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  1. We've had a Garmin 62s for a couple of years with no problem, but a strange one has arisen. I find a cache listing in Geocaching.com, attach the GPS and choose "write to my GPS". I get the usual message that the cache had been written to the GPS, but when I detach the GPS and head out, the cache is not listed in Geocaches. I've looked in Windows Explorer, and the GC number shows up along with all the other caches on the unit, but I'm not seeing it on the unit. I can't imagine it's in another directory, since it shows up with all the other GPX files. Can anyone help explain this?

  2. Finished, thanks so much for the answer.


    Return to your "Attended" log for the event. Click on the edit link therein. Then click on the pencil icon near the upper right.

    You should then scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the "Dropped Off" option from the drop-down window associated with that TB.


    EDIT to add: you should do it forthwith, before the next cacher logs a "Grab".

  3. I picked up a TB at a local spot a few days ago, intending to bring him on a trip in a couple of weeks. Then yesterday we attended a local event cache, and Zip dropped it in the TB box, where someone else picked it up. I can't figure out how to log the fact that I dropped the TB off, my only options are Discover It or Write a Note. I did write a note saying that I'd left it behind, but it's still showing in my inventory. How do I log the fact that it was placed somewhere?

  4. I've registered for this forums site, but can't figure out how to manage my preferences. I have a message saying I'm configured a certain way in my control panel, but can't find the bloody thing. I've looked at the top of the home page, the bottom of the home page, and several forums. Help please.

  5. Okay, I'll plead guilty and throw myself on the mercy of the court - ignorance was our excuse. We sought a cache on a viewing platform in a scenic area. It was a silver tube like a cigar tube. We could see it clearly, but reaching it would have meant either a risky climb from below or lying on our bellies on the soaking wet platform above. We logged a find and moved on. Later I started reading the forums and discovered that we shouldn't have logged it, so I went back in and deleted the find. This was a couple of years ago, we started caching on our own and had never read the rules - in fact, never knew there were rules.


    We'll be visiting the area where it was in a few weeks and thought we'd try again, so I looked for it online. Strangely, the cache is gone. Not even archived, just not there any more!

  6. In the earlier version, Search from the Map brought me to Google Maps. I could enter the name of a city or geographic formation and go right to that area. Now, searching from the map takes me to a large map of my home area, but there's no place to enter the name of a different city. I don't always know postal codes of areas I'm going to visit, so that's a pain. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  7. I'm a fairly serious birder. When I was a beginner, I would sometimes add to my list a bird that I'd barely seen, but the trip leader pointed out - maybe all I saw was a flash of brown flying past, but the leader was able to identify it. Later on, when I'd learned a lot more about birding, I went back and deleted many of those "finds" from my personal list, and added them some time later when I'd actually seen and identified the bird myself. Others I knew would feel just fine claiming the original sighting.


    I guess the point of all this is that in any game that's scored on the honor system, you can do whatever makes you comfortable, but you have to realize that you're really not playing by the rules. I never knew that signing the log was a "rule" of geocaching, now I know. Thanks for all the comments. These forums are a wonderful asset.

  8. We're relative newbies. Our first find was a guard rail cache about two blocks from our home. It took two days and a special hint from the CO - who knew you could stick a magnet in an Altoids tin? Not too long after that we found our first lamp post skirt cache while on a trip out of state. It was in the parking lot (of course) of the motel we were staying in. We both thought it was the most brilliant thing we'd ever seen.


    Now we're all the way up to 150 finds. I'm sure the ones that are challenging to us right now will be considered quick P&Gs a year from now - at least I hope so.

  9. We just came back from a short trip on which we found a bunch of caches, but did not sign two of them. One was a regular size cache beneath a low boardwalk along an extremely popular stretch of the California coast (Moonstone Beach in Cambria, for those of you familiar with the area). We both squatted briefly and saw the cache right where the coords showed, but there was no way in the world to retrieve it without literally dozens of people seeing what we were doing. The other was a metal tube lying in some scaffolding beneath a viewing platform. Zipster at 6'2" tall couldn't reach it from below, if we'd tried from above, we were afraid we'd knock it off into the plants below.


    To be honest, I never realized signing the log was a rule of some kind. I guess if they disown these finds, we'll come back another time and claim them. But judging from the number of wet or completely filled logs we find, I wonder how many COs really look at them?

  10. I've created a pocket query, but when I try to copy the results to my Garmin, I'm stumped. The "download waypoints" feature just gives me a .loc file, there's no option to do anything else. Is there a way to add all the results of the query to my GPS at once, or do I just have to copy one at a time? And how the heck do I download a .gpx file?

  11. As a new user, I'm looking for caches within a few miles my home to get started. I'm finding plenty, but every time I come back to the site I have to re-enter my home coordinates. Is there a way to store that information so I don't have to enter it every time I start a search?



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