new computer and have IE 10 installed (verified) and am getting the "Groundspeak is phasing out support for older browsers. Visit the Help Center for more information." message at the top of my screen when accessing geocaching.com directly (not from within any program). I thought everyone was getting this informational message until a few hours later I opened geocaching.com at work and the message did not appear. It appears that geocaching.com thinks IE 10 is an older browser. Due to this, the hint decrypter is broke and the map box in the lower right part of the cache listing screen is blank/empty. Any one else have this problem? Is there a more direct way to report this issue? I've had it all week.
  11. Clicking on my profile -> Your statistics, get message: "Geocaching statistics are not available at this time."
  12. I wish geocaching would formally acknowledge this issue to the user community and give an ETA of when they will fix it. It is getting very annoying. I should not have to search the forums to find out if it is an issue. Typing "404 - File Not Found' in search just gets me the "used 3 letter search terms" error. This is getting old. Geocaching.com needs to get their act together. I am still upset that the maps don't work as well as they used to, which has been happening for almost a year. Tired of paying for a broken product.
  13. For a quick non-techy way to do this, I just go to their profile and look "Geocaches Found" for that date. The ones missing the smiley are the ones you forgot to log. Doesn't take very long to do it this way. I'm sure there must be a GSAK way but this is very quick for me.
  14. If you have a trackable in the Tampa area that you want back in Phx or a TB in Phx that you want in Tampa, FL, contact me. ILuvAZ@cox.net
  15. I'm in NW phx, work in Scottsdale and will take any TBs to Tampa, FL area if you contact me. OR if you have a trackable in the Tampa area that you want back in Phx. ILuvAZ@cox.net
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