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  1. i work for the dept of the army security (dod security). this is not an issue. but, it is nice to see concern. i get warning letters every day from homeland defense (another sad story), and believe me there are a lot more critical items out there being compromised than navaids.


    cache on!!

  2. We are awash in coyotes in this area of eastern oregon. they have never bothered anyone around here that i know of, and believe me i would have heard of it as that is part of my 'job'. personally, i like them. they are called God's Dogs by the local Indians.


    enjoy the fact they haven't been hunted out of existence in your area, and that will be a sad day.


    by the way, there has never been a recorded instance of a wolf attacking a human being unless either threatened (they will run if possible) or sick, which is rare. packs or not, they will not attack you. this is easily verified - google it.


    but yes, mountain lions, cougers, panthers, whatever you want to call them will stalk and attack a human. not often, but they have done so. i saw one about a month ago in the trees at our mountain place, he just stood there and looked at me. i was the first one to leave with that feeling of something staring at me all the way back to the rig. yes, i carry while caching (and at work).

  3. being in law enforcement i am always packing, and NOT being tolerant of this type of thing, i would not want to be the guy i catch doing this kind of thing, especially if he is a scouter. i have been in charge of the law enforcement explorer post and this would be unheard of, as a matter of fact i am having a hard time of it while typing this message. mad, hell yes i am mad. i finally find a hobby that is healthy, intelligent and populated with some of the best examples of humanity to be found, and i hear of this cretinous butthead - what was he doing in a bookstore anyway, looking for a bathroom?


    ah well, enough. :blink:

  4. <_< Ok, i got it. this is kind of puzzling to me. i downloaded swiss army knife, and it has a utility that let me hunt around the com ports. i finally got in on com4. apparently the only ones open are 3 (modem) and 4. but the puzzling part, is when i go over to easygps, it will still not recognize my serial connection. it says it is receiving data etc. so score another victory for GSAK Version 5.0.1 aka Swiss Army Knife.


    thanks to all of you for helping me out of this one. now i am going out in a few days and find my first cache. that's the one we always remember, eh?


    thanks again

  5. i have a dell 1100 and unfortunately it only has a female 9 pin plug so i cannot hook up the sportrac map - i bought a usb adapter and can't seem to get a connection. i downloaded the usb driver and installed it, but still no go. anyone had something like this that they could help me with?


    thanks <_<

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