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  1. If I host an event, and there are TBs left behind, am I then responsible for dealing with all of them? And if not, what are my options?
  2. We're in the same boat: The image and text (Location completion image) on the final step does not appear. This confuses cachers because the Bonus coords do not appear. Our work-around is in the first page description, we added "Important: At last stop, click "View 5 Journal Entries" and then view all to reveal bonus cache coords." in the main description and then again on the last page description. If the lackeys heard about this bug in January, it's clear they give a hoot.
  3. Thanks everyone...I'll play around with all your recommendations.
  4. But it looks as if that setting would also stop messages from everyone from forwarding to email. Or am I missing something?
  5. When I send a message to another cacher using the Message Center, I get an e-mail with a copy of my message (it says "Jbird and Zip has sent you a new message"). How to I disable this, uh, feature?
  6. Thanks RuideAlmeida and Touchstone -- that's just what I needed.
  7. I have a Traditional cache in front of our house. I want to place a new Mystery cache about 50 feet from the existing Traditional. The Mystery's final location will be about 1.5 miles away. We've seen this sort of arrangement on other caches and want to make sure we're following Geocaching rules for Mystery caches. Steve (Jbird and Zip)
  8. LOL -- All of the people I know (except one brainy woman we all admire) aren't bright enough to use GSAK, so they must all be stuck with iPhones...
  9. A friend said they looked at a premium cache I recently published, but he didn't appear on the audit log. He's using an iPhone. Another person who logged the cache wasn't on the audit log, either (dunno what app he's using). I read elsewhere that the iPhone app bypasses the audit log. Is that true? Could there be any other explanation for people not appearing on the audit log?
  10. We use a 3rd-party app c:geo on our Androids. You can look up caches in advance, then store them on your phone. Free, but donations requested and deserved.
  11. Well what do you know - somebody has discovered it in Aliens Among Us. So we must have dropped it there along with the other two while not paying attention! In our defense, it was very hot that day and that's a very cool location. I'll offically drop it right now. Thanks for your quick response.
  12. We headed out on a 6-week road trip with five TBs in hand. One specifically wanted to go to Seattle, and we were heading from California into Eastern Washington, so we set that one aside. We dropped one on day two of the trip, about 250 miles from home. Got to an Aliens Among Us near Spokane and dropped the one that wanted to go to Seattle, since we'd not be getting any closer. Two days later, we hit a nice Regular cache in northern Washington, but when we looked for our three other TBs, they were nowhere to be seen. We searched everywhere, no luck. We assumed we must have lost the bag they were in, and intended to contact the original owners when we returned home, but two of them have been discovered and grabbed. One had been grabbed from Aliens Among Us, the second one from the same place we dropped the cache on day two. So we're now officially in possession of one more TB, which must be somewhere but we don't know where. I suppose we could wait until somebody finds and grabs it, or go back to plan A and fess up to the original owner, but I can't figure out how to remove it from our inventory. Thoughts, anyone?
  13. That's it! Thanks so much for the quick response. I'm putting this on our watch list, and it will definitely be on our itinerary.
  14. About a year ago, the Geocaching blog reported a cache of the month, some sort of rocket ship a bit west of Spokane. We're planning a road trip in May which will take us to that part of the country and would love to find it. Can anyone please remind me what that cache was?
  15. We've been using the 62s for geocaching for a couple of years and have learned to work around its quirks, but here's one I can't figure out. I want to navigate to a waypoint, or to a set of coordinates I've entered. When I go to the compass page, it's navigating to the first Geocache on the list rather than to the coordinates I want. It doesn't matter if the coords are actually closer than the cache, it still navigates to the first cache. Can anyone tell me how get around that problem?
  16. Oh,that is such good advice! We recently adopted a series of caches from a couple who are leaving the area, at least 10 of them start with the same 3 words - West Ourtown Cache Run. It's very frustrating trying to find just one.
  17. We're relative newbies, went to our first Geocaching event last week and learned about people "discovering" TBs. I get how it's done, but am not sure why. Is the goal just to see as many TBs as possible, or is there something more complicated involved?
  18. Main thing I noticed is that if you have a goal, try to somehow also post it either on the bug itself or on an attached tag so that people who pick it up will know before it goes with them if they can help move it in the right direction. Yes to that!!! We picked up a TB this morning, droppped it at a very nice site about 10 miles west of where we'd found it. Got home and found the goal is to head to the east coast (we're in California). Granted, 10 miles one way or the other wouldn't have made much difference, but had we known the goal, we'd have hung on to the TB for a week or two and give it a boost in the correct direction.
  19. Do you delete through Basecamp -- or pop up Windows Explorer and delete all the GPX files in the GPX folder? Actually, if you have a minute, can you explain your process for cleaning up old GPX files on the 62S? Thnkx.
  20. Thanks, we're nowhere near that, so I'm guessing that's not the problem.
  21. We did recently load a bunch of caches in preparation for a trip we'll be taking soon, but I then took the time to erase several old finds. It does make me wonder, though, if we're near whatever the limit is.
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