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  1. You should come get me, then, because I damage things every time I go caching. I squash little blades of grass when I walk across fields, I step on fallen branches and twigs (dead tree parts, right?) and break and snap them. I step on and climb over fallen logs (more dead trees!) and sometimes dead bark or moss falls off! Sometimes I even leave a small gash here my hiking boot got into the soft, decaying wood. Sometimes leaves fall off LIVE trees when I climb them to find those hanging bison tubes. And don't get me started on all the dead leaves I trample in the fall! All in the name of geocaching. Hell, I even bought part of a dead tree from Home Depot and *gasp* cut it up to make a birdhouse cache! Shame on me. You might as well petition to have me banned from the website. I'm a menace. I agree Mitragorz! Caching is about creativity and fun. I follow the rules, but I too have drilled into a DEAD tree to place a cache. Come get me as well! And when you do I will show you how you can put aside your uptight ways and have fun! I never said you have deface public property to place a cache, but sometimes a really good hide requires a bit of modification of the surrounding area. This forum is about creativity NOT policing ones creativity. I love these guys and gals who think they are the Geocaching authority once they have found a significant amount of hides and or placed a large amount of containers.Go out and have fun instead of hiding behind the computer complaining about other peoples ideas
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